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  1. @Ivan Gretsky You can also try next version of Mystique field type.

    Now, its possible to display custom fields depend on template name or page, you imagine it.

    Here is an example usage:

    namespace ProcessWire;
     * Resource: magic of mystique field
    return function ($page = null, $field = null, $value = null) {
        $fields = [
            'hello' => [
                'label' => 'Are you ready for a Magic ?',
                'type' => 'select',
                'options' => [
                    'no' => 'No',
                    'yes' => 'Yes'
                'required' => true,
                'defaultValue' => 'no'
        if ($page instanceof Page && $page->template->name == 'page') {
            $fields['current_page'] = [
                'label' => 'Current page title : ' . $page->title,
                'value' => $page->title,
                'showIf' => [
                    'hello' => '=yes'
                'columnWidth' => 50
        if ($field instanceof Field) {
            $fields['current_field'] = [
                'label' => 'Current field label : ' . $field->label,
                'value' => $field->label,
                'showIf' => [
                    'hello' => '=yes'
                'columnWidth' => 50
        return [
            'name' => 'magician',
            'title' => 'Do A Magic ?',
            'fields' => $fields


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  2. 5 hours ago, Ivan Gretsky said:

    Good day @ukyo!

    Is there a way to manipulate field data from the API? Like batch setting / changing it?

    This should work

    $page->mystique_field_name->property1 = 'data';
    $page->mystique_field_name->property2 = 'data';
    $page->mystique_field_name->property3 = 'data';
    $page->mystique_field_name->property4 = 'data';
    $page->mystique_field_name->property5 = 'data';
    $page->mystique_field_name->property6 = 'data';
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  3. @szabesz

    No need new Module for Uikit source files !

    Node example only for theme development, if you need admin theme customizations you can import uikit source files on your side. Node usage example is not for ProcessWire users, its only for theme development by @ryan or @bernhard.

    User can import uikit source files inside /site/templates/admin.less

    You can add @uikit-source-path variable on wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeUikit/uikit-pw/pw.less

    You can change variable value normally on lately loaded file on less.

    // Import uikit, use less variable for uikit source
    @uikit-source-path: "../../node_modules/uikit/src/less/uikit.less"
    @import $uikit-source-path;

    Change @uikit-source-path variable /site/templates/admin.less

    @uikit-source-path: 'source/to/uikit/less/uikit.less';
    div { border: 1px solid red; }


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  4. @bernhard @ryan Thanks for admin theme customization option

    But i didn't like uikit source files under AdminThemeUikit/uikit, no need these files. Folder size is big !

    I can give an idea about using uikit less or scss files:

    - You can install uikit via node with package.json file
    - You can load source uikit files from node_modules/uikit/src/less/uikit.less
    - You can add node_modules folder to .gitignore
    - If a user want to modify admin theme, user can define uikit source from less file

    With this way, we don't need uikit source files under AdminThemeUikit folder

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  5. public function ___install() {
    	// do something when istall module
    	$this->files->copy(__DIR__ '/templates/', $this->config->paths->templates);

    You can add this operation inside install method. And don't use URL you need to use PATH.

  6. 2 minutes ago, fruid said:

    I actually have a very specific issue that I'm stuck with…

    How do I make the module create the template files, not just the templates in the database via API but also the corresponding php files in the webcontent when being installed?

    You can create your templates inside your modules folder, like "MyModule/templates/" on module installation you can copy these templates to "site/templates/" folder.

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  7. @modifiedcontent Can you put these files under a folder something like : templates/extends or site/src. After do that can you add this path to wire classLoader.

    You can do this on ready.php file or you can try it before apply your customizations (didn't try that).

    // ready.php example
    $template = $page->template->name;
    if (in_array($template, ['template-with-comment-field'])) {
      wire('classLoader')->addNamespace('ProcessWire', wire('config')->paths->templates . '/extends');
      // or
      wire('classLoader')->addNamespace('ProcessWire', wire('config')->paths->site . '/src');

    or (didn't tested)

    wire('classLoader')->addNamespace('ProcessWire', wire('config')->paths->templates . '/extends');
    // or
    wire('classLoader')->addNamespace('ProcessWire', wire('config')->paths->site . '/src');
    $page->comments->render(['className' => 'CommentListCustom']);
    $page->comments->renderForm(['className' => 'CommentFormCustom']);


  8. I am currently working on custom comment form output and custom comment list output. I copied `CommentForm.php` as `CommentFormUikit.php` and copied `CommentList.php` as `CommentListUikit.php`.

