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  1. I'm working on a newsletter solution with WireMailSMTP and this Newsletter Tutorial. I only changed the lines 73 to 83 in newsletter.php, but there's a strange issue with the $subscribers array: $testMode = isset($_POST['test_email']) ? true : false; if ($testMode) { $subscribers = wire('input')->post('test_email'); if (strpos($subscribers, ',') !== false) { $subscribers = explode(',', $subscribers); } } else { $subscribers = $pages->find('template=subscriber'); $subscribers = $subscribers->explode('email'); } if (is_array($subscribers)) { $subscribers = array_map('trim', $subscribers); } $mail = wireMail(); $mail->sendSingle(true)->to('test@domain.de')->bcc($subscribers); $mail->from('xxx@domain.de'); $mail->subject($newsletter->title); $mail->bodyHTML($html); $numSent = $mail->send(); echo json_encode(count($subscribers)); $this->halt(); The email is sent to test@domain.de but not to bcc $subscribers. Errorlog: PHP Notice: Unknown: Invalid mailbox list: <> (errflg=3) in Unknown on line 0 I'm grateful for any advice. Greetings Florian
  2. Anyone searching for this problem. Here is the solution: https://github.com/boschni/ProcessDateArchiver/pull/2/commits/dd8e18a750bc537a002ee1aa0f2f8bb06659c7fc
  3. What happened to field "The date field to archive on" (see below). It's not editable in PW3.
  4. Got it. The URL has to be pain text instead of a link.
  5. Is there a way to get this module to work with CKeditor? For me it is not working Only the links are visible in frontend.
  6. Right, but I don't know how to get the results in the frontend. Here is what Ryan wrote in the template file:
  7. Is there any chance to get stars and voting for comments in Uikit 3 “Regular” site/blog profile soon? Any working solution would be great.
  8. Any news on that? In my case, the problem is still there.
  9. TracyDebugger did the trick. It was the PageListImageLabel module. Thanks Macrura!
  10. No, it has to be something different.
  11. I always get this error message Warning: No templates specified. after backend login. Does anyone have a clue? Thanks for your support.
  12. That's it! Thanks a lot, guys.
  13. This only happens in a repeater image field. I have no problems with other image fields. Here is the browser error message: Pass empty string to getElementById (). And in the modules error log: https://www.xxx/page/edit/?id=15200&InputfieldFileAjax=1 Error initiating module: ProcessPageEdit - you have no permision to change this page By the way, the module PageEditPerUser is active too.
  14. I recognized the following problem: If I set Admin Restrict Branch to restrict access to page XXX users with permission are not able to upload images. The upload process starts with no image in the end. If it is not set to page XXX everything works fine. Settings: Thanks for your support!
  15. Anyone? I think, there's a problem with the module.
  16. I only get wrong dates: Is there anyone with the same problem? Thanks for your support.
  17. Ryan wrote this on github: https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/MarkupLoadGCal/issues/5
  18. If a user searches (frontend) for words with german umlauts like ä, ö, etc. no results are given back. Do you have any solution? Thanks.
  19. Tried my best as a novice https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/MarkupLoadGCal/pull/4
  20. Hi! $cal->dateFormat = "D, d.m.Y"; How do i get this date format in german language? My result ist only i. e. "Tue, 13.05.2014". Thanks.
  21. Thank you, this works for me: $ptrashed = $pages->find("template=page_events"); foreach($ptrashed as $ptrash) { if(time() > $ptrash->getUnformatted("publish_until")) { $pages->trash($ptrash); } }
  22. This works perfect for me with my news template. But how is it possible to do this by using the homepage template and any child page of the website, for example: homepage -news --publish until yesterday (move to trash by accessing the homepage) Thanks for your help!
  23. Sorry for my confusing explanation: i.e. one page is this one: /parent/test1/ and I want this to be exactly the same in PW. With this module I only get /test1/ in the tree.
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