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  1. Money is a bad motivator as it only works as motivator for a limited time. Eagerness and human will is way stronger and can keep you going like a good ol diesel. When you want to succeed with your goal you have to do more here then in the other camp.

    But in the end you'll become a real fisher and you're be able to catch sharks in any ocean.

    I totally agree with your opinion and respect it. 

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  2. i am totally satisfied about your replies.. one final question before putting my step in process wire..

    my goal is to create full functional processwire themes to sell to clients.. are people really interested something in our Processwire other than wordpress.. in the world. would it be a success point for me to get clients.. 

    does my goal actually make any sense to you guys. i need your suggestions / advice / opinions. 

    i want to make my career in this CMS since wordpress has most competition grabbed by millions.

    Funny, that word doesn't sound strange to me...

    sorry oops diogo  :mellow:

  3. When you're satisfied with that position then ProcessWire is not the right tool for you I Guess. But when you're willing to learn, then jump in we're here to help. ProcessWire has that nasty side effect that non coders become coders after using it for a while.

    You don't need much scripting at all to get started. Go ahead and follow the link provided by Joss.

    Yes i want to shift myself but due to designing stream. i dont have time, as you are telling, i think this is great way of learning and working a platform which would be awesome. i have worked with wordpress custom design integration for almost 5 years and can't do anything without coders help if i want a unknown customized feature in the plugin. 

    i wanted to learn it but was not able to , would like to become a framework expert without anyones help, am planning to do themes in processwire and sell, would you think it would be a good start to learn and go with this framework. does it worth it like wordpress themes.

    I would be able to spend time in learning both templating and coding sections since this is new so i could mug up time for learning coding too..

    i have knowlege in C, i know what is what , variables, functions how it works.. 

    what do you think.

  4. The best thing is to do a tutorial just to get you started.


    This one will walk you though the basics.

    There even simpler ones in the tutorial section, if you need.

    When it comes to sliders and so on, you need to be able to grab jquery or Javascript from the web and understand it enough to use it as if you were building a static html site. It is not a big leap from there to use it with ProcessWire.

    great i will start on it, yes i have knowlege of using jquery and its scripts in website,

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  5. am a designer who dosen't  have coding knowledge and know only to integrate designs in code. so would i be able to create all these things easily for a website. please help me out to decide because without any coders help would i be able to build a basic website with these features gallery, forms, sliders, portfolio, blog , videos.

    thank you 

  6. are there minimum options like Contact form like(contact form 7 plugin in wordpress), a minimum gallery, slider option and other basic features in it. as in wordpress, or they should also be built with html only because they when we build site client must be able to upload images to slider or gallery and update content using a button system like wordpress plugins have..

    how would be build all these features in this CMS like wordpress have built-in plugins and easy to handle plugins..

    will nontechnical clients would be able to understand it.. 

    Thank you so much for both your replies 

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