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    Just to update those following this thread on the status of the module. I am still working on it, and I'm currently tidying things up I'll provide a few template examples when I release the module so that you can easily have a forum up and running within a limited time. My main priorities at present are the following: 1. A clean installation 2. A clean uninstallation 3. To plant the acorn, and for PW to grow the tree. I personally like to know what a module installs, so I'll provide that information at a later date for those that don't want to dig through the code. It's going to be as minimalist as possible, but it's also going to do everything a forum should do, and that's all thanks to PW and the excellent API. Below are some extra shots of my test installation. You can see the root of the forum, and then the forum view. I have added forum categories since the last time, so forums can now be grouped, i.e Member forums, guest forums etc. Those forum groups also have view permissions, so with some API magic, all the forums within that forum group can easily be hidden for specific roles without having to hide them individually. Again there is no markup provided for this module, so it's up to you how it renders. I am currently using UIKit for testing purposes. Anyway, here's the shots..... (red writing is not part of the screenshot) ------------------- Main (root forum view) ------------------- New User Forum (from the New Users forum group) ------------------- Questions, ideas etc still always welcome. And yes I will release the code shortly when I have ticked off all my to-do boxes. As you can see from the last screenshot, the forum topics are ordered by their last reply. I've made this easy to do via an extra date field, so they'll be no need to worry about comments or topic order for that. Again you can pull the comments, topics etc however you wish. I have made it paramount that I don't include any restrictions. All my recent test helper methods have now been removed from the module.
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    "To plant the acorn, and for PW to grow the tree." I could see using this to discuss work-in-progress demo sites with clients. Keeping things more on-topic than emails tend to be. Setup topics and links while coding, putting discrete links in the content. Conditionally rendered so you can turn them on and off by role/priv. Often these discussions clarify policy. Pin those for future reference. Other topics could be how-to info. "I would love to see the possibility to subscribe to a topic and get notified by email when an answer is posted" Also could have a notice come from the PW messaging system after you login.
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    Hi all, I thought I'd take this opportunity to announce a module I've been working on for a private project. Although it's not yet complete, I thought I'd take the time out to see if anyone would be interested in it. I only have the module locally on a test site, so if there is any interest, I can upload it somewhere suitable and maybe others can add to it, provide feedback etc. What is HermodBB? Hermod (messenger of the Norse gods) BB (Bulletin Board) is a module that installs a selection of templates and fields that you'd expect for a frontend forum. It also provides some methods to easily save topics and comments. All topics and comments (replies) are simply pages, and are organised like can be seen in the following image. Each forum has checkbox permissions for viewing, posting, pinning etc (see image below). These permissions can then be verified with some simple code (see below). // Use the helper method to pull a list of forum pages $forums = $hbb->forumsRender(); foreach ($forums as $forum) { // Only show the forums to those that are allowed to view them $rolesForumView = $forum->hbb_forum_view; if ($rolesForumView->has('id=' . $user->roles)) { // User has view access for the forum } } HermodBB also makes it easy to add comments to other pages, i.e articles, blogs etc. Comments are added as sub-pages, just like they are for topics. What HermodBB doesn't do HermodBB does not dictate any markup or sanitization. Any sanitization method can be used, and each topic and comment can easily be rendered as required. I'm currently using UIkit and CKEditor, but this can easily be changed to Bootstrap/Foundation etc. It keeps everything simple so that Processwire can do all the heavy lifting. Note: I am aware that there is the excellent comments module by Ryan, and also the Discussions module by Apeisa, but I needed something a little different for my current project, so I decided to have a bash myself. I am by no means on the same level of coding as the majority of members on here, so please be gentle I'd also like to thank Ryan personally for such an excellent framework. Any questions etc, please feel free to ask.
