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  1. Thanks Jan, for your quick reply. I had a small configuration error in the backend, which is why htmx did not work immediately. I use htmx for the first time, so I looked for the error in the wrong place 😔 Thank you for the quick response time. It's always inspiring to see how helpful everyone is here!
  2. Has anybody a simple example, how htmx works in the frontend, please, e.g. with form: <input type="text" name="q" hx-get="/trigger_delay" hx-trigger="keyup changed delay:500ms" hx-target="#search-results" placeholder="Search..." > <div id="search-results"></div> Thanks!!
  3. Thanks, maxf5, hmm, I feel like a bloody beginner, but it just does´nt work. Here my _main.php: <div id="result">Ajax</div> <script type="text/javascript"> $('#result').click(function () { var ajaxUrl = "<?= urls()->templates ?>ajax.inc"; $.ajax({ type: "GET", url: ajaxUrl, success : function(data){ var markup = $(data).find('#result'); $('#result').html(markup); } }); }); </script> ajax.inc only with a simple string for testing: <?php namespace ProcessWire; ?> OK, Ajax works!
  4. In my frontend I would like to implement a small AJAX-solution, but it does´nt work. For example: template/js/ajax.js: contains jquery-ajax-snippet with click-function like this: $.post('ajax.inc', function(e) {}); template/ajax.inc: contains db-query with HTML-output template/home.php: contains div-element for the ajax-response, e.g. <div id='result'>...ajax-response...</div> It seems, PW does´nt allow database-requests via AJAX (jquery). I know the post from Ryan "How to work with AJAX driven content in ProcessWire". But this solution requires a completely new template-concept. I only need a simple solution for a small ajax-db-request. Thanks to all
  5. How can I update the dropdownlist 'Page(s)' under 'Details' of field-type 'Select Relation'? The list shows me all pages, including those that have since been deleted. How can I update the list? Thanks very much!!
  6. 3 solutions in 5 minutes. Amazing. Thanks Adrian
  7. Hi all, I use version 3.0.62. Is there a way to delete all children of a page with one click - without parent page? thanks
  8. Hello Ryan! First, my great thanks for processwire. Since I know it, it´s the purest joy to develop websites. Thank you very much. Now that I've designed some business websites while this question has arisen: In the tree view of the backend you use the title tag to display the path information of a page, for example "/about/". This feature is very helpful to get this information very quickly. Would it be possible to make the same effect with field names? Some fields get a different name and it is a bit cumbersome, to get the fieldname used in the database. Now there is even a hover effect with field names, but nothing is displayed. Thanks in advance for your answer.
  9. Hi Stefan, maybe you had set a new backend-name during the installation process. "processwire" is standard.
  10. Hi tobaco, try this one: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/fieldtype-select/
  11. weblog.technology weblog.land weblog.tools
  12. Hi adrian, you hit the black! "RewriteBase /" was commented. Perfect! Thanks a lot
  13. Hi, I´ve uploadet my files with all neccessary settings (chmod dir:755/files:644, assets files & dir 755, mod_rewrite=On, cache empty). The root-site works, but all children-sites respond with: "The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.". It seems, mod_rewrite ist OFF, but I´ve checked it more than one time - it is ON! I also switched the options +FollowSymLinks / +SymLinksifOwnerMatch in .htaccess - nothing! Any ideas, please? Server PHP Version: 5.3.19. Thank you so much
  14. Thx to all. Simple solution works great.
  15. Hi everybody, I have a main menu item with children. By clicking on the main menu item, automatically the first child should be displayed. How to solve this problem? If a similar question has already been answered - sorry, could´nt find it. Thanks very much. Gerald, Austria
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