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  1. Yeah, the blog page is very wordpress, but the feel of the site will change once I've finished my portfolio/gallery templates.

    Right now the biggest issue is Related Pages - at the moment I'm populating them by hand, but that means manually updating old posts to add new related articles. At the very least, I need to devise a "linkback" system such adding an old page to the related article of a new page appends the new page to the related articles of the old page.

  2. I'm pleased to say that this issue is resolved, and when it came right down to it, Problem Existed Between Keyboard and Chair.

    Stupid me forgot to read the instructions, and installed the module to /wire/modules instead of /site/modules.

    Now that it's in the right place it's working fine, cheers!

  3. Just want to clarify that the problem is not with Pete's module.

    My apologies for implying any such thing, just getting frustrated. When I saw this module it looked like a great timesaver, and that hasn't worked out.

    I'm uploading a fresh copy of PW now, we'll see how it goes.

    EDIT: Still no go!

  4. Sorry, I think it's Markup Cache module and not Fieldtype - I forgot to specify which one (the Fieldtype cache module is on by default whereas ModuleCache isn't).

    No dice. The module was already installed, and threw an error about a missing MarkupCache folder when I went to remove it. So I created the folder, and it uninstalled cleanly, deleting that folder. Then I reinstalled the two modules....still no go, and I notice that folder is still missing. I manually created it on the off chance that'd help but that didn't work either.

    I'm on the verge of converting your code back to a template, this is getting silly...

  5. I worked it out - you have to install the Cache module as well, which is present in the default PW installation, just not installed by default (I already ahd it switched on on my test account!).

    That will make it work, but I do need to put some sort of check into my module to make it a bit easier (need to read the posts around here on module dependencies).

    Still doesn't seem to work, same error msg, damned if I know why?

    http://theseekerr.com/sitemap.xml - there it is, if staring at my error provides any sort of motivation.

  6. It sounds like your site/assets/cache directory might not be writeable (it needs to be in order to be able to cache the sitemap). Hopefully making that writeable (CHMOD 644 probably) will fix that.

    The cache folder itself isn't solely related to this module, so I'm sure you would have come across that message sooner or later.

    Hope that fixes it for you :)

    No such luck - still didn't work. Also tried 755 and 777 on the off chance, and recursed it through that whole tree to be sure.

    Incidentally, file uploads and caching of size()'d images are working fine.

  7. Mine is throwing an error:

    Exception: Unable to create path: /MarkupSitemapXML/ (in /home/theseeke/public_html/wire/core/CacheFile.php line 62)
    This error message was shown because you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged.

    From a quick read of the relevant modules, it's not apparent to me where it's trying to create that directory.

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