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  1. devatgwl

    That did it Robin S. Thanks!
  2. devatgwl

    This is good to know, but I'm not getting anything from the selector.
  3. devatgwl

    This worked too. Thank you!
  4. devatgwl

    I had to keep parent=1018 because I don't want to include staff-pages that aren't doctors. The $page selector below is drawing errors. $doctors = $pages->find('template=staff-page,locations=$page') This is working though. foreach($doctors as $doc) { foreach($doc->locations as $loc) { if($loc->title == $page->title) { echo "<h4>$doc->title</h4>"; echo "<h5>$loc->title</h5>"; } } }
  5. Hello, I'm trying to select doctor pages associated with locations. Within this doctor page I have multiple pages selector (which are location pages) because doctors can work at many. When viewing a single location page, I'd like to loop through those doctors at that location, which is this $page. How can I achieve this because mine isn't working? $doctors = $pages->find('template=staff-page,parent=1018,locations=$page'); foreach($doctors as $doc) { echo "<h4>$doc->title</h4>"; } I guess I answered my own question. Is this an acceptable way to achieve? foreach($doctors as $doc) { foreach($doc->locations as $loc) { if($loc->title == $page->title) { echo "<h4>$doc->title</h4>"; echo "<h5>$loc->title</h5>"; } } }
  6. devatgwl

    Ah ha! That would make sense. Thanks @kongondo
  7. Hello, I'm wondering how to add the value of a field to a URL when submitting a form, while also processing the form with FormBuilder and storing the entry in the CMS. Is this even possible with the versions below? FB 0.2.5 | PW 2.7.2 Is there still a dedicated Form Builder forum here anymore?
  8. devatgwl

    Thanks Adrian, The search returns inconsistent results, but it could be another issue. I appreciate the assist.
  9. devatgwl

    No luck there. Any other ideas?
  10. devatgwl

    I need to extend the search capability to image descriptions through the default search template in 2.5.3. $matches = $pages->find("title|body|sidebar|thumb_one|thumb_two|thumb_three|thumb_four|gallery_img%=$q, limit=50"); I've added additional field selectors, but with inconsistent results. Is there a better way to achieve this?
  11. devatgwl

    Thanks, but this feature doesn't appear to kick in in time to prevent my server from attempting to load the SSL certificate. I believe I need an .htaccess solution which will redirect the URL BEFORE ProcessWire is called.
  12. I'm trying to append ProcessWire's default htaccess file to redirect all SSL requests to a NON-SSL version of the requested page. This should work, but it doesn't: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} on RewriteRule (.*) http://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L] ​Could PW be overriding it?
  13. Thanks for your replies! It turns out, my template didn't have a file associated with it. That was the cause. Live and learn!
  14. For some reason, all of the pages within my site which use a specific template are throwing a 404 error and do not have a "View" tab when I edit them. I've looked over the template's settings and I can find nothing to implicate why this may be happening.
  15. devatgwl

    This was a big help on my current project, Ryan. Thank you.