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    Hello, I finished this toy project. A simple API to show data for Chilean Birds. Used to flex my PW and React muscles, since a lot of time has passed since making something with those techs. Code: https://github.com/NinjasCL/chileanbirds-api Frontend (React): https://aves.ninjas.cl Backend (PW): https://aves.ninjas.cl/api Hope you like it 🙂 Thanks.
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    Time for another small update! The Architekturführer Köln is now available in the Google Play Store. One of the major problems with the Progressive Web App approach was that people don't really know about it, and they're disappointed when they don't find it in the App Store / Play Store. The new Trusted Web Activities help solve this problem. We used bubblewrap to generate an app package based on the PWA that can be distributed through the Play Store. As a result, you can now find the Architekturführer in the Play Store! Takeaways: The app is really nothing more than a tiny website launcher that opens a Chrome instance without any UI. For the end user, it's barely distinguishable from the PWA when added to the home screen. But being available in the Play Store does help with visibility (and talking to clients). The Play Store requires a lot of info, screenshots in specific formats and buttons to be clicked before publishing an app there. Also, every change needs to be manually approved, so it takes a while. Don't start the process the evening before. I used appstorescreenshot.com to generate nice looking annotated screenshots for the Play Store page. Trusted Web Activities don't exist on iOS, so for now this only works for Android, not in the App Store.
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    Hi @JonathanEnsz ! Welcome to the ProcessWire forums! Where are you setting up your website? Are you using a hosting service? Maybe locally? In any chance, a database is the part of your setup that in combination with ProcessWire makes it all work. A MYSQL database is a whole other software that commonly runs along PHP applications such as ProcessWire to persist data. In more concrete terms, you have to: Create a database. Most commonly through a tool in the panel administration of your server, or through an application that understands the databases like phpmyadmin. Create a database user/asign it to the database. A database must have a user with the right permissions to add data, update data, etc. If you reach a screen where you have to set permissions, just allow them all. Identify the host of the database. Most of the time, this is localhost (like literally you will write this on the ProcessWire installation screen). Some other times, the host has a special url address. ProcessWire will use the database user, the database name and the database password to connect to the database at a certain host and after that it creates it's minimum set of data for it to work.
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    Ryan's comment in the fixed GitHub issue: Therefore, to include unpublished pages you must get the unformatted value of the field: $items = $page->getUnformatted('your_page_reference_field_name');
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    My ProcessWire environment for language packs provides an easy way for translating your language pack. You simply clone it, make changes to the language in ProcessWire and commit the changes back to your (or the german) language pack repository. This is a boilerplate which could work with any language, but right now it is tailored to the german language pack. If anyone is working on a language pack, let me know how it works out, or if you need changes or help.
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    Try to go here: http://localhost/phpMyAdmin/ And try google how to setup a database with phpMyAdmin! Let us know if you reach any dead ends.
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    Something like this will get you the list of roles for the current page. $modules->getModuleConfigData('PageProtector')['protectedPages'][$page->id]['roles'];
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    There's now a free and open source version similar to sizzy available: https://responsively.app/
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    Hey @Macrura - looks like you've upgraded from a very old version. Please just save the module settings page and it will be gone.
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    You namespaced the file containing the module, but not the two other files. Namespaces are always per file, therefore each one needs the namespace declaration.
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    There's no image ID, but the page ID plus the image name are unique. Also you code example works fine. You could use a <img src="xxx/some.jpg" data-pageid="1001" data-imageid="some.jpg"> Then you know which page and image it is. $image = $pages->get(pageid)->images->get("name=imageid"); No need for extras fields or hooks.
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    $designers_person = $pages->find("parent=/designers/, designers_lastname!=''")->each(function($designer){ $designer->custom_sort = $designer->designers_lastname; }); $designers_group = $pages->find("parent=/designers/, designers_lastname=''")->each(function($collective){ $collective->custom_sort = $collective->title; });; $all = $designers_person->add($designers_group)->sort('custom_sort');
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