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    Everybody can make music. πŸ™‚ https://audiotool.com is a powerful pretty unique in the browser sound production studio. I remember back then it was made with flash, nowadays it's a JS app with 600k lines of code. Pretty amazing if you never seen it try it out.
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    I still think there is no "best" answer, at least we will not have Ryan and a team of "pro devs" at our disposal to decide what is best... Even if someone knowledgeable in the given topic provides a really good answer, that might not be the best approach in all cases. In short: seeking for the best or even just using the word "best" is not a good idea. I would list "solutions" instead, a list of replies under the opening post, linking to the available solutions. Also note that it often happens that the person providing a working solution revisits it, and later on provides a better one πŸ˜‰ BTW, not all topics are about solving issues, we have quick tips, tutorials, etc... and even in those cases, some "very useful" comments could be listed under the first post. We also have module support topics. Those would also benefit from such a list whereby module authors could list further feature announcements and such.
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    Adminer in Tracy. Wonderful. Thank you very much @adrian
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    There are already various requests to streamline the fragmented blog posts into an integrated doc, and Ryan hinted that he is actually working on that: "...But because so much important stuff ends up in these blog posts, I wanted to have a way to categorize them so that they could be automatically connected with the relevant documentation pages." I just wanted to make sure Tracy will not get left out and takes the prominent position it deserves πŸ˜‰ after all, it is the best developer tool for ProcessWire (magnitudes more useful than any other out there), so it is not just an ordinary module.
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    Those kinds that I can't think of before I hear them πŸ™‚
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    When reading all the facts and ideas in the posts above, I think it would be a good idea to let the forum software as is with only following additions: 1) add one or more voting or tagging categories to the posts 2) provide a link to every thread that opens a popup with a hirarchical list or lists for the voting / tagging categories (number of votes followed by the link to the post) (This link should be reachable from every thread page) 3) a button to prefix the topic's title with either [open], [solved], [closed]ο»Ώ, etc... @Pete what do you think? Handling those votes with an own script and own db / db-table(s), reduces the changes to the forums software to only inject the new voting / tagging buttons with ajax action to the external script, plus injecting a link to popup the rendered hirarchical jump list. This way, the additional functionality would be save on changes of the forums software.
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    Screenshot demo of the external filter code in my comment:
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    The latest version makes it possible to put your rockgrid files in a custom directory. That's handy (necessary) when you are developing modules that ship with rockgrids. A processmodule would be as simple as that: /** * manage all lists */ public function executeLists() { $form = $this->modules->get("InputfieldForm"); $form->add([ 'type' => 'RockGrid', 'name' => 'lists', 'assetsDir' => __DIR__."/grids", ]); return $form->render(); }
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    Expose the actual user and his role/s through the ProcessWire.config object so we can use them in JavaScript to trigger actions just for specific users or roles in the admin (frontend would be nice too). Right now the actual user and roles are assigned as a classname to the body element (user-username) Why would the enhancement be useful to users? I think this could be useful for many use cases like my request #236 or for AdminOnSteroids, because we can select which scripts are executed for which role or user. @tpr You can vote here for my request https://github.com/processwire/processwire-requests/issues/241
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    I think a button to prefix the topic's title with either [open], [solved], [closed], etc... would be a good idea and helps this forum becoming much more cleaner/organized. Right now I am writing in many posts which seem to be solved, that the OP should add a [solved] tag to his post, so it is easier for other users to see if they can find a solution there or if an answer is still needed. The voting feature should just show the number of upvotes and indicate what answers most users think are useful. It is not neccessary to highlight these upvoted answers and it would cause visual distraction when reading through the comments/answers. The flow and sorting of the conversation should not be changed. The OP should have a button to mark an answer as his "accepted answer" or "best answer". This answer should be highlighted or there should be a link directly beneath the initial question to this answer.
