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  1. Hey @CalEvans voicesoftheelephpant seems down :( .

  2. Learning well => Laravel ;-) .

  3. RT @_m6w6: Just released #pharext v3.0.1 fixing a minor issue with the progress notif. when downloading package sources:https://t.co/NALvC…

  4. RT @phptodayorg: Security vulnerability - upgrade your WP-Super-Cache plugin now! https://t.co/XUAH2zs40Q #wordpress #security

  5. Annotated Version of the Original jQuery Release http://t.co/P4pmnKcmWW

  6. RT @dr4goonis: If you can’t build/ship #php software using #composer, because of the recent @github DDos - buy @toranproxy and it will save…

  7. RT @jeremeamia: Dang, I wish @zendcon was 1 week earlier, then I could just stay in Vegas after @AWSreInvent. The CFP is open though: http:…

  8. RT @nomadphp: Community member you need to know:@savant

  9. 3 years at Namshi...and still counting! http://t.co/rricBKqe50

  10. RT @ninjagrlstuff: Stop by and say hi at my opening reception next Friday! @hatcharthouse #ninjagrl #madison #art #willystreet http://t.co/…

  11. RT @gnomeontherun: April fools is a bad day for users of technology. I wish it would stop.

  12. RT @funkatron: I had no idea you could do full text search in sqlite. Thanks @JeremyKendall http://t.co/OCSYnzyYYJ

  13. RT @koriym: @ocramius nice. I ask @pmjones to be more serialize friendly on next version @auraphp v3 :)

  14. RT @zfdevteam: Just released: Zend Framework 2.4.0! Now featuring LTS and PHP 7 support! http://t.co/ZaEsYyJUaQ #php #zf2

  15. RT @JeremyKendall: 2FA for the Slim Framework. YES. https://t.co/a6lM2D55Dq Thanks, @akrabat! /cc @slimphp

  16. RT @rasmus: New version of the php7dev Vagrant imagehttps://t.co/4XkFJGvlqH90s video to get you testing PHP 7 nowhttp://t.co/TR0nK7UsCB

  17. RT @beausimensen: Finally submitted my last two talks to #PNWPHP! Have you submitted yet? Better get it done in the next 24 hours!https:/…

  18. Thank you @_vkbansal . Your site also looks good :) / cc @PHPTownHall

  19. Hey @JeremyKendall if you have any suggestions do let me know. Happy to hear :) .

  20. Reading about template engines and on how I moved http://t.co/vQHAjjFjPz

  21. Happy B'day Chris Hartjes / cc @grmpyprogrammer

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