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  1. Hi,

    I have setup a system where users can login at the frontend.

    For this I customized the user template, add lots of needed fields there, grouped by tab. So on the user page there is:

    * Content Tab

    * Tab Group 1

    * Tab Group 2

    * etc..

    Now, I need to create some sort of a detail table

    Say, Each user has an Employee ID, and the attendance table's field are more or less like this:

    * EmployeeID

    * Date

    * Month

    * Year

    * AttendanceStatus

    I'm thinking of creating a template for this, each record as a page. with the user as it's parent ( If there are better ways to do this, please advise)

    For the administration part, I wish to embed an "Attendance" Tab on the User Page. In that tab, I'd like to embed Lister, listing that user's attendance.

    Any hint or advice on how I can achieve this ?

  2. Ok, second topic in a day.

    Is there any tips on best practices to handle a site that has registered members.

    There will be about 500 - 1000 members.

    When each member login, they will be able to see their own profile.

    Should each member be a page with a member template, so it will be 500 - 1000 pages.

    Or is it better to create a custom module for this ? If so any pointer on where to start ? Or maybe an example ?

  3. @netcarver, @davep: Thanks for the input, guys.

    Now, after trying both the tutorial suggested by @kongondo and @joss,

    my idea is that I'd like to serve kiosk site with "site/templates/kiosk",

    and the responsive site with "site/templates/web".

    Any idea on how I can achive this ?

  4. Thank you guys for the warm welcome :)

    Maybe I'll rephrase the question.

    What I'm looking for is actually, a way to serve two site (each with their own theme), but the database is the same.

    The kiosk will only be accessed via intranet, and the responsive site will be on public network.

    I'm looking for a way to share the code as much as possible, but I'd like different theme for the intranet and the responsive site.

    @netcarver, nice module. Will definitely check it out later

  5. Hello Everyone,

    Just found out and installed process wire.

    I'm wondering what is the best way to create a site that serve two purpose.

    1. As a normal responsive site

    2. As a touch screen kiosk site.

    Any help appreciated :rolleyes:

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