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  1. Great module but I have a little problem.

    I have a news article template named "news_item" which has title, date, text and image fields. On my news page I'm allowed to create new children with the news_item template. I've further created templates for news_year, news_month and news_day. These are empty templates with just the title field.

    I've set-up the Date Archiver for the template "news_item" to use its date field as the date, and to use each of the news_year, month and day templates as per. However, now when I create new news items they get archived correctly up to the month but for the day a new page is created every time resulting in duplicates.

    E.g. if I posted two articles today they would be archived:


    news/2014/03/24-2/another-article (although 24-2 is still displayed as just 24 in the page-tree)

    Furthermore the day page is created using the month template even though it's been set-up to use the news_day template.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong?

    I'm having the same issue, but I'm only using the year -- and using PW v2.4, which isn't specified as compatible anyway...

  2. So this morning I've come back to my PW project that I just installed on my localhost and started working on last night, to find that nothing loads aside from the homepage. Other pages or the admin area do not load anything.

    I had set aside the original template files in a subfolder called "original" and was working on a fresh theme. Seems this was the culprit. Why? What files do I need to keep of the original template files so that everything doesn't fail to load?

    Thank you...

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