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  1. #gearman multiple job servers don't make sense https://t.co/7D9hp1htNc

  2. #lazyweb any @Apigility module which we can customize to authenticate via database ? #zf2

  3. #zf2 feed please add all the dependencies for the components. I am installing each one separately when I am seeing an exception :( .

  4. http://t.co/Nfz4KIUe2A @amazonIN showing COD, and on checkout not allowed :( .

  5. #github issues not a place to ask question? Even if someone did asked you should help them to solve it :) . Bad experiences.

  6. #IndiasDaughter should be shown in India. Govt should give the right message than hiding for someone.Good work of @BBC should be appreciated

  7. #Lazyweb : if you are using @AtomEditor how can we make sure the tabs are converted to spaces ?

  8. #TWBSColor - Generate your own Bootstrap navbar. http://t.co/aq88lxv3aK via @zessx/

  9. https://t.co/Gdg8kZGAmI Functional Javascript alternative to JQuery.

  10. . @santhoshtr good one man.... good one. I really liked it. Thank you for your work. @smcproject

  11. . @RelianceMobile compare your price http://t.co/HLihPJBovU with http://t.co/SpvvVGl11N . Considering to switch to GSM looking at price.

  12. "do one thing, do it well, move on" via @pmjones in @auraphp irc :-)

  13. "Don’t be defensive. Listen. Accept critical feedback." via https://t.co/kcRpERhpK7

  14. "I have a project, can we partner?" I don't know who you are. Then how could I partner with you :-) .

  15. "Let's agree to disagree" via Barry vd. Heuvel . Nice words.

  16. “If Facades Ruled The World” by @followchrisp https://t.co/IH5o3iZodq

  17. “My startup failed, and this is what it feels like…” by @nikkidurkin99 https://t.co/OeSnbZdoCX

  18. @anandology Sorry I forgot you resigned.

  19. @bitfalls good to know your dog is doing good.

  20. @bitfalls you should consider @auraphp then. You install a package and you will get only that ;) .

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