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    WireMailBranding Add email templates to wireMail From this: $mail->bodyHTML("<h1>Hello</h1><p>I'm WireMailBranding</p>"); To this: (or whatever template you create) How it works? Create an email template without content. On the spot where you wish to have your content place the tag {bodyHTML}.The markup you've set with $mail->bodyHTML('<p>Markup</p>'); will replace that tag. You could set the defaults in the Module configuration or set the properties with the API. (See below) The API will overwrite the default settings $mail = wireMail(); $mail->to('user@some-domain.ext')->from('you@own-domain.ext'); $mail->subject('Mail Subject'); // Set path to template (overwrites default settings) $mail->template('/site/templates/template_wrapper.php'); // Enable/Overwrite the Emogrifier CSS inliner. (0, bodyHTML, wrapper) $mail->inlineCSS('bodyHTML'); $mail->bodyHTML('<p>This paragraph will replace the {bodyHTML} tag in the mail template.</p>'); $mail->send(); CSS inliner We have added the beautiful css inliner Emogrifier to inline the CSS styles. When using the Emogrifier CSS inliner applying it on the bodyHTML only is the most efficient way. We recommend you to write the inline styles for the wrapper manually. The module is sponsored by Calago.nl. Thanks guys ! Updates 0.1.2 Bug fixes : - Fixed redeclare Emogrifier bug. Improvement - Added error logging for Emogrifier - Added inputfield error for the lack of PHP's mbstring in the module configuration. - Some code cleaning and other cosmetics 0.1.3 Bug fixes : - Fixed bug when module couldn't grab bodyHTML (resulted in doing nothing at all). GitHub https://github.com/Da-Fecto/WireMailBranding Modules directory http://modules.processwire.com/modules/wire-mail-branding/
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    Usually I would agree with @SteveB on such "unnecessary" features, but the weird thing is that in this case I quite enjoyed the "typewriter effect". Combined with the overall style of the site, it felt almost mesmerizing, and made me focus more on the content. All in all browsing this site was an enjoyable experience – great work!
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    Welcome Tom, based on what you've shown us I think you'll like PW much more than WP. But I have to say I also think the type on thing is annoying. When eye candy delays reading of the content, the designer is putting themselves ahead of the content and that's just wrong. Sorry to be blunt but I feel strongly about this. More positively, the site's clean and consistent and squeezes down well. Oh, one very small thing; an extra closing p tag in the footer.
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    Looks really great I would love to see the possibility to subscribe to a topic and get notified by email when an answer is posted
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    AvbImage - Image Manipulator Module for ProcessWire This module using Intervention Image PHP image handling and manipulation library. Update Status Module and InterventionImage Library update - 10-12-2015 More performance imporements - 18-11-2015 Module Update and Performance Improvements - 17-11-2015 First Commit - 28-10-2015 RequirementsProcessWire >= 2.5.11 PHP >=5.4 Fileinfo Extension Supported Image LibrariesGD Library (>=2.0) Imagick PHP extension (>=6.5.7) For usage and methods please look githup repo : README.md > For issues and fix and corrections please use Githup Repo
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    Thank you Martijn for the help. I've got it working!!! Woop. Did end up creating a page as in my opinion the client will be able to manage the content a lot easier. I'll post the full solution once I solve the final problem... This sounds extremely trivial but- the delete button isn't rendering at all. No idea why since I am using the core module. If anyone can suggest why that would be great. This is how I'm calling it, I am also including the JS file (inputfieldfile.js) on the page. $form_images = $modules->get("InputfieldFile"); $form_images->label = "Images"; $form_images->description = "Upload your images maximal 3 files."; $form_images->required = 0; $form_images->attr("name+id",'images'); $form_images->destinationPath = $upload_path; $form_images->extensions = "jpg jpeg gif png"; $form_images->maxFiles = 10; $form_images->maxFilesize = 2; $form->append($form_images);
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    Thanks for the feedback. It's always appreciated. My plan is to create a module with minimal code at first, and hopefully others can add to it so that together we can make this something stable and easy to use, with all the features we'd expect. One thing I don't want is a bloated mess. I'm curious to find out what you all think about fields. A forum module obviously has the potential to install a lot of fields. Personally I don't mind if those features are useful, but I'm interested hearing what you think. HermodBB currently installs 21 fields, and these range from storing the IP address, to storing who has viewed the topic, and to storing the permissions for a per-forum based permission system. Some people will consider 21 fields to be bloat, but a forum obviously needs to store a lot of data. So what are your views? I have made sure that fields are grouped in a logical manner so that they're not all over the place. *field names are still likely to change, but you get the idea