    Renamed class names on these and extend base classes  files and removed not used codes and modified needed sections.

    When i want to use my custom outputs :

    // include customization classes
    include __DIR__ . '/CommentListUikit.php';
    include __DIR__ . '/CommentFormUikit.php';
    // custom list output
    echo $page->comments->render(['className' => 'CommentListUikit']);
    // custom form output
    echo $page->comments->renderForm(['className' => 'CommentFormUikit']);


    namespace ProcessWire;
    class CommentListUikit extends CommentList
    // do your customizations


    namespace ProcessWire;
    class CommentFormUikit extends CommentForm
    // do your customizations

    Example output for uikit 3 frontend framework, still working on it, specially writing a javascript for comment form


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  9. On 6/20/2020 at 11:44 PM, Ivan Gretsky said:

    Hello, @ukyo!

    I absolutely love your module. And trying to incorporate it in my site-building workflow. I did install it without a problem and am using it for storing some output settings with great success)

    But today I found two (probably, related) bugs:

    1. I cannot create a new Page Reference field. I am getting this error: "Call to a member function getField() on null" (...\Mystique\FieldtypeMystique.module.php:71).
    2. I cannot view a list of pages with certain template (see the screenshot). The error message is the same.mystique.thumb.jpg.660ef9911db96c02569fca6ff185eee0.jpg

    Do you understand what it is?

    I fixed this error, but i can't update module on module directory. There is an error on module directory at the moment.


    You can update module by directly downloading it from Github.

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  10. On 4/10/2020 at 2:18 AM, gingebaker said:


    I had the same problem like @fliwire with changed resource property in template context not getting saved and outputted correctly.

    I changed the FieldtypeMystique::getBlankValue() method a bit:

    public function getBlankValue(Page $page, Field $field)
        return new MystiqueValue($page, $page->template->fieldgroup->getField($field,true));

    API Ref: https://processwire.com/api/ref/fieldgroup/get-field/
    With this change you are getting the field in context of the current page template. Then you have the correct resource filename in $field->resource.
    This works here in my setup, but I haven't been able to test much for now. Hope this does not break something else.

    Anyway, thanks for this module. Looks very promising!

    Suggested fix applied, module updated.

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  11. 4 hours ago, fliwire said:

    tested: resource showing propery but with empy values.  In database field saved with default resource and template resource.




    Will check it

  12. 2 hours ago, fliwire said:

    template overwrite field input settings has bug. Selected resource is saving properly but when shown all inputs empty.  

    Checked db value, db has also default input resource and home page resource. Expect only home page values. (counts in below code).





    19 days ago, I created an issue. Waiting for fix or a solution. 

  13. 22 hours ago, fliwire said:

    Hi, tried last version. Two Bugs:

    1- When update module old module files renamed to ".Mystique" folder and this folder still listing "Resource" list and not shown in editor.
    2- useLanguages also has bug. If admin language not default language, default language value not saved properly.  Default language value gets it's value from selected language.


    Module updated, CHANGELOG

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  14. 14 hours ago, huseyin said:

    In Turkey we have offically 1 covid-19 case.

    Today the Govermant has decided to close all schools and universities for 2 weeks.

    All sports events will be held without spectators.

    All public servants are prohibited to leave Turkey.

    Some kind of food is rare at the warehouses.

    We have not noticed any donws of our work or clients, but expecting bad for the near future.

    Today we have 2 covid-19 case.

    I live in Turkey (Marmaris). Everything normal at the moment. I work from office.

  15. 2 minutes ago, MilenKo said:

    Hello again @LAPS & @ukyo . I just tested the module with the -new version you've shared and am still seeing the same error:

    Compile Error:     Cannot declare class MarkupFontIconPicker, because the name is already in use (line 10 of C:\domains\mywebsite.com\site\assets\cache\FileCompiler\site\modules\FieldtypeFontIconPicker-next\MarkupFontIconPicker.module)  

    Could you please advise which version should I be using in order to have the name error resolved?

    Follow these steps for solve duplicate problem : 


  16. 1 hour ago, bernhard said:

    Ok, thx! So why is that field in the example file? For me as an enduser the experience was: "Oh, wow, that even supports image fields! Let's try it! [uploading] Hm... Doesn't work - maybe another thing that isn't working on Windows due to path issues?" 🙂 

    PS: When are you planning to merge NEXT into MASTER?

     Next version merged with master branch. Image field removed from example 😞 sorry about that. Module updated.

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