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  1. Santa Claus, with a little delay, brought to you an updated Hungarian language pack for ProcessWire 2.5.10, including the strings for the latest improvements, e.g. the threaded commenting system. Totally 7 files changed. The changelog for this release is available on the GitHub Project page, as before.

    Download the full package via the ProcessWire Modules Directory: http://mods.pw/7h

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  2. When choosing the most appropriate localization platform, before obliging with Weblate, please consider if it supports different access levels for translators. Regular translators would contribute actually to the rough translation, while proofreaders (having more translation experiences, may also have permission to translate) can check the quality of the provided translations. When a localization is in quality assurance stage, regular translators may only suggest translations, when they find a better solution.

    Another important criteria if the API of the chosen localization platform supported the automatic file conversion to the required JSON format. I recently translated for Sourcefabric on Transifex. After a certain interval of time the affected files were automatically updated in their GitHub repository.

    As a result of this intention for centralization, a further step may be to connect to this translation repo during the installation process of ProcessWire and select and download the needed languages.

    Regarding the documentation, why an external solution is needed? The Translate extension for MediaWiki enables you to translate the content into different languages. Install MediaWiki on a subdomain and start to work.

  3. Hello, Christophe!

    The PW translation project on Transifex is obsolete.

    PW has an "in-house" developed Language Translator module for translating the files, having the advantage of to be able to test and proofread your job on the fly. I highly recommend you to read the Language Translation Updates blog post.

    This tool can detect the blank lines and the abandoned ones in a language file, this helps your job in updating a translation file.

    BTW, if you browsed Modules Directory / Language Packs, you might find the French language pack for PW 2.2.

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  4. The Hungarian translation files just have been updated for ProcessWire 2.5.5. This time no existing files were changed, but 2 new files were added. They are as follows:

    • wire--modules--system--systemnotifications--systemnotifications-module.json
    • wire--modules--system--systemnotifications--systemnotificationsconfig-php.json

    Download the full package via the ProcessWire Modules Directory: http://mods.pw/7h

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  5. The Hungarian translation files just have been updated for ProcessWire 2.5.4. This time the following three files changed:

    • wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypedatetime-module.json
    • wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldpagetable--inputfieldpagetable-module.json
    • wire--modules--process--processtemplate--processtemplate-module.json

    The translation of the 2 latest core modules were added:

    • wire--modules--process--processrecentpages--processrecentpages-module.json
    • wire--modules--system--systemnotifications--systemnotifications-module.json

    Download the full package via the ProcessWire Modules Directory: http://mods.pw/7h

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  6. The Hungarian translation files have been updated for ProcessWire 2.5.2. Actually two files changed, they are as follows:

    • wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldfile--inputfieldfile-module.json
    • wire--modules--process--processmodule--processmodule-module.json

    And three new files were committed, for the Reno theme:

    • wire--modules--admintheme--adminthemereno--adminthemereno-module.json
    • wire--modules--admintheme--adminthemereno--adminthemerenohelpers-php.json
    • wire--modules--admintheme--adminthemereno--debug-inc.json

    Get the full package via the ProcessWire Modules Directory: http://mods.pw/7h

  7. The Hungarian language pack for ProcessWire 2.5 has been released. The included site and core translation files are translated in formal style, best suitable for business, corporate and e-commerce sites.

    GitHub Repository: https://github.com/jtherczeg/processwire-hungarian-lng

    Download from GitHub: https://github.com/jtherczeg/processwire-hungarian-lng/archive/master.zip

    Approval of submission to ProcessWire Modules Directory is pending.

    Any feedbacks are welcome :)

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  8. The great latest localization enhancements for PW 2.5 raise some problems due to the multi-language site profile.

    I observed that when the site translation files are included in the core translation files language pack, they are unnecessarily uploaded to the Core Translation Files and I can delete them, but cannot move them to their appropriate location.

    As the translation files are distributed in one package, many of them downloaded directly from GitHub, it would be a smarter solution if the language pack uploader dispatched the site language files to the Site Translation Files section.

    It turned out in Ryan's answer on my GitHub issue report, that we cannot use these site translation files for monolingual sites, so it would be recommended if the language pack uploader detected the multilingual status and when it failed (due to monolingual site), it displayed a warning and did not upload the site language files.

  9. I would prefer to move the translation process to an online collaborative tool, like Transifex.

    Anyway, in the upcoming version 2.5, available in the dev branch on GitHub, many language translation and localization enhancements were made, see recent blog posts Language Translation Updates and More Language Updates.

    Besides this, in the case of languages using accented characters and diacritical marks, not so easy to translate such language file side by side in a diff tool, like WinMerge, because the accented characters are encoded to hexadecimal Unicode characters, e.g. ä is displayed as u00e4.

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  10. Though this topic is old enough, let me pick it up again.

    I also encourage you to move the localization to Transifex.

    From the view of translators, it is amazing that the translated strings are stored in translation memory, so in the case of an update a translator needn't start his job from scratch, but can leverage the already existing translations. Additionally, it supports team work, so multiple translators can apply for the translation of a project, adding reviewer privilege for the best translators, the quality assurance may be provided.

    In the case of multiple languages, the challenge of "who is faster" may motivate your translators to complete a job as soon as possible - a kind of international competition.

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