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  1. @daiquiri, the homepage is sacred in the sense that it represents the root of the site (/) and all pages must descend from this root page, this is fundamental to the structure of the internet, domains and such. PW was deliberately designed this way from the inception, as it mirrors the "reality" of the internet - the descendant tree structure of a website's pages off the root.

    Your content configuration may not be sustainable if you find yourself having to go through the effort you are describing.

    But if you know the API, you can easily change pages of any type of template to a new parent with 1-2 lines of api code.

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  2. @daiquiri - with respect, i think you're missing a larger point about this system.

    Basically what you are trying to do doesn't make any sense, and you can't compare to WordPress because WP is a bucket structured system whereas PW is a hierarchical tree system.

    The homepage represents the root of your site (/). That is basically a sacred thing here - it should not be changed, and it should not need to be changed so i think you should re-assess why you need/want to do this and come up with a different way or reconfigure your thinking about how to achieve what you want.

    and in all of the years of working and developing in this, i have never heard of anyone needing or wanting to clone the homepage. The easy way to do it is:

    • Current Home Page with old template (home.php)
      • New Homepage (subhome.php) move all public content branches below this new branch
        • Some subpage
        • Some other subpage
        • Hundreds of other sub and sub sub sub pages with lots of content, which I don't want to manually move around/clone etc

    then just reconfigure your code in home.php and subhome.php (e.g. create a new home.php and rename home.php to subhome.php)

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  3. @ragnarokkr,

    i've read a little of this thread and am wondering if you're aware you can set a page to be a system page and then it is not going to be deleted.

    I don't see the difference between using a page in the tree for storing images (or a page with children) vs. a folder.

    Either one can be deleted.

    But setting a page as System, Non-deletable and locked ID, name, template, parent (status not removeable via API) is probably even more solid than a folder.


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  4. I believe the directory itself is the issue, it is "broken" at the moment. Broken because it forwards HTTP to HTTPS and this causes the check to fail, because the non-HTTPS url is hardcoded in the config file.

    Edit: So this is happening on all sites since yesterday. I tracked down the issue to the non-SSL service URL in the wire/config.php file.

    You can fix it by changing the $config->moduelServiceURL in your site/config.php like this:

    $config->moduleServiceURL = 'https://modules.processwire.com/export-json/';


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  5. 5 hours ago, adrian said:

    Ah - I just took a better look at the Tracy core and even though I don't see it documented anywhere, there is a $snooze time which means that after this time has expired, you'll get another email notification. The default is 2 days. Would it help you if this was configurable in the module settings?

    cool, that's great to know! I don't need it configurable a this time, but maybe others can weigh in on opinions of having it configurable.

    5 hours ago, adrian said:

    Regarding filtering of certain errors - would you want those kept out of the Tracy error logs completely, or just not receive an email about them, but still log them? Not sure if I can easily do this. You could of course change the log severity settings so that no warnings logged, but that's probably not what you want.

    I can see a situation, ProCache for example, where there are recurring errors, but don't warrant any action; Not sure if it is possible to exclude notifications by some filter, but i think it would be nice to have at some point if it didn't present a huge amount of work; I have several sites that end up with say warnings or errors that are not adversely effecting anything, but at the same time i know they won't be able to be addressed for a while - it would be cool to be able to snooze those alerts by some interval, like x days/months..


  6. Hi @adrian - thanks; I think i do get the recurring errors, but wasn't sure if the recent changes/version would change something; as i only saw the new flag clearing alerts on some recently updated sites, but i didn't read the changelog or anything yet. I don't want to cause you any extra work.

    Been getting the same 2 errors from ProCache for years... i just delete them - those would be great if they could just be filtered out of error reporting!

    PHP Warning: rename(/home/user/website.com/site/assets/ProCache-b1aa65c9cad10a45a4f5b53b7448/http404/index-website_com.html.tmp,/home/user/website.com/site/assets/ProCache-b1aa65c9cad10a45a4f5b53b7448/http404/index-website_com.html): No such file or directory in /home/user/website.com/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/ProCache/ProCache.module:1006
    PHP Warning: unlink(/home/user/public_html/site/assets/ProCache-b1aa65c9cad10a45a4f5b53b7448/.last-maintenance): No such file or directory in /home/user/public_html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/ProCache/ProCache.module:490


  7. Sorry if this has been covered before - regarding the email sent flag - does it only block it for that same error, or would one receive new errors, even if the flag is not cleared? I don't see myself being able to clear flags that often - especially the errors I get everyday from ProCache on most sites.

