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  1. Quote

    You really have a virtualmachine with Windows for each and every project you work on?

    Ever worked with VirtualBox, VMWare, Proxmox, other ? You build only once a virtualmachine
    with all your preferred programs, languages, libraries, tools, utilities, components, snippets, etc. etc.
    You use that virtualmachine as a Template. After that it is simply cloning the Template for each Project.
    It's like having multiple laptops in a single laptop 😉

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  2.  I do not have Windows since I am not fond of it either. 

    We'll you can't beat Laragon5, HeidiSQL and WinSCP when it comes to Windows 😏
    I manage every project in it's own virtualmachine, I run every virtualmachine
    from a simple usb3 2Tb external hdd ... all very practical.

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  3. Another very good example of how to handle parts of a website efficiently in processwire "as a page"

    I was building a website from scratch lately and was fiddling my css around to look for a way to get it better organized.
    And then came across this post from Diogo again:



    1. Create a template file css.php and put all your css code inside. On the top of the file put this code <?php header("Content-type: text/css"); ?>.

    2. Create a "css" PW template with that file.

    3. Create a "css" page and give it the "css" template.

    4. Link to the stylesheet like this <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo $pages->get('/css/')->url; ?>">.

    5. use the PW API on your stylesheet 🙂


    6. put some fields on the "css" template and use them on your css

    Examples: the color picker field for colors; an image field with your style pictures (background, logo, etc).







  4. I was addressing your first question

    This is a different question


    I was looking for a way to make template with fields programatically.

    Have you read the Processwire Documentation ?
    Your answers are here:


    Creating a new template with api

    <?php namespace ProcessWire;
    $fieldgroup = new Fieldgroup();
    $fieldgroup->name = "something";
    $fieldgroup->add("title"); // add some fields
    $template = new Template();
    $template->name = "something"; // must be same name as the fieldgroup
    $template->fieldgroup = $fieldgroup;

    Adding fields to a template with api

    <?php namespace ProcessWire;
    $template = $templates->get("some_template");
    $template->fields->add("body"); // add some fields




    Beginner mistakes






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  5. Hi MarkE,
    Thanks for pointing to an example use of this.
    Yes, with some easy business logic on the template file we can make the _main.php
    choose what footer type/content to show in what case or on what front website page.

    I am also playing with taking the header lines out of the usual _inc file
    and move them into "a header page" fields and see how that goes.

  6. Quote

    Powered with Bootstrap 5 it might be a game changer for me

    I always sticked to the golden rule: keep code separated from layout and it always served me very well.
    Funny how fashions like tailwind and the ever next bootstrap invite people to break with the golden rule
    and mix code again with layout


    Unpoly 2 is promised to be released soon

    Ajaxify is already replacing parts of a page without reloading the whole page for a long time and does it very easy

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