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  1. Recently I've met the same issue at 2.6.4.

    Looks like a super-critical bug as it compromises PW consistency...

    If anybody knows - please share how to fix this. Finding&moving pages to/from is not a solution for db with over 100000 pages... I guess, some kind of repair script should be available. Thanks.

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  2. @thetuningspoon: yes, I've tested module. Limitations stop broad usage of such needed module in production env. May I suggest you to request Ryan needed hooks? I guess Ryan should be aware/agree and put it in "todo" list first. I'm sure all PW devs will support prioritization.) Thanks!

  3. @Macrura: thanks! Great module, but it has critical limitations. E.g. I can't use it in production due to "When using PageListSelect, PageListSelectMultiple, and PageAutoComplete, if there is more than one page field on a given edit page and at least one of them has the edit link feature enabled, all of the Page fields using those inputs will show the edit links.".

    Do you know/have any workaround for this limitation (other than not to use other Page fields)))?

  4. @thetuningspoon: thanks for module! very appreciated thing!

    However current limitations don't give me a change to use it in production.

    Do you plan to fix specifically this: "When using PageListSelect, PageListSelectMultiple, and PageAutoComplete, if there is more than one page field on a given edit page and at least one of them has the edit link feature enabled, all of the Page fields using those inputs will show the edit links."?

    Also, I'd kindly ask to leave opportunity to edit locked visibility Page fields as "locked" here means that field cannot be changed, not content of its page. 

  5. Client asks me to help with the following:

    - currently their people work in lister, opening/editing/saving "order" pages

    - these "order" pages have Page field "user" that stores existing PW user (someone who made this order)

    - client often needs to edit/save these PW user fields

    - to do that - have to open another lister, filter user, select => edit/save

    - it is inconvenient, eats time, etc.

    So, is there any way to:

    - either "drop down" to user Page directly from "order" Page

    OR even better

    - edit/save some user fields directly inside "order" page?

  6. @LostKobrakai: thanks!

    @horst: thanks. Reasoning: Q is common/basic => get quick & definite answer => save lifetime for all interested non-developers starting from myself) I also think that as there is no definite answer yet - Q even is more useful to all (& not only non-developers) than I initially thought.

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  7. Lets say that there are pages based on template X which has Page field Y configured to store multiple pages.

    Now, lets delete some pages that are stored in that field in some pages based on template X.

    Q: Does PW automatically update all Y fields in all pages with template X? e.g. removes deleted pages references from Y?

    If no, then does it mean that: 

    (a) this job should be done somehow (hook/manually) by admin?

    (b) each time programmer cycles Y, there should "if-page-exists" check?

  8. I'm trying to do: exactly the same as described here - http://processwire.com/api/include/

    I get: "404 page not found (no site configuration or install.php available)"

    Q: why?

    Note 1: may be it is because of multi-site config in index.config.php? I have read thread below but have not find the answer - 


  9. Is there anybody who had experience of PW and some cloud BI solution integration?

    We've got tons of orders, users, products, etc in our PW db. Now we want to analyse all this data using cloud BI.

    Would it be wise to have db replica and connect it via sql as here - https://www.periscope.io/ ?

    Or less-sql solutions like http://www.alteryx.com/ ?

    In both cases data cube setup would require knowledge of PW db structure.

    Is it safe to rely that structure won't change? If not safe, then what would you recommend?

  10. Quick Q: anybody knows PW core/module "process_html_template" function that does smth like below? It is quite simple and can be done in few lines of code. But if there is oppty not to invent bicycles, its better not to invent.)


    $text = "This page has id {id} and its parent title is {title}";

    $array = ["id" => $page->id, "title" => $page->parent->title];

    $rendered_text = some_func($text, $array);

    OR even better)

    $text = "This page has id {page.id} and its parent title is {page.parent.title}";

    $rendered_text = some_func($text, $page);

  11. I need several fields that will be calculated at runtime like Concat but (a) based on PHP code (b) it should be visible & locked in admin UI.  I'd also use this filed in custom Listers. Example - "total price" which is calculated based on some logic and fields inside "order" page as well as fields outside of the page.

    Should I develop new Fieldtype? Or there is something ready to use in PW 2.5?

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  12. I need advice on page&field access/permissions setup that I haven't tried in PW yet. Possibly it will save me few days of own experiments.

    My site has order pages that contain tons of fields. For convenience, these fields are placed in several tabs. One of these tabs is "Supply" tab.

    I want to give access to this tab for some types of users - "suppliers". Supplier - is a role assigned to specific users. Here story begins:

    - specific supplier (e.g. user page) is set in the order by admin beforehand

    - this supplier should be able to see only "Supply" tab. Other tabs should be hidden for him. Other suppliers shouldn't be able to see anything.

    - there should be several visible but not editable fields for supplier in the "Supplier" tab

    - other fields should be editable by supplier 

    - there is also "semi-editable" field - repeater. Repeater has "visible but not editable" fields (like item name, q-ty which is set beforehand) and "editable field" where supplier enters such things as price, delivery date, etc.

    In sum: I need template-fields visibility and template-fields editability per role, plus dependency checks (that user is pre-selected supplier).

    Please advice - is it possible to do in PW admin? What modules should I use?

  13. IMHO this awesome module demands one more action - "Change Field".

    Mass field change is smth that I do 100x more often than lets say mass template change.

    Currently I have to PHP each new mass field change task.

    Just wondering - how do you solve this problem currently?

  14. There is page/template with repeater field. Among others fields, there is Page field inside that repeater.

    In admin, I need to generate a list of selectable pages for that Page filed dynamically, e.g. with help of custom PHP code.

    Custom PHP code has access only to $page and $pages, but I also need to know current repeater item...

    Is there any way to get current repeater item in custom PHP code (one you use to setup selectable pages)?

    P.S. yes, I know that this could be done having pages instead of repeaters...)


  15. Recently I've discovered strange issue: wire()->log->error('smth') stopped working with error message being emailed to admin (see topic).

    But FileLog.class.php was in /wire/core !

    After several hours of useless attempts to fix issue I've occasionally entered file, added insignificant space and saved file - after that issue disappeared! However, after several hours it appeared again....

    Did anybody met this kind of issue? I guess smth could be wrong either at OS (debian 7) or PHP (5.5) level but I don't know were to start digging... please advice. Thanks!

    P.S. I'm still running PW 2.3.11.

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