  8. I was also slightly concerned about this module using such a generic module class. I also have a module Dashboard, but i use the Process prefix, as well as sometimes a suffix, so i now use ProcessDashboards (because my module allows for unlimited dashboards), or something like ProcessDashboardRedux; I like how @bernhard uses a custom element in his modules (Rock..) which also ensures uniqueness...

  9. Hey! Just chiming in here – i've done a ridiculous number of (~25) site migrations recently (mass exodus from bad hosting) and simply copied the entire web directory over, and have not had any issues, so for anyone reading this, might clarify that you do not need to run Duplicator, or re-install the CMS, to move or deploy a site.

    In fact for many sites on shared hosting with larger files directories, duplicator could time out. The simplest way to move a site is to compress the web directory either using the command line, or e.g. cPanel compress command; This in combination with downloading the database of course, and changing the credentials in the config on the target server.

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  10. For anyone using this (not many i guess), I have updated the module for compatibility with newer versions of PHP.


    More info at the repo, but in short, this uses the new Vanilla Forums maintained version of Nbbc. The module is also PW 3.x only, as it uses namespaces.

    One item of possible interest to module developers in this version is the use of the composer file loader (https://github.com/Wilkins/composer-file-loader) which allows the vendor folder to be loaded without any modification, and without needing to use Composer, sort of an on-the-fly package loader...


    With any newer version of PHP, and where the current/old version of module is instantiated, the following error was occurring.

    PHP Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; BBCodeLexer has a deprecated constructor in .../site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/TextformatterBBCode/nbbc.php:67
  11. So the issue is simply that in multilanguage environments, it seems to behave differently; all you need to do is change the value from "0" to an empty string and it should solve this. I will update the kitchen sink example to fix this in multilang environs.

    it should be pointed out that what this module really does is to basically use all core functions for rendering the fields; So in this case the issue was really stemming from how the field was being defined, and we didn't catch it because we didn't test the kitchen sink file in multilang.

  12. strange that you'd be running SF 1.0.3 as the 1.0.4 version has been out for over a year- can you double check it is version 1.0.4?

    This is the 2nd report of this issue, and i have not been able to reproduce it – are you using the kitchen sink JSON or PHP version (shouldn't matter though).

    If I can reproduce this, i think it can be fixed - but i'm not clear where to look;

    I guess once you confirm it is 1.0.4, or upgrade to that, if the problem persists, i will keep trying;

    I'm running tests on PHP 7.3.1, PW 3.0.148, MySQL 5.7.25


  13. 7 minutes ago, Jens Martsch - dotnetic said:

    Right now, it seems, that I have to use $panels->add for every single panel, is that correct?

    i agree here with this – i actually tried to add an array of panels first before I realized you had to do each panel on a different call..

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  14. @HMCB, thanks! So the datepicker itself is nothing fancy, it's just a style-matched version of Calendario


    In Calendario, you just setup a JSON array of the events, and init the plugin with JS. The link on each date is to a URLSegment which then is processed via the API to get the events for that date. The URL segment logic was tricky because there are events with series dates (using a ProFields Table) which also need to be accounted for, but the beauty of the PW api is that it only took maybe 20 lines of code for all of the event fetching logic for single date calls.


    also wanted to say thanks for the mention on the blog, newsletter, and SOTW! 😊


    and the SkyscrapersTurbo™ Profile is well underway, featuring rangesliders for all numeric attributes (Year, Floors, Height) and architect filter. So this version is is possible to narrow down results for very specific combinations.

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  15. @Vigilante, sorry to hear about that; Probably best to just remove those 2 fields from the kitchen sink file. I'll run a test here to see if those are caused by any recent changes in the fields or admin.

    Also, FYI, the reason those show up everywhere is that settings are stored in module config and those do load in the admin; So for example if you have invalid JSON you may see an error everywhere....

  16. thanks - and i guess the version file needs to be updated (?)..

    this is working well for me; I have my own dashboard module, but it uses templates, pages and fields, and is thus cumbersome for smaller/low budget sites. My dashboard module uses AdminLTE, so it has stuff like collapsible panels with state recall; For some of the more complex panels like Formbuilder entries, etc, i'll just build custom panels and hook into this module.

    Thanks again for building this! This is very extensible, looks and works great, and seems like it will be a very popular module! Here's the dashboard i just threw together...


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