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    Just pushed v0.0.14 to github - caution, there is a BREAKING CHANGE (but a small one πŸ˜‰ ) Initially I implemented a concept of column definition plugins to reuse column modifications ( for example you almost always want icons to show/edit/delete the row instead of showing the page id). Now that works with helper functions that are available through the RockGrid.colDefs object (and you can of course extend that with your own helper functions). It's easy to create those functions: document.addEventListener('RockGridReady', function(e) { RockGrid.colDefs.fixedWidth = function(col, width) { col.width = width || 100; col.suppressSizeToFit = true; return col; }; }); And using them is a lot easier than before: // before grid.addColDefPlugins({ id: 'rowactions', }); var col = grid.getColDef('id'); col.headerName = 'ID'; col.width = 70; col.suppressSizeToFit = true; col.suppressFilter = true; col.pinned = 'left'; // after var col = grid.getColDef('id'); col = RockGrid.colDefs.rowActions(col); col.pinned = 'left'; It will replace your ID with those icons: There are plugins available to add your custom actions to that column (or any other column) and you can even combine those plugins: col = grid.getColDef('title'); col = RockGrid.colDefs.fixedWidth(col, 100); col = RockGrid.colDefs.addIcons(col, [{ icon: 'file-pdf-o', cls: 'pw-panel', dataHref: function(params) { if(!params.data.pdfs) return; var pdfs = params.data.pdfs.split(','); if(!pdfs.length) return; return '/site/assets/files/' + params.data.id + '/' + pdfs[pdfs.length-1]; }, label: function(params) { return 'show invoice PDF ' + params.data.id; }, }]);
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    Thanks @dragan for completing the exercise, and for your feedback! All feedback and results are useful, even if they tell us that pages or sections need to be labelled more clearly. Incidentally, the RAAF is the Royal Australian Air Force. That just goes to show how important it is not to assume people are familiar with acronyms - especially when dealing with a global audience!
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    There might be a way to workaround this though. What I really don't want to do is write a plugin for the forum software since they change stuff so often and I've seen plugin module developers over there get ticked off as they don't get any warning when core functionality changes or is removed. What I could potentially do is add a button that only the topic starter and moderators can see (easy enough logic in the templates - survives upgrades usually too which is something you have to worry about with this software) that then sends an AJAX request to a standalone script with a standalone table that stores "useful answer" information. It should then technically be possible to check that table using as little forum-related code as possible. It needs some looking into, but the question I asked here needs some debate first I think: Again, still not making any promises. I find that when I make promises sometimes years go by without me actually doing what I said I'd do 😞 The rare exception being the Dev Directory actually happening πŸ˜„
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    Ugh... spoke too soon. I thought the software stored the "best answer" in a separate table maybe but it's a field in the topic table, so you can only set one post ID per topic and not multiple 😞
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    I've found a module that looks like it lets you set a "best answer" on a normal discussion topic, so as not to break the discussion flow. I've asked the author if he thinks it's technically possible to change the code to mark more than one answer as "best" and am awaiting his answer. But the question I have is this: how should the best answer/answers even be displayed? When we used Q&A forums in the past people didn't like the fact that the best answer appeared right at the top and removed it from its original position in the topic, so should it be that the best answer appears right below the first post (the question) as well as where it originally was in the thread, highlighted in both cases? I think that makes the most sense and if we can get it to work for multiple answers then that's even better. I don't mind leaving it that only moderators and the original poster select the best answers - I think there are enough moderators here to flag the best content without implementing voting buttons. I'm not suggesting voting buttons are wrong, but there's no easy way to use them to automatically turn a reply into a best answer without a lot of custom code - and Iike I say the forum code is very confusing! πŸ˜„ Anyway, no promises on any of this.
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    Thanks, I just tried it out on my local dev copy and they've not improved on any of the flaws. You still can't set more than one answer as the best You can't reply to answers (like StackExchange does) so there can be no discussion as upvotes/downvotes break the flow You can't mix and match QA topics and normal topics in the same forum (less of an issue for a Getting Support forum) Any of the sorting (by date or votes) is per-member and not set in the admin So the big problem is it breaks the discussion flow completely still. I'll have a poke around and see if there are any third-party modules that might do what we want because this is still very incomplete in terms of features unfortunately.
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