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    It`s a simple navbar with dropdowns. There are a zillion ways to get this done. One would be the use of http://modules.processwire.com/modules/markup-simple-navigation/ or http://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-menu-builder/ They generate a list of pages and their children and you can modify the output of the markup. Then you could use a framework like Bootstrap or Foundation, or whatever you like and use their navbar components, to get the dropdowns and styling.
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    I found a solution. I added following to my php.ini: redis.session.locking_enabled = 1 redis.session.lock_expire = 60 redis.session.lock_retries = -1
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    Hey, PR author here, just wanted to thank you for this great module @bernhard. I wrote a module which was loading more than a thousand pages and it was taking almost a minute to load... now it's down to a second or less ! 🙏
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    Happy to announce that i just gave birth to another Processwire Website. 🙂 This one has an event calendar, which was easy to build with Processwire. bridgesmusikverbindet.de
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    I just released version 2 of InputfieldTagify: You can download the zip file from Github: https://github.com/Sebi2020/InputfieldTagify/releases/tag/v0.0.2 @Robin S It now supports configuration of predefined whitelist entries (in this case auto-suggestions) and allows you to enable additional delimiters like spaces and semicolons. I plan to include a option for specifying limits on tags in the next release. Greetings Sebi2020
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    Hey Peter - you can customize in the settings exactly how you want - site wide, template wide and even by page IIRC. However, you might want to check out: https://github.com/wanze/SeoMaestro @Wanze looks to have done a beautiful job on this. @GhostRider - you might also want to check that new module out.
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    Just in case, I use those alias to install or upgrade my installs : # ProcessWire Wireshell bash alias # grab and install the latest ProcessWire development version from the latest commit alias pwnew='wireshell new --sha=`git ls-remote https://github.com/processwire/processwire refs/heads/dev | cut -f1`' # upgrade to the latest ProcessWire development version from the latest commit alias pwup='wireshell upgrade --sha=`git ls-remote https://github.com/processwire/processwire refs/heads/dev | cut -f1`' https://gist.github.com/flydev-fr/addcf54fa8348de20115d3c1314ddb3d
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    Menu Builder As of 29 December 2017 ProcessWire versions earlier than 3.x are not supported Modules Directory Project Page Read Me (How to install, use, etc..) For highly customisable menus, please see this post. If you want a navigation that mirrors your ProcessWire page tree, the system allows you to easily create recursive menus using either vanilla PHP or Soma's great MarkupSimpleNavigation. In some cases, however, you may wish to create menus that: 1. Do not mirror you site's page tree (hirarchies and ancestry); and 2. You can add custom links (external to your site) to. That is primarily where Menu Builder comes in. It is also helpful if you: 3. Prefer creating menus via drag and drop 4. Have a need for menus (or other listings) that will be changing regularly or that you want to allow your admin users to edit. The issue of custom menus is not new here in the forums. The difference is that this module allows you to easily create such menus via drag and drop in the Admin. Actually, you can even use it to just create some list if you wanted to. In the backend, the module uses the jQueryUI plugin nestedSortable by Manuele J Sarfatti for the drag and drop and is inspired in part by the WP Custom Menu feature. Please read the Read Me completely before using this module. For Complex or highly-customised menus, it is recommended to use the getMenuItems() method as detailed in this post. Features Ability to create menus that do not mirror your ProcessWire Page Tree hierarchy/structure Menus can contain both ProcessWire pages and custom links Create menu hierarchies and nesting via drag and drop Easily add CSS IDs and Classes to each menu item on creating the menu items (both custom and from ProcessWire pages) or post creation. Optionally set custom links to open in a new tab Change menu item titles built from ProcessWire pages (without affecting the original page). E.g. if you have a page titled 'About Us' but you want the menu item title to be 'About' Readily view the structure and settings for each menu item Menus stored as pages (note: just the menu, not the items!) Menu items stored as JSON in a field in the menu pages (empty values not stored) Add menu items from ProcessWire pages using page fields (option to choose between PageAutocomplete and AsmSelect [default]) or a Selector (e.g. template=basic-page, limit=20, sort=title). For page fields, you can specify a selector to return only those specified pages for