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  1. RT @official_php: #PHP 7.1 beta 3 is out. As this is the last beta before RC, please test it and report bugs — we need your help! https://…

  2. @michaelcullumuk Good to hear :) / @jakub_zalas

  3. RT @noufalibrahim: You learn something new everyday. Didn't know about the slice type till now. https://t.co/NlRo3EwBBr


  5. RT @michaelcullumuk: I just opened the vote on who will be the next FIG Secretaries. https://t.co/A1dliFvwCl @phpfig #phpfig

  6. RT @vberchet: AST Explorer https://t.co/LICZcRwTOD is nice to explore ASTs (JS, ES6, HTML, CSS, PostCSS, TS, ...)

  7. RT @willemjanz: Are you the Frontend Engineer we are looking for? https://t.co/YuDVh02dRG

  8. @CalEvans encourage people to get out of comfort zone and speak https://t.co/nYLp9KdsfF . Thanks for all the articles.

  9. RT @_odino_: We're hiring (again)! https://t.co/MMspp7cZmF #namshi #dubai #job #javascript #devops #linux #nodejs #golang

  10. RT @7php: DECOUPLE YOUR FRAMEWORK FOR EASY REPLACEMENT https://t.co/UjFzPr31ob Nicely crafted article from @in2itvof !! #php #phpc #DI /c @…

  11. @vuejs figured it was not using named routes in the templates. One thing looks buggy. Reload http://localhost:8080/news/1 stops loading ?

  12. @HDFCBank_Cares called today, just when I send you the tweet. Call was made from my BSNL number. Can DM the number.

  13. Anyone using #caddyserver for zend expressive ? I have some trouble with POST method https://t.co/FE0RkZ2jHS

  14. Manifesto https://t.co/KrtbqnADbi

  15. "Don’t be defensive. Listen. Accept critical feedback." via https://t.co/kcRpERhpK7

  16. RT @ThijsFeryn: We're looking for a #php developer at @combell. Join our Platforms team and help us automate our systems https://t.co/Yxa6…

  17. RT @tonyrq: Do I know any Junior PHP devs in Melbourne that want a start with a startup looking to mentor and grow? Awesome team / stack.

  18. Knapsack - Collection Pipeline for Fun and Profit! https://t.co/PpWHbK2ZBa

  19. . @santhoshtr good one man.... good one. I really liked it. Thank you for your work. @smcproject

  20. @sasaprolic I have not learned more about Mahatma Gandhi . But this is .... I know there are people who want to tell he was bad.

  21. @BJP4India @PiyushGoyal @narendramodi @PMOIndia @dpradhanbjp isn't that done by UPA govt? Thought subsidy was coming to bank before BJP govt

  22. @bitfalls you should consider @auraphp then. You install a package and you will get only that ;) .

  23. RT @vinuthomas: Ubuntu Forums Hacked, 2 Million Users' Details Stolen https://t.co/eCXxXTo4Og

  24. @HDFCBank_Cares that means you don't need to care from where the image is served .. ? Can a js also be served from a different domain ;) .

  25. @hoaproject see comments also . I hope you guys can get it :) .

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