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  1. Hey guys

    Is ProcessWire suitable for an app similar to ffffound.com? Considering the eventual large amount of images and possibly users? Plus, functionalities like "save" and "tag" images?

    Is it possible to work with PW without the admin panel? Or is it useful for building web apps?



  2. Hey guys

    I was wondering if anyone had already exported a Cargo Collective site to ProcessWire?! I have two Cargo sites I'd like to convert to ProcessWire, they're using these templates:



    It's all working fine but I can't figure out how to "replicate" the famous Cargo effect to PW (the effect where links open fastly without reloading the page).

    Can anyone please help me achieve this with PW?

    Cheers ;)

  3. @Hafa,

    I suggest you first rule out if MAMP/OpenSSL is the issue. I don't use MAMP myself so I don't know how to enable OpenSSL. Maybe others will chime in but meanwhile you can find out. Can you also confirm you are running the required PHP version? Additionally, to rule out the problem of your environment, you can test your site in lightning.pw....(when it's back online :-))

    I just confirmed that OpenSSL is enable on MAMP, so that's not the issue...

    lightning.pw is still off :(

  4. Hi @Macrura!

    I wanted to test your code right way but I'm not sure where I should include it? A functions.php file?

    And can the "uniqid" function generate numbers only? Is it possible to set a length?

    Thank you very much for taking the time to try help me out!  ^_^

    here is an example of a simple module to create a randomy page name, using PHP uniqid() function (untested):

    public function generateRandomName() {
            if ($this->input->get->parent_id == 1019) { // 1019 = some page where we want to auto-generate child page names
                $page = new Page();
                    $page->parent = $this->input->get->parent_id;
                    $page->template = 'child-template-name';
                $page->name = uniqid();

    @Kongondo Waiting for lightning.pw to get back online! Thank you for the tip!  ^_^ 

  5. Questions:

    1) do you have any of the ProcessWire language modules enabled? If so, which ones?

    2) Do you still have problems with the name field when you use letters in the dictionary (I had this happen once, but I thought I fixed it)

    Hi Pierre,

    1) nope

    2) i'm using only numbers, but i tried letters to test and it doesn't work either

    btw, i'm using the latest processwire version (2.5.2)

    in the video it clearly shows 'name' as the field being targeted. Could be a compatibility issue if it is not working..

    maybe you have to check OpenSSL dependency?

    Yes, it's enabled.

  6. Maybe PM Pierre-Luc the module author or file an issue in the project's page at GitHub since the module does not seem to have a support forum....

    I've tried :(

    I don't know how the module works. But 'name' is a reserved word for the pagename, which is stored in database table 'pages'. It is not a field like 'title', which is assigned to the page. Try another word than 'name'.

    some other reserved words, which cannot be used for field names:

    • created
    • modified
    • status
    • sort

    Hmm, I've figured this... so there's no way to do custom urls?

  7. Hi guys

    I'm using the Field Generator module to generate random strings of numbers and assign them to one field of my choice when a page is created. 

    In the module description, it says we don't need to set $page->name (or any other field), it just works automagically. 

    As in my case, I'm using the module to create urls (for example, mysite.com/image/131602236844), so I'd need to use the $page->name field to create the string, but it won't work. It works on any other custom field, but not with "name" field.

    Here are a few screenshots:

    Field Generator setup with "name" field: http://api.drp.io/files/544295d764173.png

    But nothing happens on the "name" field: http://api.drp.io/files/544295d75bb0e.png // http://api.drp.io/files/544295d7523ad.png

    I've already tried putting "name" and "$page->name" but nothing happens. 

    Any ideas if I'm doing something wrong?

  8. Hey guys

    I'm wondering if PW would be a good fit for a project that would have a few social features, like:

    - the ability for users to like pages (there's a premium module for this if i'm not mistaken?)

    - the ability for users to like pages AND the possibility of adding/saving them to folders/collections

    - the ability for users to follow each other and keep up with their content (following/followers)

    - the ability for users to submit content/pages (could the the premium form builder module do that?) AND the possibility of saving them in folders/collections

    Is PW a suitable choice for something like this?

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