selection in the page field (i.e. asm and autocomplete) For superusers, optionally allow markup in your menu titles, e.g. <span>About</span> Menu settings for nestedSortable - e.g. maxLevels (limit nesting levels) Advanced features (e.g. add pages via selector, menu settings) currently permissible to superadmins only (may change to be permission-based) Delete single or all menu items without deleting the menu itself Lock down menus for editing Highly configurable MarkupMenuBuilder - e.g. can pass menu id, title, name or array to render(); Passing an array means you can conditionally manipulate it before rendering, e.g. make certain menu branches visible only to certain users [the code is up to you!] Optionally grab menu items only (as a Menu object WireArray or a normal array) and use your own code to create custom highly complex menus to meet any need. More... In the backend, ProcessMenuBuilder does the menu creation. For the frontend, menus are displayed using MarkupMenuBuilder. Credits In this module's infancy (way back!), I wanted to know more about ProcessWire modules as well as improve my PHP skills. As they say, what better way to learn than to actually create something? So, I developed this module (instead of writing PW tutorials as promised, tsk, tsk, naughty, naughty!) in my own summer of code . Props to Wanze, Soma, Pete, Antti and Ryan whose modules I studied (read copied ) to help in my module development and to Teppo for his wonderful write-up on the "Anatomy of fields in ProcessWire" that vastly improved my knowledge and understanding of how PW works. Diogo and marcus for idea about using pages (rather than a custom db table), onjegolders for his helpful UI comments, Martijn Geerts, OrganizedFellow, dazzyweb and Mike Anthony for 'pushing me' to complete this module and netcarver for help with the code. Screens
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    ElasticsearchFeeder This ElasticSearch module for ProcessWire will sync your page content to an ElasticSearch index, which provides you a convenient way to search it. Thanks to @jonathan-dart who created the first ES Module for PW and which influenced us a lot. Our approach was to create an a module where we can make for each template a flexible schema. You can define on you own which data ind which format should be transfered to ElasticSearch. Github Page: https://github.com/blue-tomato/ElasticsearchFeeder Module Page: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/elasticsearch-feeder/
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    wire>core>ModulesDuplicates.php (line 200-201) is looking for a pathname of /site/modules/AdminThemeUikit/AdminThemeUikit.module, which will only be the case in a single-site installation - the installed modules are in /site-ncog/modules/AdminThemeUikit/AdminThemeUikit.module and /wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeUikit/AdminThemeUikit.module.
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    You should post this in the Form Builder VIP Support Forum. If you cannot access this forum, please send a PM to @ryan
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    Great to hear that 🙂 Thank you for your PR 🙂
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    Thats what I meant when stating because these frameworks contain styling and javascript for dropdown menus.
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    Just merged a PR that takes care of camelCase fieldnames: https://github.com/BernhardBaumrock/RockFinder/pull/4/commits/c3bef03c5fc00b9439c0b6bba0997a5843f5868e @simonGG the filter might work, but it's for sure more efficient to do this via SQL. But if you don't have lots of entries it might be easier to stay with your solution.
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    The Markup Simple Navigation is only creating the code for the navigation, you have to add the style (css style) of the menu yourself, the module doesn't do that
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    Thanks again, I appreciate it!
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    Here is a link to the source of my website, I used Twig for it, I will try and create a repo for this, this week https://github.com/dojoVader/My-Website/blob/master/remipw-next
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    Quick update: version 2.0.0 of this module is now available via GitHub. This version includes updated RedBeanPHP library, various new config settings (including the ability to disable automatic setup of RedBeanPHP, and an option for choosing one of the trimmed down library versions with support for specific database type only), and various other updates to the module. I've also dropped support for PW 2.x and PHP < 5.4, and updated module requirements accordingly. For pre-3.x or pre-PHP 5.4 users the legacy branch still contains old version of the module.
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    @kongondo you should consider crowdfunding this. Kickstarter or whatever. The community needs an official or reputable shopping solution and what you’re doing is so much work without a guarantee that it will pay off for you.
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