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  1. It’s a rather complex thing. We have 7 base types: Text, Teaserbox, Image(s), Video, Divider, Bike Teaser, Download(s), each of which comes with some additional options for the rendering in the template. I don’t know what the "depth" feature is The menu is rather simple, I add the bike images via javascript later, the rest is pretty much a standard menu.
  2. Why not? We thought it looked good and shows the expandability ;-) No, the configurator is a separate application which is tightly connected to the internal "Warenwirtschaftssystem". It’s done by a different company.
  3. Velotraum is a small German manufacturer, building rather costly, individually manufactured bicycles for both globetrotters and everyday bikers. We use RepeaterMatrix for long structured texts, and we use a lot of individual fields for metadata. We even built our own "preview" function for blog comments and included Textile light for blog comments, too. Have a look: velotraum.de
  4. @louisstephens Thank you for your thoughts! Sure, I could use these "nested" queries to gather a "global comments array", which I would to sort by "created" afterwards. But these are too many steps and seems not very performance efficient.
  5. I came up with a pretty "close-to-the-metal" solution. Not perfect, but seems to work: $comments = $database->query('SELECT * FROM field_comments ORDER BY created DESC'); foreach($comments as $c) { // $c is an array with raw database values of those comments }
  6. Hi there! I need to gather a list of all comments, regardless of the parent page of each comment. Is there a global $comments object, which can do this? Something like: foreach($comments->find('sort=-created') as $comment) { // show comment } I did not find anything similar in the forums. Can someone help me?
  7. I’m using the core-embedded TextformatterMarkdownExtra module, but I do not like the autolinking of URLs. Can it be turned off somehow, or do I have to install a custom Textformatter plugin which has this option turned off?
  8. We’ll give the LinkChecker Module a try, once the site is online. Thanks for your help so far!
  9. Very interesting! I will think about that – this ist super-helpful!
  10. I’m searching for a proper solution for the following problem: My client has a lot of pages with internal links. We do not use CK Editor but a standard textarea with Markdown and some Hanna Code. We even have a Hanna Code for internal links, like so [[link id="42" text="Some internal page"]] Anyway. My client does not want to have broken internal links, so he asked me either "Before I delete a page, it would be nice to know if this page is linked from any other page within the system." or "Is there a link checker/crawler module, which detects broken internal links in and which I can fire up globally in the admin" Has anyone similiar problems? How would you solve this? Cheers, /Gerrit
  11. Thanks Nikosch, I dropped some lines in the github repo. Maybe you have a look. I see great potential for this module!
  12. Choosing ProcessWire over WordPress every single time.

  13. Hi Nikosch, splendid approach – we are going to use this for a big image database that our client wants to use in their CMS. Of course, I have some ideas for improving Where should I put those? Is your github repo the right place? Or just here in the forum?
  14. I get an error message because there is no fancybox present in PW 3.0 ...
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