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  1. Guys,

    Check this covid visualizer website out, interesting.
    Don't know if data is accurate but they claim that the data is from Worldometer's real-time updates,
    utilizing reliable sources from around the world. The website pulls new data every 2 minutes,
    refresh to see any changes.



  2. Quote

    The non-profit organisation for which I develop . . . moved to a windows server they have access for free . . .

    First thing: does it really need to be a dedicated hosting ?
    If not, no one from that non-profit organisation can afford 25 or 50 euro a year for a good shared hosting ?
    (hostinger or bluehost)
    I would do anything to avoid that frustrating and weird "MicroSoft" style windows IIS Server.

  3. If you work on a project with a team of coders then for reasons of conformity BS and UIKit come into play.
    As a freelancer you have the luxury to code your own css or use a framework without limiting rules and
    keeps page loads fast and free from bloat such as:

    1) Pocketgrid

    2) Gridy




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  4. Quote

      So, PLEASE guys, do not change much ProcessWire, especially in those directions, it is excellent as it is. It is fantastic!!!

    So true. I already begged for this years ago . . . However it is not happening. Processwire already has become over-engineered and keeps on getting stuffed.
    Status Quo mind set also rules over Processwire.

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  5. Quote

    1&1 and SQL error "too many active connections"

    I have a client who sells a cash register app and once used 1&1 database hosting to manage his app and his client licenses.
    He had the same database problem: sql error too many active connections. We always stayed under 150 active connections
    so the sql error should not raise. Upgrading ram and updating the my.cnf file did not help. The problem was never solved
    by 1&1 support and they even recommended us to leave 1&1. They didn't like their database used by the cash register app.
    We moved to another hosting company and the problem was simply solved.

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  6. I made a webshop once for a healthshop. After I finished the webshop, the owner asked me if I wanted to do SEO for him and I said no to him. The thing with that is if you are going to do SEO, the site or shop owner wants to see result. My experience is that SEO results are completely unpredictable these days. After I said no to the owner of the health shop he consulted a german agency to do the SEO for him. He paid the german agency 2500 euro for 3 months SEO and in the end there was no difference in Google ranking. Voila, that is the reason why I say no if somebody asks me to do SEO because they claim the payed money back and it makes you damage your build up reputation. The only thing I see ranking up is to integrate a Blog in a website or webshop but that takes someone who is going to maintain that Blog everyday with fresh new relevant text, links and pictures. The only thing that I offer is to do a website analysis and SEO diagnostic and deliver an extended Audit Report. There are some good tools for that and it gets you paid without problems.

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  7. Quote

    On a loosely related note, the keywords meta tag you've mentioned is pretty much pointless these days. Search engines don't use it

    Can you back that up ? Did Google, Yahoo, or Bing mention anything about that ?

    Speaking from my own experience, keywords won't help ranking up in Google, but leaving keywords out will rank you down.

  8. Hi,

    I have been using Laragon for a while with good success.
    Today all of a sudden it starts to connect with the internet
    when I am opening a website in localhost. So for example
    I start Laragon, and open http://localhost/mywebsite
    before it opened immediately and never connected with the internet.
    However now it connects with the internet and it takes halve
    a minute before the website shows up for editing.
    Does anybody know how this new behaviour could happen ?



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