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  1. Hi,

    We are currently looking for someone, who can implement the admin theme my partner posted in this thread: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/8854-admin-theme-ourclient-minimalismflat/

    We have a strong desire for a simple theme for our clients. But unfortunately we have a lack of time for doing the implementation by our self. So we are ready to pay for a solution. The theme will not be sold or licensed restrictive: you will commit your work to our public git repo.

    Conscientious working and clean programming is really important for us!

    If you’re interested in working with us, write me a short message with your offer, by mail (mail@novu.ch) or by pm.


  2. Hi Rinaldi!

    It need to be renamed to .htaccess. However: in an unix operating system, files are treated as hidden if they starts with a dot character. Rename htacccess.txt to .htaccess and display hidden files in your ftp-client (or what ever you use).  I would also recommend you to work with a subdomain instead of using subfolders.  :)

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