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  1. Hello there,

    No I don't have any html template. I have my physical store selling ladies unstitched suits(dress material) and I want to put in online first to Indian market and then can be expanded. I will just give to idea how my categories should look. For example, I have brand Balaji Neetra and it cotton fabric and it's price is Indian rupees 650. Now it should come in the catagory By Brand, then sub cat. Balaji Neetra. And at the same time it should come in the catagory By Fabric, then in Cotton Suit sub Catagory . Similarly , it should simultaneously come in Category By Price Range, then it's sub Catagory 600 to 700 range.

    I need basic set with Indian payment gateway and shipping auotomation.And  my initial total products will be 100 to 150 in  above categories in the biginings.Later we can increase.

    Store should be little similar to https://peachmode.com/

    I hope it is clear what I want. Looking forward to quotes.

    Best Regards

    Ghulam Mustafa 

  2. Hi all.

    I need some one on a very low budget to make one e commerce site to be operated in India.And need payment gateway instamojo and shipping aggregator shiprocket to install on my site.Further, I would like to have advice that can I manage to edit Processwire  site  later because I don't have any knowledge about coding and PHP. Hoping detailed advice.

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