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  1. RT @codinghorror: I never get tired of watching this video. I've watched a dozen times. It is the reason I get up in the morning. https://t…

  2. Note to self: set up autosave and/or proper confirmations. Just lost a whole chapter of text by accidentally swiping left with two fingers.

  3. This is the course I wish I could've taken *before* I started building stuff for the web: http://t.co/m93NV8pkev. Still enjoying it *a lot*.

  4. RT @chrismessina: The state of the art in terms of service UIs on TV from @netflix. Ready to read 106 pages of legalese? http://t.co/FkbZAY…

  5. RT @processwire: New blog post: Target templates w/field editor, better field clone & tons of session updates… https://t.co/LEjo8EHiyc (Pro…

  6. Got a coffee ticket as a compensation for the train being over an hour late. Tried to cash it in, but they're out of coffee. #doingitwrong

  7. RT @processwire: New blog post: a new Fieldtype for supporting selectable option fields (w/o pages) in ProcessWire (2.5.17) – https://t.co/…

  8. Technology is no longer a barrier for remote work. Outdated and/or misinformed attitudes are.

  9. "Adventure games from the 1990s are notorious for puzzles that are obtuse and often nonsensical". But isn't that exactly why we love them?

  10. RT @Joss_Sanglier: 2014 Critics' Choice Award Winner - Best Free PHP CMS https://t.co/JGbxKTSVRF

  11. RT @TuomoTH: We here @avoine are not the only ones who love #ProcessWire http://t.co/761lSAhctf. Forget #Wordpress and #Drupal...

  12. RT @processwire: Check out the new ProcessWire developer directory, built by @Notanotherdev at http://t.co/NXeywCEXPD and please add yourse…

  13. If this Finnish band makes it to the Eurovision Song Contest, I might actually watch this year: https://t.co/JRgo70c9Vf

  14. RT @processwire: New blog post: ProcessWire Core Updates (2.5.14) – A Week of Multiples: Modules and User Templates/Parents – https://t.co/…

  15. Staying quiet about critical vulnerabilities for a prolonged period of time has a "minor" flaw: *others probably already know about it too*.

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