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  1. But again, I wouldn't disturb my visitors with yet another popup once they are happy that the original one has disappeared and they can finally get to their business. It's a legal necessity, I get it but most users I talk to hate them, myself included. So I stick to the very minimum that must be done and don't overdo it. I have a link in the footer that brings up the banner (as per instructions) but I won't invite the visitor to change their minds. 😉

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  2. Question on behalf of those who are not fluent in JS.
    I read through the js code but still not much smarter on how to setup Google Tag Manager so a tag would fire once consent was given.

    If I understand correctly I can setup a trigger in GTM that it checks. But would that trigger without page reload?
    I want Google Analytics report the current page load as soon as the consent is given so I won't loose tracking the entry page.

    Does the tag manager automatically tracks changes in the dataLayer or only on page load?

  3. Sorry if it was covered, I haven't found an answer by searching in Google or on the forum.
    The client is an estate agency and they want that all images, pdf brochures etc… would disappear from their site when they unpublish or delete a property page.

    Is that only possible with a custom module that hooks into unpublish or delete? It seems that ProcessWire doesn't delete the folder associated with the page from assets/files/ automatically. Similarly, if the page is unpublished, file uploads are still publicly available with the direct url.
    As a result, Google would keep them in their index forever giving false results.

    I understand that images can be used elsewhere in the site so it makes sense to keep them available, however since images/files belong to a page, keeping their public status synced could also make sense.
    Any suggestion is welcome, maybe I haven't thought of something else.

  4. 1 minute ago, Mikie said:

    Hey @kongondo, speaking of classnames, has there been any thought of rebranding to something more accessible for people outside the PW community, like eg Procommerce or Commercewire 🙃? Just feel like the name was always pretty random and doesn't really seem to have any particular meaning – worlds smallest turtle? – or evoke feelings of a power and capability.

    Yes, I completely agree with that and wanted to bring it up. Especially in the backend when previously we got "Padloper Orders" and "Padloper Reports" etc… It feels much more integrated when you look at something like "Craft Commerce" or "Perch Shop"

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  5. 10 minutes ago, kongondo said:

    The only core Fieldtype Padloper 2 uses are Pagefields (2), Textarea(2, 1 of which is rich text), Title and Images.

    Does that mean that products are not going to be ProcessWire pages the same way as they were in Padloper 1?
    It was such a great integration and made it super easy to edit product templates.
    Or will they still be available in the Templates section in admin?

    Great progress, can't wait to test it out.

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  6. On 1/13/2019 at 2:03 PM, kongondo said:

    2-column layout with vertical sidebar menu on the left and main content on the right (maybe with an option to collapse the sidebar)

    I put my vote on this one too. Conventions play a big role in usability and people still use computers or large enough tablets to get work done (e.g. managing a shop).

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  7. 6 minutes ago, kongondo said:

    A couple of things have derailed me some, so I cannot promise this. Beta testing will also take a bit of time, sorry.

    Count me in too. 🙂 I'm also waiting for this for a project where the website is done and I have to add the shop in later. No point to go with the old version. Let me know if you need any testing done, happy to help and pay the price.

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  8. I can't see an option to apply classes on the link itself, on the <a> tag. When using Bootstrap, links must have the nav-link class.
    Did I miss something? What workaround can I use without messing with the module code?
    The module is working great, this is really the only thing I missed.

  9. Solved:
    It turned out I had no template file for any of the pages in the menu and the module checks if pages are viewable.
    Since non of the pages were viewable, menuItems returned an empty array.
    Thanks @kongondo for the help and pointing me to the right direction. All is well now.

  10. It's not live, unfortunately. If I do a


    in line 86, the output is ' main_menu' instead of an array. Interestingly, there's a space before the name of the menu, I'm not sure if it's important.
    I'll try to upload it to the server later today.

  11. ProcessWire\WireArray #1f8a
    	data protected => array ()
    	extraData protected => array ()
    	itemsRemoved protected => array ()
    	itemsAdded protected => array ()
    	duplicateChecking protected => FALSE
    	useFuel protected => TRUE
    	_instanceNum private => 0
    	localHooks protected => array ()
    	trackChanges private => 0
    	changes private => array ()
    	_notices protected => array (3)
    		errors => NULL
    		warnings => NULL
    		messages => NULL
    	_wire protected => NULL


  12. I also deleted the content of the file compiler and cache folders.
    TracyDebugger shows the same two php errors I quoted before but I don't know how to dig deeper, I don't have a lot of experience with PHP debugging.

  13. Hi Kongondo, it's just a fresh install of PW 3.0.118 with a site profile that I took from the previous site.
    All modules were added by the site profile backup. I use the same code in the template to output the menu.

    My development machine is a Mac running AMPPS with PHP 7.1
    The menu doesn't render, I get the error message instead.

    Steps I tried (to no avail):
    - Delete and recreate the menu
    - Uninstall and delete the module, download a fresh copy and reinstall
    - Downgrade the core to the same version as the other (working) site by overwriting the "wire" folder


  14. I hope someone can help: I get an error message and can't figure out what's wrong. I'm getting the following errors:

    Warning: Creating default object from empty value in .../site/modules/ProcessMenuBuilder/MarkupMenuBuilder.module on line 302
    Warning: Creating default object from empty value in .../site/modules/ProcessMenuBuilder/MarkupMenuBuilder.module on line 305

    I use the same code on two sites, in the same environment, one works, the other one doesn't. Latest module version: 0.2.4 and latest Processwire dev.
    The code:

      // Output the main menu
      $menu_builder = $modules->get("MarkupMenuBuilder");
      $menu_options = array(
        "menu_css_class" => "navbar-nav justify-content-end main-menu",
        "current_class" => "active",
        "default_class" => "nav-item"
      echo $menu_builder->render("main_menu", $menu_options);

    It looks like the menu items get lost somewhere but I'm not that great with reading code and debugging.

  15. Hi @kongondo, I've just seen this thread and couldn't be happier.
    I used Padloper in the past as an early adopter but I always felt it wasn't for the faint hearted. It's great to know that it has a future and I hope v2 will be possible to use without PHP guru skills. I build almost all my sites on ProcessWire and it'd be nice to have the basic features covered by the module itself (promotion, tax, shipping, user accounts, order management etc…). Many of these were up to us to implement and it was prohibiting for front-end people.
    Best of luck with the project and thank you for your commitment!

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