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  1. But also if someone provides updated translations or improvements here I will likely integrate them as soon as I have the time.
  2. A PR would be the easiest and least time expensive way for me. This was one reason for me to provide the language helper repo https://github.com/jmartsch/processwire-language-pack-helper, so translations could also be tested in a real environment. Another way would be to fork and modify the file directly in github (it has a nice file editor) and then make a PR. I will then check and merge the PR @LostKobrakai @bernhard
  3. @NooseLadder That would require a paid subscription of ngrok or a DynDNS setup, or you could setup a local DNS server which resolves hostnames in your local network. You could even add the static IP address of your local webservers computer to the .hosts file of your other devices (depending on the device it's possible or not). I would recommend to open a new thread for this or search on various sites like servervault. If you would like to test your website(s) on different devices, I would also recommend BrowserStack which I also use.
  4. I just clicked the link, that the OP provided. I also tried different browsers (Firefox, latest Edge, latest Chrome) . All show an SSL error. I am surfing from Germany and via Unitymedia/Vodafone.
  5. Yeah, thats why I left it and updated the instructions: https://github.com/jmartsch/pw-lang-de/blob/master/README.md
  6. Thanks Moritz. My method described that you don't add the official pw-lang-de repo as a submodule, but the forked repo instead. Your method adds the forked remote to the submodule so they can push to their remote. I think I will mention both ways in the README, so one can decide which route he takes.
  7. The problem is not the setup of the dev environment. Composer would be just another way which saves you one or two steps that you would have to make manually (but I like the idea. I will consider it). I tried to figure out how a contributor can submit his changes to the pw-lang-de submodule. Because he clones the pw-lang-de repo as a submodule he won't be able to submit to this repo. So the steps that I thought of are: Fork the pw-lang-de submodule on github so you can submit to it and make a PR. Then you could simply clone the processwire-language-pack-helper (dev environment) and add the forked repo as a submodule. After making changes you can make a PR from your forked submodule to the german language pack pw-lang-de. What do you think about this?
  8. SSL error: Site is not safe
  9. Site is not reachable
  10. My ProcessWire environment for language packs provides an easy way for translating your language pack. You simply clone it, make changes to the language in ProcessWire and commit the changes back to your (or the german) language pack repository. This is a boilerplate which could work with any language, but right now it is tailored to the german language pack. If anyone is working on a language pack, let me know how it works out, or if you need changes or help.
  11. I really don't know, but I don't think so. So I changed it and also months and years
  12. New release for latest stable PW version 3.0.164
  13. @bernhard Sadly the suggested changes to the image manipulation are not possible, because I can only translate the word "rotate". It is not the whole string that can be translated. I have seen you have already opened an issue for a change on github
  14. Thanks @bernhard for the improvements. I will implement them shortly. Good suggestions!
  15. I also did not know, that it worked like that. But I am not sure about using "Befüllte Seiten", or "Ausgefüllte Seiten" or something completely different like "Seiten mit ausgefülltem Feld" (which is a little bit long for a table heading). What do you think is the best? Another question: As this is the support forum for the german language files, what are your opinions, about communicating in german here?
  16. Uploaded another release 4.0.3
  17. Just released an updated version. The translation now is "Modul wird automatisch installiert"
  18. Yeah, you are right. Now I see what you want to do 😄 inject the CSS directly
  19. I do understand that you want your custom styles in the head, but you can use the PWs method in conjunction with your code and have it dynamic: $this->config->styles->add($this->pages->get((int) wire('input')->get('id'))->style);
  20. And with my function the code is inserted before the page is rendered, so no jumping should occur. Also you use PW`s internal method for adding a stylesheet instead of something custom.
  21. Then the ProcessPageEdit::buildForm would be the hook for you.
  22. Where do you use the CSS? In the modules config page? Or does the module hook into a normal page that is being edited in the admin? Or do you have a custom module output inside the admin?
  23. Where do you want to use the additional CSS, in a page edit form? if so, you could use this code and edit it to use your GET variables public function init() { $this->addHookBefore('ProcessPageEdit::buildForm', $this, 'addAssets'); } protected function addAssets(HookEvent $event) { $this->config->styles->add($this->config->urls->templates . "css/your.css?v=2"); }
  24. Have you tried it in the init method instead? If not, try it.
  25. There is an alternative method in ProcessWire to determine if $page is editable by current user: https://processwire.com/api/ref/page-permissions/editable/ It returns true or false if the user is allowed to edit the page.
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