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  1. 1 minute ago, apeisa said:

    Sound quality is strange ?

    But your English and articulation is very good, clear and easy to understand! Keep up with the videos!

    Yes, I am using a CandySkull Headset as mic, but I have a Lapel mic, I am looking to get those professional mics and also understand Adobe Premiere audio better, the next video will have a much better sound quality. 

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  2. On 6/6/2020 at 5:57 PM, jonatan said:

    @teppo Really great to get a lot of different perspectives on it! ? 

    Really nice and well-argumented opinion! It's always funny to once again discover how differently we all perceive the world and how aesthetics comes down to being something so very subjective, as you also write yourself! ? I will agree with you in fact on a lot of things that you point out about the Kirby UI, but I still think it could be really interesting to have the discussion here on the forum about the PW UI. Maybe some cool redesign ideas could pop up? And maybe it could be really interesting to hear some feedback on the UI from clients of PW designers / developers ? 

    Personally when it comes to UI as much as I am a fan of that, I am more interested in the code, because of my past experience in Enterprise Companies, I have seen ugly code slapped with an amazing UI. However one thing that irks me off from Kirby is the flat file concept. I am not sold on that, as @teppo mentioned I can't imagine the insane logic adopted to pull such complexities over using files. Seems unnecessarily when RDBMS works. At the end of the day Processwire is Headless, so nothing stops us from getting someone from Dribbble to design a new Admin UI, However I find AdminReno Theme perfect. I also don't think Devs can be easily swayed by UI however the Kirby codes looks interesting , plus so much similar to PW at the same time. 

  3. On 6/29/2020 at 10:30 AM, davisan said:

    I like both Marvels and DC movies

    I prefer DC, they tend to be darker, Marvel movies seem too comedic for my liking. 

  4. I didn't want to create a topic for this, so I decided to use my existing thread , as mentioned, I am creating some Youtube tutorials around Processwire, I feel a video is much more easier to help people getting started with Processwire. So I did a first video introduction, However I quickly realized my dilemma with self expression skills when talking, so I am working on that but here is the first video and I hope to drop a Video per week or more depending on how fast I can get things out but I am also open to covering other complex topics too around Processwire. Thanks and I hope this helps out a lot of people.

    NOTE: LOL Working on how I sound too ?, bear with me

    Love from Nigeria


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  5. Hi guys, so this thought came to my head after seeing only a commercial application on Envato Market ( CodeCanyon ), An Hotel application platform using Processwire, because lately as a result of my country, I can't easily do alot of things to get paid via PayPal and there isn't much commercial avenue with Processwire community e.g Marketplace or a store, my question is has anyone ever thought of selling solutions built with Processwire on the themeforest market or experience with that. It is just something I'd figured to raise up here, because it is one of the easiest CMS to have installed and deployed with an application. Hoping to get feedbacks and insights.  

  6. Personally I favour TypeScript, I come from a strong background of static type and one of the things about JavaScript is that it is massively loosely type, a var can be any type, this can be confusing and also allow you make silly mistakes like assigning re-assigning to another type and experiencing strange issues and error. TypeScript compiler takes care of all that, it ensures that all the rules are followed, if you expect a certain type of object in a method, it's interface will assist. 

    There are also some complex TypeScript features. I cannot fathom the use of JavaScript anymore especially if it is a large project, however one of the downsides is that you might often write codes just to satisfy TypeScript compiler, I have so many codes that do not provide business value, they are just there to make TypeScript compile. With TypeScript you will get massive introspection and also the TSC ( TypeScript Compiler ) will massively catch a lot of errors for you, assuming you write 100% typescript code. I have seen developers write JS code in TypeScript which is a shame, as they do not get to utilise the full impact of TS. 

    My personal opinion others might differ

  7. 3 hours ago, JeevanisM said:

    thats what I was thinking about. My PW knowledge is not par with to create admin module.  I was only confused more with that  frontend input ( user registration + feedback ) but after reading all replies, I am super charged to do with ProcessWire itself ?



    yea, I gotta push the PW experience further then 

    I am working on that trust me, but a little video editing and Kdenlive skill gap which I am working on, I have tons of materials to push for Processwire learning. Processwire is awesome I am coming from Symfony and Spring Boot and Processwire makes alot of things easier and so much you can do. I will let you know. 

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  8. 13 minutes ago, bernhard said:

    Depends on what you call "serious" but it will be quite a bit of work for sure. IMHO buying FormBuilder will not be enough. What's more important is that you get a good understanding of how PW works. What is a ProcessModule? What is an Inputfield? What a Fieldtype? How does all this play together? Once you get that you can build anything with PW.


    Exactly, however *shameless insert* , I am working on Screencasting and creating Processwire video contents both for beginners till Advanced level, a bit of me is wondering if it is something that will received by the community.  I am currently honing my Video editing skills back. Do you think the community might find this useful. I have always wanted to contribute PW resources since I tend to spend alot of time around the code. Thanks 

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  9. 15 hours ago, kinderheim511 said:

    I need a manga reader and this is the only one I've found working.

    Side comment: Huge Manga / Anime fan here

    Main Comment: You can get a template that has the similar view and plugin in Processwire easily to do that, however do you have this online or somewhere, I don't mind looking at this if you need a third eye , just give a shout-out if things get out of hand. I tend to peek at codes alot and make sense of them especially Processwire. 



  10. I don't see why you can't in Processwire, you have can your Business Logic as you would in any PHP Application, but only using Processwire API to handle the information you collect from the front-end, into it's Admin, or you can build your business logic in a Module and save to your Database. so It is possible very much. The Backend will extremely work in your favour as it has good API to easily have a backend view to see your transactions. Others will reply with their view, but it depends on your processwire knowledge and PHP skills. 



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  11. 16 hours ago, fruid said:

    so I need to code the template as php and html after all? I thought it was supposed to be easy to use.
    And after coding the template and all I still need to select the fields that I want to add to the template in the admin panel after all? Isn't that redundant?

    Think of your template as the Presentation view and the fields as properties for a Data Container, the Page gives you all the data you need, then you are in control of the presentation. This is better than how WP works , because the system already exposes the data you need, how you render the template is now up to you.  This gives you room to plan the fields and pages and even have shared templates. 

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