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  1. take a minute to read.

  2. now that's cold yet cool! :D

  3. Wow. So my question is: How is this guy ever going to get a job? Or take his two kids to the playground? Walk the dog? Seriously, WTF!

  4. I got 99 problems and a no showing, make me wait 25 minutes in a parking lot to try and sell this sh*t, is one. Hit me.

  5. Watching Miami Vice

  6. Hey peeps. If you know any nerds / web engineers then send them over to my page Eye Stunners. If you know anyone needing anything to do with a Website, send them there as well. It's my company site when I'm not pursuing Rocky Bourgoyne :D Thank you.

  7. Going to be out of a phone for a while. I have a CB radio if you want to get in touch. My call sign is: Come Master Kirk.

  8. RT @TeamGlip: We love to hear that! @TheRisingBlog The perfect #OnlineMeeting starts here... https://t.co/8zsDP29Hyv

  9. I never thought another CMS could pull me away from MODX so quickly as ProcessWire has, and that's just from READING about ProcessWire!!

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