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  1. Hello,

    it seems I have the same problem addressed here before.

    I've upgraded PW to 2.5.18, previous it was PW 2.4.1

    All went well, except for the Mulltisite module... 

    It's working, but not as it previously did... the links actually include the second domain


    before it was:

    http://www.domain2.com/test-page/ [which return a 404 page]

    which is the idea off course... also with google in mind, it's not ideal....

    did I miss something somewhere?

    I'm using Soma's version BTW [also tried with Apeisa's version, same thing FYI].


  2. The name of my imagefield is 'images', I never use upper case, all my fields [regardless type] are lower case.

    I remember I had a similar set-up with following specs:

    PW 2.5.18

     FieldtypeCroppableImage 0.8.2
     InputfieldCroppableImage 0.8.2
     ProcessCroppableImage 0.8.4

    Guess what, the problem isn't there... 

    Maybe tomorrow or somewhere soon I'll upgrade this one to 2.5.19 see what that gives... Or if you suggest something else?

    Other set-up

    PW 2.5.19

     FieldtypeCroppableImage 0.8.3
     InputfieldCroppableImage 0.8.3
     ProcessCroppableImage 0.8.4
    Maybe this gives you some insights...
  3. Acutally it's an upgrade from 2.5.6 to 2.5.19 because I wanted to use Croppable Image.

    Deleted index.php and wire folder --> replaced them with 2.5.19 dev

    In my config there are no imageSizerOptions, so for this purpose I've added it.

    'forceNew' => true    ---> resulted in your suggestion: forceNew is on

    'forceNew'=> false    ---> forceNew is off

    Even with 'off', thumbnails are being regenerated on front-end... [didn't check back-end]

  4. Serious might be a bit too much, but on the frontend getCrop('small') is being regenerated each time the page is called.

    In the back-end uploading goes as expected. This is in a local set-up, not tested on live server.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  5. We've also experienced serious performance issues since the 2.5.18 update. It looks like crops aren't cached anymore but beeing generated on every visit. Also processing in general is painfully slow (wasn't the case with 2.5.17).

    Same here...

    Any reason why the thumbnail suffix is different then the original Thumbnail module. I'm using 2.5.19 atm and instead of rolling back a version I'm using now

    $imgUrl = 'site/assets/files/'.$pageId.'/'.$basename.'.-small'.$extension;

    if, in my case, 'small' was added before the $basename, no hassle with extension stuff... 

    I confirm Marty Walker, it's OK for me, for the moment I set half the thumbnail size I actually want to use :-)

    Overall... I'm very happy with this module... 

  6. URL Segments

    I'm not sure either how to handle them. But as they are not "real" pages I guess this module isn't able to handle them anyway (you can't add SEO fields to non existing pages...)

    Personally I'm not using the SEO module, I set it up in my _init.php, and when using URL Segments I add it in my templates.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but using URLSegments you actually have to edit the template, since it's not an actual page and doesn't have a title and/or meta_descriptions can't you create some default fall-back when URL Segments are used?

    Then in the template itself:

    SeoModule->fallback_string(__('%1$s is part of %2$s and contains %3$s subpages'),$URLSegment1, $page->parent->title, count($page->children));

    or as matter as fact any default outcome when a $page->name/$page->core.title doesn't exist at all...?

    BTW above "code" is just fiction, but I guess you know where I'm going...

    Now we're at it, URL Segments aren't included in the current sitmap xml module either, which is not ideal on a SEO point of view.

  7. Hi,

    in my case I wasn't really concerned about the UI interface... more on how to integrate...

    Should I use repeaters [or pageTables - maybe better?] and edit the movie + adding dates/hours when the movie is played


    create a page [eg. program], add each day and then select the movie [in this case pageTables is probably advised].

    Nevertheless, I'm really interested on how this topic will grow....


  8. Just to add to the confusion.

    - You can set a template to not include global fields (advanced settings) So you could remove title for that template but still have title global.


    I have a template called 'options' but I can't find that in the 'advanced' tab [using 2.5.1 dev]

  9. Actually me too

    sub-page is the proper template for the child page. It uses if ($page->url == $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]) { } to remove header and footer info for when the sub-page child is rendered into the parent page.


    The resize does not appear to be an issue when this page/template is called directly.

    I have a feeling, like this was addressed before: open div [or similar] somewhere

  10. Hi,

    I think I found another little thingie.

    Yesterday I've decided to use an image-field in a repeater, custom name was enabled. I think you already know where I'm going :-)

    The image didn't get saved, disabling did help.


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