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  1. Hello, I'm trying to put a watermark text on top of my image but I got strange result as you can see...any idea why the font is rendered like that? I'm using a simple Roboto font. Thanks
  2. thanks but it's not that unfortunately... 😞
  3. Hello, I'm having a strange issue with the page autocomplete asmselect of a page reference field. Out of a sudden is returning a 403 forbidden error when I type something. From the console I find out the system doesn't like the %= operator, it's the only operator which isn't working, I tried others and the select works. Any idea why? Thanks
  4. I often duplicate a template in my projects and I spend a lot of time to edit all the field positions and sizes, I'd like to keep this settings when a template is cloned, if possible.
  5. I have this problem and I can confirm is the translation of the module the issue, it happens even in the default language, I tried to change the 2 main files for having the datepicker translated and it's not saving anything
  6. Can't believe it, it's not a dream. YEEEEES. How can I get the invitation? 😅
  7. if I understood correctly your situation, you can simply use the numReferences of the pro_kategorie field
  8. man...I make the same mistake like 10 times a day...I'm so frustrated about it...but glad that I'm not the only one ahah
  9. I'm trying to change template on the fly (when there is a urlSegment in homepage) and I'm almost there (I guess), the behaviour is strange, the markup is working but if I print the template name I get the home page, something is not working properly The code is inside a custom module. Thanks for the help. I'm using v1 (can't use v2) public function ready() { $this->addHookBefore('Page::render', $this, 'hookProfiles'); } protected function hookProfiles($event){ $page = $event->object; if($page->template == 'home' && wire('input')->urlSegment1 != ''){ $page->template->set("filename","/site/templates/author.php"); $factory = $this->modules->get('TemplateEngineFactory'); $theme = $factory->load('author.tpl'); wire()->set('view', $theme); } }
  10. Strange behaviour recently...when adding or re editing an image (no matter what the edit is, add retina, or link the source image) inside the ckeditor, it disappers an get deleted fromt the code. It doesn't happen every time so there should be something that trigger this but I can't find what is it. PW 3.0.165 pw_images.webm
  11. I'm sorry but there is a new error showing up in logs: Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function bd() in /site/modules/FieldtypeImageReference/InputfieldImageReference.module:226 Stack trace: 1. /site/modules/FieldtypeImageReference/InputfieldImageReference.module(192): InputfieldImageReference->renderThumbnails()
  12. I just installed tracy and I got this error I'm using php settings not json [ 'name' => 'logotest', 'label' => __('Logo & Favicon'), 'type' => 'InputfieldImageReference', 'width' => '100', 'fromfolder ' => true, 'folderpath' => 'assets/imgs/', 'description' => __('image upload'), 'collapsed' => 0, ],
  13. still not working, I can only see the default image and nothing more
  14. Hi @gebeer I'm trying to use your module within the settingfactory module but I' having some issue initializing it, what are the mandatory parameters to make it work? I tried this config but it shows just the placeholder image. Thanks [ 'name' => 'logotest', 'label' => __('Logo & Favicon'), 'type' => 'InputfieldImageReference', 'width' => '100', 'fromfolder ' => true, 'folderpath' => '/site/templates/', 'description' => __('description'), 'collapsed' => 0, ],
  15. Anyone tried MariaDB 10.3 or 10.4 ? The new amazon aws database service starts with 10.3.
  16. Hello, I'm having a strange issue, the module works fine in production mode, but when I enable the $config->debug = true; the module cannot compile my files and output this error <b>Warning</b>: A non-numeric value encountered in <b>/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/AllInOneMinify/AllInOneMinify.module</b> on line <b>713</b><br />/site/assets/aiom/css_b636f2192ceb48c592835de3c2d9c3b9_dev.css?no-cache=1601104220"> Any idea how to solve this? Thanks
  17. Unfortunately (after a quick review) I can't use the 2.0 version of Template Engine Factory because I can't install other dependencies (twig) so I have to stick with the 1.1.3
  18. mmhhh never knew there was a 2.0 version...I was always relying on the automatic upgrade module and the 1.3 was the latest available...I'm gonna try it, maybe the issue will solve itself with the newer version, thanks
  19. In my site I use a templating system Template Engine Factory and I'm having a small issue when trying to visualize the preview revision inside the History tab, I get this error, the way the template engine passes variables between the controller and the view is not recognized ($view->set('myvar',$myvar)), is something fixable? Thanks
  20. Hi, did you solved this issue? I have the same problem and even removing the segmentation from home page the issue persists.
  21. The PW admin form is made for input data not for displaying it, you have to create your own dashboard if you want, take a look at https://modules.processwire.com/modules/dashboard/
  22. On the Input tab of the field, you can set the visiblity, open when populated, closed when blank + blocked but the question is how you insert the value if the field is not editable?
  23. it doesn't work for the same reason $config doesn't work, use wire('page') inside functions
  24. I'm sorry but this is going outside this forum scope, I suggest you study php, these are basic issues.
  25. you are sending 'search' which is null, you have to send q
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