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  1. 3 hours ago, kongondo said:

    By the way, I could have offered to take lead on this but until a certain module is released (getting very close now! 😉), I don't have much time for anything else 🙂.

    Hummm ... are you talking of the module one should not say the name ? Happy to know it's getting close to be released as the last sneak peek video got me really excited about Padlopper 2.

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  2. On 1/22/2021 at 8:43 PM, kongondo said:

    Definitely 🙂. This was for demo purposes only. My plan is to develop my own using Affinity Designer...at least the easier ones. However, I don't know how much different I could make them look compared to YOOTheme's. 

    Thanks. Will have a look.


    By the way, I have been keeping an eye on this one:

    https://heroicons.com/  ...by the folks at TailwindCSS

    This iconset might be of interest for you as well : https://tablericons.com/

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  3. Hi,

    For a project I need to add a custom admin action button. Tanks to @bernhard i was able to add the action in the submit button dropdown.

    To peform the action i'm adding a hook to the InputfieldSubmit::processInput method, however the function is executed twice for some reasons i can't figure out.

    What am i doing wrong  ?


    // Add a save action button to resend the registration email
    $wire->addHookAfter('ProcessPageEdit::getSubmitActions', function(HookEvent $event) {
        $actions = $event->return;
        $actions['send_registration'] = [
            'value' => 'send_registration',
            'icon' => 'check',
            'label' => '%s + Resend registration email',
        $event->return = $actions;
    // Process custom save button action
    wire()->addHookAfter('InputfieldSubmit::processInput', null, 'send_registration_email');
    function send_registration_email($event) {
      $input = $event->arguments(0);
      if('send_registration' === $input->_after_submit_action) {
          // populate  email vars here
        send_email($input->email, $mail_subject, $mail_body, wireMail());
      // Populate back return value, if you have modified it
      // $event->return = $attendee;
      $event->cancelHooks = true;
    function send_email($email, $mail_subject, $mail_body, $mailer) {
        // Sends the email


  4. On 1/29/2020 at 12:08 PM, kongondo said:

    Hmm. This is a tricky one as it is made up of two parts:

    1. Paying a fraction (instalment) of the total cost
    2. Future payment (aka recurring payment)

    Both are tricky, but especially #2. 

    #1 is partly achievable by raising an invoice using manual order creation. The order will be manually marked as complete once the total has been paid. Automating the process may not be an easy task. I'd have to think about it more.


    # 2 If this means storing user card details, then no; we are not going down that route. However, if it means using payment providers' subscription/recurring payments services, then it is probably doable. The payment providers API is there. Something else to think about, but for future versions.

    Currently none of these features are in the plan, but I'll have a think. I will probably need reminding though :-).

    Thanks for your answers.

    #2 Totally agree about not storing user card details.

    I guess that the "easiest" path will be to have a module around a provider like Stripe, ReCharge etc...

  5. On 8/12/2019 at 8:19 PM, Zeka said:

    Definitely, I would recommend PW.

    In my case, the client didn't like the tree structure of pages, so I had to create separate Process modules for managing news, tags, banners, categories. I have found that it's much easier to control permissions and workflow via custom modules.


    Hi Zeka, I was wondering how easy/difficult it has been to style the back office to black & white theme ? Any hints on how you achieved that ?

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  6. 1 minute ago, wbmnfktr said:

    There are so many ways in ProcessWire to do or save things.

    Depending on your background and history with ProcessWire you will find other ways or solutions.

    I know recipe-collectors that would only need two fields. A title and a textarea.

    I personally would go a more abstract way to be able to much more and other things.

    • Template: Recipe
      • Fields:
        • title (text)
        • summary/introduction (textarea)
        • preparation (textarea)
        • ingredients (repeater)
          • Fields:
            • ingredient (page reference - pages with template ingredient)
            • amount (int or text)
            • unit (select options - grams, cups, liters, hint)
        • images (image)
    • Template: Ingredient
      • Fields:
        • title

    With that setup I can easily collect all my recipes, create a list of all ingredients I need for all of my recipes. Can look for recipes with a special ingredient and so on.

    +1 for the ingredient template allowing to create a ingredient database.

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  7. Hi,

    From the top of my head this could do it this way :

    a template with a title and body (recipe) field and a repeater field to hold the ingredients list :

    a text field to hold the ingredient name

    a text field to hold the amount of ingredient

    a select field to hold the amount unit (tsp, l, ml? etc..)

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  8. Bravo 👏 !!


    I'm thinking about using ProcessWire as a foundation for a marketplace. Glad to see ProcessWire works very well for you.

    Without selling your company's trade secret it would be great to get some insights about how you use ProcessWire.


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  9. On 10/01/2018 at 6:20 AM, tpr said:

    No, things are not that obvious.  We are using other tools that allow separating admin and frontend to different servers,  so even if fronted gets hacked they can't get hold of sensitive data but only static html files. This is something pw can't do afaik,  perhaps with procache but I haven't tried that workaround so far. 

    Can you elaborate on "other tools that allow separating admin and frontend to different servers". Do you mean tools like Gatsby and the likes ?

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