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    The BMW Dealersites is a collaboration of various BMW dealers, brought together in a multisite ProcessWire setup with centralized and per-dealer contentmanagement possibilities. For anyone interesed, below a quick glance at the multisite pagetree: BMW enforces strict design guideliness for all websites that are built carrying the BMW logo. The guideliness are extensive but can be considered a bit outdated, since they do not take responsive possibilities into account yet. We managed to implement a responsive setup nevertheless, still complying to the guideliness. Which was quite a struggle, I can assure you As mentioned, the Dealersites is a collaboration of various BMW dealers. The idea is that all dealersites are basically the same (fields and templates), yet content may vary. This enabled us to create a centralized content module, in which content can be added and copied to all underlaying dealersites, minimizing the efforts needed to add and maintain content. See the screenshot below for an impression on how this works. We have been experimenting with hosting a bit. The sites are hosted using various Docker instances on an Amazon EC2 server, and mails are sent using Amazon SES. In the near future we plan on implementing ProCache3 with Amazon CloudFront. If you need any info on our experiences with this, just drop a line in this topic or sent me a DM. We have used quite a few modules, but nothing exotic. FormBuilder was used to create forms, some of which are handled by a third party URL to have added functionality: shooting Leads to an external webservice for example. The dealersites: http://www.vanlaarhovenbmw.nl http://www.vanhooffbmw.nl http://www.demaassche-venlo.nl http://www.demaassche-echt.nl http://www.nobracars-uden.nl http://www.nobracars-helmond.nl http://www.story-denbosch.nl http://www.story-waardenburg.nl http://www.story-nijmegen.nl Splashpages: http://www.nobracars.nl http://www.demaassche.nl http://www.bertstory.nl Work was done by us at X-com
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    Also: I got all the iOS issues worked out, but I got sidetracked working on styling for the new system notifications module. has error notices no errors or notices
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    I found it: It seems that on Ubuntu 15.04 (and maybe older versions) the newly shipped libapache2-mod-php5filter module somehow truncates the $_POST data. I removed it and installed libapache2-mod-php5. Now it works again. THAT IS NOT COOL, UBUNTU! If you have the same problem, run (as root): apt-get remove libapache2-mod-php5filter libapache2-mod-php5 will be installed automatically. Thank you for your help. Processwire works perfectly and confidence is there again but not for Ubuntu .. Sorry for my angry post. Regards, Fred
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    I found it: It seems that on Ubuntu 15.04 (and maybe older versions) the newly shipped libapache2-mod-php5filter module somehow truncates the $_POST data. I removed it and installed libapache2-mod-php5. Now it works again. THAT IS NOT COOL, UBUNTU! If you have the same problem, run (as root): apt-get remove libapache2-mod-php5filter libapache2-mod-php5 will be installed automatically. Thank you for your help. Regards, Fred
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    PageArray::has() only accepts a single object. You need a loop, here's an example: $found = false; foreach ($user->locations as $location) { if ($page->locations->has($location) { $found = true; break; } }
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    So, this is my first post in this Forum and want to say that PW is a realy great CMS and i enjoy it most of the time. But sometimes it makes me crazy. Because sometimes i cant understand why some fields cant be saved anymore. I created a website for a customer with an repeater field for job advertisements. So, it was the first content the user will see on the frontend so i decided it should be on the first position on the backend aswell. But then comes the point i couldnt understand why PW cant save other fields under this repeater. Every field I place under this repeater field cant be saved anymore. I tryed it with several fields with the same result. I was realy mad at this point, so i tryed to place the fields above the repeater. And suddenly i could save thie fields. On my screenshots you can see how i managed the fields in the template so i could save again. Edit view Template View I hope you can fix this problem someday or give me an advice how I prevent this situation in the future. Until then, this workaround works but its kind of annoying for me and the customer.
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    Looks great Reno, thank you for the hard work you put into this
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    "41-0" PRIMARY I think it is an indize of pages_id and sort or alike. FieldtypeMulti can be a lot. It could also be a page field etc. 1062 is the #id of the error not a page Welcome to advanced PW. I've been there since a long time.