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    you can use the new slider module that was recently released, it has a whole admin interface. other than that you would use PW fields to hold the various options and settings for each slide; this will be totally dependent on which slider you are using, as well as how often you think the site managers will be needing to change stuff; Here are some ways it has been accomplished on my end: 1.) Using Profields Table to hold settings for each slide; custom module populates default settings (rows) and then the values are adjustable in the 2nd col of the table 2.) Using textarea to hold the code for each slide (or Ace Extended inputfield); slide code can be edited directly; 3.) Same as #2, but allowing for use of placeholders, like Slide image, link, button text, so that that the editors can use regular fields for some of the slide settings - such as selecting an internal page to link the silde to 4.) YAML field - captions, animation settings, etc 5.) Pagetable and PW fields to hold all custom settings, Slider inputfield for some numerical settings
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    I have to add that documentation at code level was always good, but lately, it's becoming even better.
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    can you post how you are calling the assets? the correct way would be something like: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?=$config->urls->templates?>css/min/all-min.css" /> also make sure you enable this line the htaccess file: RewriteBase /pw/
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    This would be the urls to the folder not the image itself, it's because you were outputing the $page->field->url and not the image because it was an array.
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    I've looked at the module, and I'd like it to be more passive than that. Plus, instead of confronting visitors with a login screen, I'd rather give them some information. In fact, this code in head.inc seems to work nicely - $allowed = array('',''); $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; if (!in_array($ip, $allowed)) { header("Location: http://example.com/maintenance.html"); exit(); }
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    What url does it output? It may your file field is multiple, then AnimalSound would be an WireArray.
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    unless your developer implemented an interface (some way to manipulate the slide images and settings), you'd need to adjust that in the code. Or come up with your own information design for controlling it. looking at your code, it appears that the images are served from PW assets, so look on your homepage and see if there is a repeater or page table for the slides.
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    So far so good. I've just finished a massive data import to a project I'm working on (it will replace the system it's importing from). Had an earlier 2.6 system going and just to be thorough and clean things up, cleared most of its content, exported a profile, Did a fresh install of 2.6.21 with that profile, checked it out a bit and then ran the lengthy import process. It now has 32074 pages and seems fine.
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    Hello NotWordPress, I'm not to sure whether this is spam, however I found your post very entertaining. I must say if this is actually an adventure of yours, I would suggest against using the domain NotWordPress.com, while ProcessWire isn't WordPress, it will often draw a comparison. Why not have themely.pw or something? Hi, it's actually a MailChimp form in which I styled.
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    Got it! Check it out on http://educacioninicial-puebla.org/ at the very bottom.
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    Update version 1.0.3 (Dev only for now) Note: Haven't had time to update README Changes Export to CSV feature: Can export whole matrix (default) or limit to specified row range (e.g. start at row#2 and end at row#10 ). These are set in the collapsed fieldset 'Import/Export CSV Data' below the matrix. Exported CSV files include timestamp in the file name. Some CSS styling for buttons. Option: Set alert message to show after clicking 'clear data' button. If message set, show alert if no message specified, do not show any alert. Note: now using a custom popup rather than the ugly + annoying browser popup . Option: Save empty values. Default is no; do not save empty values. Current status shown at the top and bottom of the matrix table. Option: Show row numbers. Default is no, do not show row numbers. Fixed a bug where older saved values would still appear after one switched to using custom PHP code to return rows and columns. Added checkboxes for row selections (see #8). Clear Data: Rather than wholesale clearance, button will only clear values of selected rows (see #7). Will show a popup if you try to clear without first selecting at least one row. Fixed some minor bugs in situations where there would be more than one matrix table on a page. Some stylistic changes to rendered fields in line with above changes. Code re-factoring.
