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    Here now some details how we use ElasticsearchFeeder on www.blue-tomato.com: Our main webshop technology is Java / SAP Hybris which is mostly developed by an external developer team. Hybris is good for multichannel webshops but not the best tool for general content management or for creating quick new content. So we use ProcessWire for our editoral content like blogs, landing pages, buyers guides etc. since 2 years. We created a RestAPI where SAP Hybris gets the content from ProcessWire. So ProcessWire prerenders the main-body and gives it with some metadata to Hybris which puts them between the webshop header and footer. This works great with following page sections: https://www.blue-tomato.com/blue-world/ https://www.blue-tomato.com/team/ https://www.blue-tomato.com/buyers-guides/skateboard/skateboard-decks/ Since this are kind of static pages it worked very well but we want to integrate also our content dynamicly on other high traffic pages like the homepage or product detail pages. This is why we decided to put our content into ElasticSearch. In front of ElasticSearch we created an GraphQL / Node.js Server, because we mashup our ProcessWire data with product data from other (REST) sources. For the first step we created two kind of widgets, which run on the Blue Tomato Homepage: Blue World News (latest news from our blog) Shop The Look The Shop The Look Widget is our first try to mix and show data from different sources. The Editor of a "Look" has to create the look in the ProcessWire Admin panel. He uploads the look photo and has to put product IDs into a Table. No product price, title or image. All of the product data will be fetched by GraphQL from our other database during the request. All widgets are rendered with React. I hope I could give you a short overview of what we do with ProcessWire and ElasticsearchFeeder.
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    No ready-to-go module that I can find. I don't know the details but they seem to support basic authentication to the service just fine. So probably just install their library through composer (or manually) and do the API call on the POST request of your frontend form. https://developer.mautic.org/?php#basic-authentication https://github.com/mautic/api-library
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    Can't you use one of these? $_COOKIE["wires"]; $_COOKIE["wires_challenge"]; Seems like the first one is always created, and the second one only if logged in.
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    ElasticsearchFeeder This ElasticSearch module for ProcessWire will sync your page content to an ElasticSearch index, which provides you a convenient way to search it. Thanks to @jonathan-dart who created the first ES Module for PW and which influenced us a lot. Our approach was to create an a module where we can make for each template a flexible schema. You can define on you own which data ind which format should be transfered to ElasticSearch. Github Page: https://github.com/blue-tomato/ElasticsearchFeeder Module Page: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/elasticsearch-feeder/
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    If anyone was wondering, this module seems to work fine with the CroppableImage3 fieldtype.
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    Firefox has some nice features while debugging grid layouts. At least they feel more solid than those in Chrome. I use Opera once in a while but only for very basic tasks. Somehow it feels clunky and slow. While Chrome was my daily driver for a long time I recently started using the Brave browser for casual browsing. For now I tried to unsubscribe again and added those mails to the Spam list in Gmail. Maybe this helps.
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    This works fine now on _main.php <?php if($page->template->name === 'blog-entry'){ echo $modules->MarkupSocialShareButtons->render(); ; }
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    A rather large update today for this language pack. Including a lot of new modules, some new Pro modules. And core translations for the 3.0.133 dev version. As usual, the translations is not complete. And some typos might exist.
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    Exactly. And just to clarify: $page->field_name returns a value stored in the field, not a field object, so that's why you can't check the type of the field that way 🙂
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    Just had a glance. German umlauts seem to not work:
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    Done, thanks for the hint! 😅 I was thinking that ProcessWire would update this information regularly? 🤔
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    SQL Error? Solved by making my own selector string. Can you also explain a bit this a bit deeper? From the docs: »Include pages that user doesn't have access to view.« — Why is the user not having access to the pages even though it has user-admin permissions? — How is it possible to give the user the rights to see the pages without check_access? Thanks!
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    That is not true: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/189077?hl=en @Michkael The meta tags added by SeoMaestro do not perform any redirects, there must be another issue either on server level or some code in ProcessWire performing the redirects.
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    Can confirm it works on PW3 too, I had some issues with the included AWS SDK: So just for trying something out because I couldn't figure out anything from the error, I switched to installing the Amazon SDK through composer to get the latest version of the SDK and I basically just had to change how the S3 client is initialized. $this->client = new S3Client([ 'version' => 'latest', //Hardcoded value, think this has to do with the SDK version? 'region' => 'us-east-2', //Hard coded value for now, could be a config field 'credentials' => [ 'key' => $this->s3_key, 'secret' => $this->s3_secret, ], ]); Also removed the require_once for the included SDK.
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    This is a perfect use case for Page Reference field. Create a new field from Setup > Fields > Add New. Give it a name. Set its type as Page Reference. Save. If you want to select a single user, specify so on the Details tab, Switch to Input tab, set input type to Select. (Optionally install InputfieldPageAutocomplete core module to enable input with auto-completion capabilities) From Selectable Pages, set template to user. Optionally, use Custom Find and specify template as user, and a role, or any other field you like. Add the field to a template. Inside your template file, you can get the user using $page->userFieldName
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