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    Hi Marek, there's no easy way for doing translations in PW. Actually you have to go through all files, step by step. Maybe you can start with the old 2.2 files and correct or complete them. The stable version 2.6.1 has 138 translatable files. The dev 2.6.x has 141 files. 9 files are not translatable or not needed. here's a list of all translatable files (PW stable): wire--core--admintheme-php.json wire--core--field-php.json wire--core--fieldgroups-php.json wire--core--fields-php.json wire--core--fieldselectorinfo-php.json wire--core--fieldtype-php.json wire--core--fieldtypemulti-php.json wire--core--filevalidatormodule-php.json wire--core--functions-php.json wire--core--inputfield-php.json wire--core--inputfieldwrapper-php.json wire--core--modules-php.json wire--core--modulesduplicates-php.json wire--core--pageimage-php.json wire--core--pages-php.json wire--core--paginatedarray-php.json wire--core--password-php.json wire--core--process-php.json wire--core--sanitizer-php.json wire--core--session-php.json wire--core--sessioncsrf-php.json wire--core--wirecache-php.json wire--core--wirehttp-php.json wire--core--wiretempdir-php.json wire--core--wireupload-php.json wire--modules--admintheme--adminthemedefault--adminthemedefault-module.json wire--modules--admintheme--adminthemereno--adminthemereno-module.json wire--modules--admintheme--adminthemereno--adminthemerenohelpers-php.json wire--modules--admintheme--adminthemereno--debug-inc.json wire--modules--admintheme--adminthemereno--default-php.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypecomments--commentfilterakismet-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypecomments--commentform-php.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypecomments--commentlist-php.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypecomments--commentnotifications-php.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypecomments--fieldtypecomments-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypecomments--inputfieldcommentsadmin-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypedatetime-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypefieldsettabopen-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypefile-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypefloat-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypeinteger-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypemodule-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypeoptions--fieldtypeoptions-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypeoptions--selectableoptionconfig-php.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypeoptions--selectableoptionmanager-php.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypepage-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypepagetable-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtyperepeater--fieldtyperepeater-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtyperepeater--inputfieldrepeater-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypeselector-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypetext-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypetextarea-module.json wire--modules--fieldtype--fieldtypeurl-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldasmselect--inputfieldasmselect-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldbutton-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldcheckbox-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldcheckboxes--inputfieldcheckboxes-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldckeditor--inputfieldckeditor-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfielddatetime--inputfielddatetime-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldemail-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldfieldset-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldfile--inputfieldfile-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldfloat-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldform-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldhidden-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldicon--inputfieldicon-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldimage--inputfieldimage-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldinteger-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldmarkup-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldname-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldpage--inputfieldpage-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldpageautocomplete--inputfieldpageautocomplete-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldpagelistselect--inputfieldpagelistselect-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldpagelistselect--inputfieldpagelistselectmultiple-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldpagename--inputfieldpagename-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldpagetable--inputfieldpagetable-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldpagetable--inputfieldpagetableajax-php.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldpagetitle--inputfieldpagetitle-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldpassword-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldradios--inputfieldradios-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldselect-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldselectmultiple-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldselector--inputfieldselector-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldsubmit--inputfieldsubmit-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldtext-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldtextarea-module.json wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldurl-module.json wire--modules--jquery--jquerywiretabs--jquerywiretabs-module.json wire--modules--languagesupport--languageparser-php.json wire--modules--languagesupport--languagesupport-module.json wire--modules--languagesupport--languagesupportfields-module.json wire--modules--languagesupport--languagesupportpagenames-module.json wire--modules--languagesupport--languagetabs-module.json wire--modules--languagesupport--processlanguage-module.json wire--modules--markup--markuppagefields-module.json wire--modules--markup--markuppagernav--markuppagernav-module.json wire--modules--pagepaths-module.json wire--modules--pagerender-module.json wire--modules--process--processcommentsmanager--processcommentsmanager-module.json wire--modules--process--processfield--processfield-module.json wire--modules--process--processfield--processfieldexportimport-php.json wire--modules--process--processforgotpassword-module.json wire--modules--process--processhome-module.json wire--modules--process--processlist-module.json wire--modules--process--processlogger--processlogger-module.json wire--modules--process--processlogin--processlogin-module.json wire--modules--process--processmodule--processmodule-module.json wire--modules--process--processmodule--processmoduleinstall-php.json wire--modules--process--processpageadd--processpageadd-module.json