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    DrLunesTypeManager is a Template Helper. DrLunesTypeManager asks you for a typekit ID, Google Fonts Family, CDN, Custom CSS and more, and outputs the code needed to use this fonts in your templates. It also forces some tags to use this fonts and your custom CSS styles to be applied to the page. DrLunesTypeManager in github: https://github.com/biojazzard/DrLunesTypeManager Inspiration Inspired by [Dr. Rober´s](rober@1un.es) needs. ProcessWire is about efficient code, but sometimes humans need helpers. Install Via PW: + Download zip + Use modules administrator in PW to upload it to the server. + Open it and configure it with your settings. Install Via GIT: I´m not a git pro, but it´s nice to have modules as a subtree so it´s not a pain to mantain, and you can easily reuse it in other projects keeping it´s development in github as well. + Fork [DrLunesTypeManager](git@github.com:biojazzard/DrLunesTypeManager.git) + Ad it as a subtree in git with relative path site/modules/ + Edit it as you like. + Install DrLunesTypeManager with modules administrator in PW. + Open it and configure it with your settings. Module [sample] Settings Using DrLunesTypeManager in templates. Last thing is to output code, this can be done in your: $config->appendTemplateFile + DrLunesTypeManager uses jQuery. So output code AFTER **jQuery** is loaded, usually in your ``head``, but preferably before ``body`` tag. <?php // Get Module $typekit = $modules->get('DrLunesTypeManager'); // Render Script & Settings. echo $typekit->render(); // It´s done. ?> html outout MODULE-VALUE-* represents your value settings in Module´s Settings <script> WebFontConfig = { typekit: { id: "MODULE-VALUE-TYPEKIT-ID" }, google: { families: ["MODULE-VALUE-GOOGLE-FONT"] } }; (function() { var wf = document.createElement("script"); wf.src = ("https:" == document.location.protocol ? "https" : "http") + ":MODULE-VALUE-TYPEKIT-CDN"; wf.async = "true"; var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(wf, s); })(); // TypeKit Classes added to main text tags (function($) { $("p").addClass("MODULE-VALUE-BODY-CLASS") $("ul").addClass("MODULE-VALUE-BODY-CLASS") $("h1, h2, h3").addClass("MODULE-VALUE-H13-CLASS") $("h4, h5, h6").addClass("MODULE-VALUE-H46-CLASS") })(jQuery); </script> If you are using the **Custom CSS** field, you may add ``!important`` in order to get this styles loaded as expected: h1.tk-cubano { letter-spacing: -1px; color: hsla(360, 94%, 32%, 0.76) !important; // FORCE RED text-shadow: 1px 1px 3px hsla(360, 94%, 32%, 0.3); //SHADOW } With love. 1un.es
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    I mostly just need a grid and a solid typography solution.
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    @doolak: It is important to realize that the JSON-data returned by the module will be decoded into a "dummy" PHP object (an instance of stdClass), based purely on the raw information that can be seen in the JSON-representation. Such an object has nothing to do with ProcessWire's objects/classes. So the consuming service has absolutely no idea of any other properties other than those that are given to it by the module. You can basically compare it to an array. Hence you cannot use any properties related to a ProcessWire class, such as FieldtypeImage. The simplest option is to build the URL manually, e.g. <img src="http://xyz.de/site/assets/<?php echo ($post->id . '/' . $post->mf_termin_image->basename); ?>">
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    I can relate to that. What bugs me often are the arbitrary jumps from http://processwire.com/docs/ to http://processwire.com/api/. The sidebar is so similar I don't think anyone even noticing these the first time. And in /api/ are so many hidden informations, which serve for a great baseline understanding of processwire, it's a pity they are so hidden. About your FieldtypePage issue: $pagefield = $page->related; // Objects are passed as reference // so this is the same as $page->related->add() $pagefield->add( $pages->get("id=1234") ); $page->of(false); $page->save();
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