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  1. Quote

    Maybe I just don't know the use cases.

    general: sqlite and xml databases add greatly to portability
    range: xml database works very well up to the 500 pages website range
    speed: xml database makes a website much faster compared to sql


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  2. There have been, and still are, requests for adding sqlite to PW. Perhaps that would give you something to work on commercially.

    Besides sqlite database, how much would it roughly cost to add xml database to PW ?


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  3. Quote

    I contacted the server team,


    Hi Franciccio,
    So you are doing a Processwire installation on your online host.
    What Processwire version are you installing ?
    Did you check folder permissions, php version, etc. etc.
    Send me a PM and see if I can sort it out for you.


  4. All right guys, another blow to the internet freedom. The united states of europe has voted for Article 13 and made it a fact.

    This is of course bad for innovation because little companies are getting a hard time to compete with the dominant platforms. Also independent content makers such as musicians and vloggers will have only a few dominant platforms left to distribute their work. The dominant platforms will get huge power to control public communication and discussions. Less freedom of expression and public discussions and more conformity to what is acceptable to the status quo. Here is a good example. Remember how Apple kicked Alex Jones from the internet ? Only a few days after that, Youtube, Facebook, Spotify and Twitter followed. We'll wasn't that a coincedence, right ? It only shows that these dominant platforms rule the same status quo and the same what is acceptable, instead of ruling their own interpretations of freedom of expression, choice and opinion. These dominant platforms have turned themselves into decision makers ! Deciding for us the people what we should see and hear and what not. If I don't want to see or hear or do agree or don't agree with Alex Jones then that decision is for us to make and not Apple, Youtube, Facebook, etc. It is not about Alex Jones and the content he brings to the public. It is about big platforms taking away our freedom of choice and our freedom of decision what we can see, hear or agree upon on the internet.

    This is in dutch so google translate it to english:


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  5. Quote

    I'm confident in front-end but no php......

    Here is the good news ..... you don't need to be a full blown php coder to start using Processwire. Neither you need to be an expert in javascript.

    Even with the php basics you can already start making websites with Processwire e.g.

    echo "this";
    echo "that";
    echo "<img src='$image->url' alt='$image->description' />";
    access a page
    output your pictures in a gallery
    foreach($page->images as $image) {
    $large = $image->width(500);
    $thumb = $image->size(100, 100);
    echo "<a href='{$large->url}' rel='lightbox-smarts'><img src='{$thumb->url}' alt='{$thumb->description}' /></a>";

    Some basic php syntax stuff

    Did you already go through the Tuto's ?

    Start it up with Processwire

    Processwire Tutorials

    A good read about Processwire and WordPress

    Anyway, you are not going to find any better api out there than the Processwire api.

    Feel free to always come back here and ask questions.



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  6. Processwire is light years ahead compared to Wordpress. It depends however on your dead line. When does it need to be ready ? If you just started with Processwire it is going to take some time before you know how to handle it's potential.

  7. Something looks wrong here. The avatars in the Latest Topics column are stretched out vertically. Also the whole Latest Topics column has moved upwards out of line with the Welcome to Processwire column.

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