wire--modules--process--processpageclone-module.json wire--modules--process--processpageedit--processpageedit-module.json wire--modules--process--processpageeditimageselect--processpageeditimageselect-module.json wire--modules--process--processpageeditlink--processpageeditlink-module.json wire--modules--process--processpagelist--processpagelist-module.json wire--modules--process--processpagelister--processpagelister-module.json wire--modules--process--processpagesearch--processpagesearch-module.json wire--modules--process--processpagesort-module.json wire--modules--process--processpagetrash-module.json wire--modules--process--processpagetype--processpagetype-module.json wire--modules--process--processpageview-module.json wire--modules--process--processpermission--processpermission-module.json wire--modules--process--processprofile--processprofile-module.json wire--modules--process--processrecentpages--processrecentpages-module.json wire--modules--process--processrole--processrole-module.json wire--modules--process--processtemplate--processtemplate-module.json wire--modules--process--processtemplate--processtemplateexportimport-php.json wire--modules--process--processuser--processuser-module.json wire--modules--process--processuser--processuserconfig-php.json wire--modules--session--sessionhandlerdb--processsessiondb-module.json wire--modules--session--sessionhandlerdb--sessionhandlerdb-module.json wire--modules--session--sessionloginthrottle--sessionloginthrottle-module.json wire--modules--system--systemnotifications--systemnotifications-module.json wire--modules--system--systemnotifications--systemnotificationsconfig-php.json wire--modules--system--systemupdater--systemupdater-module.json wire--modules--textformatter--textformatterentities-module.json wire--modules--textformatter--textformattermarkdownextra--textformattermarkdownextra-module.json wire--templates-admin--debug-inc.json wire--templates-admin--default-php.json here's a empty language pack. You can pick the additional files (beside your 2.2 files) and upload them in the backend. Maybe this is a little bit faster. Then you can start translating them. empty_lang_pack_pw_2.6.zip Take care, when creating new translation-files via the backend. With PHP version 5.5 and higher, the paths are not working on PHP versions lower than 5.5 // path created on PHP >= 5.5 "file": "wire//core//AdminTheme.php", // path compatible with all PHP versions "file": "wire\/core\/AdminTheme.php",
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    @renobird Looks like a false alarm, it only appears in SlimJet (WebKit). Checked in Firefox, Chrome, IE and there were no line breaks.
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    Vertical rhythm is nice to have, but I doubt that module developers will set their line-heights to fit that rhythm as long as the default admin theme is also around.
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    Yes you're right, it's sometimes difficult without an appropriate distance... By the way: These are really great pictures on your website!
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    i had a site that was experiencing that error, once i upgraded core and all modules, i have not had any further errors;
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    If you have some import script/bootstrap or maybe or alike that will result sometimes in a /http404/, I'm seeing that since long time in logs when errors occur. Meaning there's no page with a url. Bootstraped scripts also result in a "guest" user. Or if it is triggered by a lazycron by a guest visit. A little annoying in that you need to know it or assume it's happening on the 404 page, which is not true. I wonder if it would be possible to fix this.
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    Off: I remember a project manager asking for a "read-only source code" to give it to the client. Didn't happen
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    Hi jsantari, Here's how I'd go about it: (1) Make the following templates: products.php product.php product-categories.php product-category.php options (no need for php file) option (no need for php file) (2) Make the following page structure: /products/ (uses products.php)/product-1/ (uses product.php) /product-2/ (uses product.php) (etc) /product-categories/ (uses product-categories.php)/product-category-1/ (uses product-category.php) /product-category-2/ (uses product-category.php) (etc) /options/ (uses options.php)/colors/ (uses option.php)/red/ (uses option.php) /green/ (uses option.php) /blue/ (uses option.php) /sizes/ (uses option.php)/small/ (uses option.php) /medium/ (uses option.php) /large/ (uses option.php) (3) create the following fields: color (Page field; single value; use /options/colors/ as parent; regular select box); assign it to product.php size (Page field; single value; use /options/sizes/ as parent; regular select box); assign it to product.php products (Page field, multi-value; use /products/ as parent; ASM select or even better, PageListSelectMultiple since you have over 2000 products); assign it to product-category.php Now we need to handle what you said: "The twist is that each product category will have attributes like color, size etc. but the values for color, size etc. will be different based on what category is selected." The way I'd approach is to create 2 more fields and assign them to the product-category.php template: filterable_colors (Page field; multi-value; use /options/colors/ as parent; ASM select preferably); assign it to product-category.php filterable_sizes (Page field; multi-value; use /options/sizes/ as parent; ASM select preferably); assign it to product-category.php So those two filter fields will pretty much allow your category to have specific filters. Ideally, you would then code your product-category.php template to loop through and output all the products assigned to the category, as well as loop through the filterable_colors and filterable_sizes which would act as filters to the list of the products on that page. If doing the filtering client-side, here's a cool library: https://mixitup.kunkalabs.com/ Hope this helps! Jonathan
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    I'm I was (solution below) experiencing the same as below on PW 2.5.2, after installing via softaculus(which uses minimal site profile) on a cpanel based hosting: except, When I try to reach www.seconddomain.com it displays as if I'm using www.maindomain.com Also, http://www.seconddomain.com/www.seconddomain.com/ redirects to http://www.seconddomain.com/ SOLVED: needed to add www.seconddomain.com to $config->httpHosts in /site/config.php
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    I finally figured this one out. I had just about given up, when I thought to look in config.php, and lo and behold, there at the bottom was $config->httpHosts, which only contained the domains that were working. I added the other domains, and now the multisite module is working excellently.
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