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  1. I read somewhere that with google analytics, If you use Adwords they will know what works and start charging you more for CTR. I guess this would be different with piwik. Something similar happened to me when buying on-line flight tickets. If you visit a flight agency, look for prices, leave the website and then come back again to the same page, suddenly the price for the same ticket goes up ! Using a different computer with a different ip shows the old price. I have seen it happen.

  2. Actually this is an important part of a cms. A good front end should also be a user or client restricted back end. A user or client should login to a restricted back end where only limited pages and fields can be edited. Many times clients ask for such a setup where they only see a simplyfied part of the backend with only a few pages for them to edit. I just started with PW and am also trying to figure this out.

  3. Thanks Luis. Yes, reading that page for the second time, now it makes sense ! Was a bit desorientated with PW at first. Now it starts to look real promising. This week-end carnaval will take off here. No parking place anymore in a 1 km radius. Places full with dressed people, alchol, party, you name it. I'm gonna fill my fridge and close the door until monday and dive into PW ;)

  4. Ok everybody, thanks for your replies. I found the small project walkthrough and the basic website tutorial. That will give me a jumpstart to learn PW. What I want to learn in PW first is how to use a not published field or page and fill it with data and text that I can pull into other pages. This could be a not published field/page filled with prices (text) for products. This way a client has to edit only 1 source and some logic pulls it into other webpages. Another example would be to use a not published field/page and fill it with css, js and meta names as plane text and pull that into other pages where needed. Anybody can point me into the right PW direction how to do this ?

  5.  Edit /site/templates/test.php and add API function to show content field on place where you want <?php echo $page->content ?>

    Now you can edit your page(content field) in admin and frontend show result.

    Thanks Radek. So, does this mean that editing test.php is done outside the PW Admin ?

    But this is exactly what I was looking for in my next cms as this is coding closer to the core (php) of the PW cms

    instead of further away from it.

    What you should keep in mind is that this is very rare

    Teppo but this is what happened to the former cms I was using. It has lead to different forks, splintered communities, etc. Most of the times forks die off after some time. Anyway that cms wasn't scalable after all.

    But as far as I understand Ryan is the only team member or am I wrong about that ? How long does it take to learn php enough to be able to maintain the PW cms core ?

  6. I'm coming from another cms which I liked a lot first but found out later that it is not scalable

    after all plus the team decided to stop making it compatible with php 5.4. Their next cms

    has a long learning curve, has slow online performance and simply has overkill for the websites

    I am making for my clients. So I decided to abandon ship.

    After evaluating a dozen cms'es out there I find PW really a brilliant concept,

    compared to the former cms I was using. But I am still trying to wrap my mind

    around PW and still have some "silly" questions.

    I'm sure that PW will be compatible with php 5.4, but what about the future ?
    Is it possible with PW to maintain php 5.x compatibility your self ?

    Nobody can afford a second time losing a battle with deprecated functions in a cms core,
    the back and frontend stop to work and see your clients walk away to other designers.

    I installed PW 2.2.9
    When I am in the Admin and go to Setup => Templates => fields => body
    the only things I see you can edit here are label, description, visibility, and column width.
    I know I am missing the point here so pardon my question but what's the practical use of this ?

    Where in the PW admin can I actually edit parts of html, js, cms, or php ?
    Where can I edit the position of these parts inside a website page ?

    I don't see (yet) a clear distinction between backend and frontend.
    How in PW can I give a client his own login and send him directly to parts

    or pages of a website that he is allowed to edit ?

    Is it possible to make a certain area of a webpage editable so that a client
    can edit such an area on a webpage directly with his browser ?

    How can I change the part processwire in the admin link

    www mysite dot com/processwire to something else ?

    Thanks in advance.

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