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  1. @latiranna è un po' tardi, ma io avrei scelto la seconda opzione.

  2. Jamie Zawinski https://t.co/NnkobUOPWi

  3. @smllmp sure: https://t.co/OyHqDntlKR

  4. "Now listen very carefully - don't put the candle back..." ...pure Gene Wilder.

  5. Are you in London? You should definitely taste this food: https://t.co/HCLo7D4Pve

  6. RT @stars_shapiro: #stars2016 inizia con MILONGA ANARQUISTA! mart 2 agosto h 21,15 a Balestrino https://t.co/EncwhucxqS

  7. RT @hwinkler4real: GARRY MARSHALL Rest In Peace .. Thank you for my professional life. Thank you for your loyalty , friendship and generosi…

  8. Unstoppable @zeldman: https://t.co/7pl452Uo6K

  9. Anche con il freddo di oggi il Parco Tivoli è fenomenale. https://t.co/m5zxtO8BUw

  10. Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy this 30 min. reading article about Minecraft. https://t.co/ft1MM5RItT

  11. "Show your deep understanding of bugs. Declare them as undocumented features and live a happy life." https://t.co/GlRc8l3GDv

  12. Joshua Davis is always on my mind https://t.co/QMDSwmRjUu

  13. who redesigned the national trust? https://t.co/ythduKVYn0 Great work indeed.

  14. i bambini mi chiamano "Maestro". https://t.co/2YwhMfOKDD

  15. Attenzione: alcuni buoni consigli per il business https://t.co/97eZTptGm6

  16. Designing for clients? Little tricks may help https://t.co/WYKF40Yce5

  17. a Linz in Austria i musei regalano i cataloghi http://t.co/NjxXFOKbbu

  18. ebooks: un bel progetto di @Lorigliola http://t.co/JWIvJmkWaL Bravo Davide!

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