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    ...and You convert a wysiwyg editor into complicate Reading Sincere Welcome from me, too....but man it's really hard to read...
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    I don't believe there is a recommended version with the exception of the minimum version needed to run PW (5.3.8). I personally would suggest you run the most current (latest) PHP version available to you.
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    I would do it this way: create new page using "checkout" template. Give it name "checkout-invoice". Then edit your /site/templates/checkout.php and change the content of that file to: <?php if ($page->name == "checkout-invoice") { $checkout = $modules->get("PadCheckout"); $checkout->setInvoiceMode(true); $checkout->setShippingModule("ShippingFixed"); $content = $checkout->render(); } else { $checkout = $modules->get("PadCheckout"); $checkout->setPaymentModule("PaymentStripe"); $checkout->setShippingModule("ShippingFixed"); $content = $checkout->render(); } Then edit your /site/templates/cart.php and change it to: <?php $content = $modules->get("PadRender")->editCart(); $checkout = $pages->get("template=checkout, name=checkout"); $checkoutInv = $pages->get("template=checkout, name=checkout-invoice"); $content .= "<p><strong><a href='{$checkout->url}'>" . __("Continue to checkout") . "</a></strong></p>"; $content .= "<p><strong><a href='{$checkoutInv->url}'>" . __("Continue to checkout with invoice") . "</a></strong></p>";
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    Just in case anyone is interested and missed my post in the module's support thread, TableCsvImportExport (http://modules.processwire.com/modules/table-csv-import-export/) now supports all the new options that Ryan added with Table 7-beta - single and multiple page-reference fields and multiple options. Export converts page IDs to the title of the page. Import looks up the titles and populates the table with the IDs of the matching pages
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    since it is a Inputfield it should be possible to use it with the API on a own form -right? $field = $modules->get("InputfieldStarRating"); regards mr-fan
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    While testing your module I found out that it doesn't work properly in some cases: //no need to obfuscate, since there is no E-Mail Adress <a href="mailto:?subject=Lorem%20Ipsum&body=Lorem%20Ipsum!">Foo</a> <a href="mailto:?subject=Lorem Ipsum!">Foo</a> //doesn't work with the following examples <a href="mailto:mail@example.org?subject=Lorem Ipsum!">Foo</a> <a href="mailto:mail@example.org?subject=Lorem%20Ipsum&body=Lorem%20Ipsum!">Foo</a> For the 1st Example the module should leave the code untouched. Replacement only necessary if '@' is found. For 2nd Example I can offer a solution REPLACE // urlencode a possible subject $matches[1] = preg_replace_callback("!(.*\?(subject|body)=)([^\?]*)!i", function ($m) { return rawurlencode($m[3]); }, $matches[1]); // the function removes the questionmark, the words 'subject' and 'body' and the equalsign from the querystring WITH // urlencode a possible subject and body, no matter if already urlencoded $_matches = preg_replace_callback("!(^\?*)?((\??subject|\??body)=([^&]+)){1,2}!i", function ($m) { return $m[1].$m[3].'='.rawurlencode(rawurldecode($m[4])); }, $matches[1]); I tested a little bit and it worked well with my solution.
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    Hi, first of all I'd like to thank you all, and in particular Ryan, for this great project which is ProcessWire. I'm using ProcessWire for the first time and frankly I'm finding it quite good, despite my lack of experience. Anyway, I created this post to introduce you the following module, on which we are working, and I'd like to share it with the community which could benefit from it and maybe improve it. You can find the module here: https://bitbucket.org/mauro_mascia/processwire-social-login/ Basically, it adds the ability to allow a social login (using the HybridAuth library - https://github.com/hybridauth/hybridauth) as well as a standard login, user profile and registration. The module is clearly not complete and it is at its first stage of maturity and I hope you can forgive me if I have not fully complied with the PW best practices
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    HAHAHA Thanks mate! I'm Glad I'm here KEEP IT UP!
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    It's the sister from Google (1) and Google (3) Hey, welcome to PW!
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    @LostKobrakai: I tried the code you posted but it didn't seem to work. @tpr: I tried your approach and it did work. The result: $listings = $pages->find("parent=/listings/,template=listing,limit=2,id=".$page->listings->id('|'));
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    blank pages, - but with what HTTP response code? Which profile has you installed? I'm running PW on windows with apache2, too. No problems here. Where do you have the .htaccess file placed when running PW from root? Is it combined with other rules, or is it only the PW distributed one?
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    Sorry you are having problems. Here are a couple of weblinks that you should check out: http://windows.php.net/ http://php.iis.net/ http://php.net/manual/en/install.windows.php http://www.microsoft.com/web/platform/phponwindows.aspx https://processwire.com/talk/topic/268-processwire-on-windows72008-server-with-iis-webserver/ https://processwire.com/talk/topic/766-isapi-rewrite-3-on-iis/
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    NOGAJSKI FOTOGRAFIE I have relaunched my homepage. I don't remember exactly how many versions I may had since I launched my first homepage in 1999, but for me, the new one seems to be the cleanest and fastest. At least its the one with the best backend ever. (PW 2.6) The layout of all pages, including the slideshow, is usable from (300 x 260 px) up to bigger desktops (27''). I have tried to satisfy google PageSpeed, but only in a medium range. Other tools than googles do a more in depth analysis and show much better detailed results. But anyway. All pages uses one sitewide css file and one sitewide js file. Only the portfolio slideshow loads an additional js and css file too. (The server is setup to force browser caching, so with the second page view, no js or css dependencies need to be downloaded.) And ProCache is used! (what else) Besides my images API tools I use delayed output via Spex. CSS framework is pocket-grid and on the JS side I use LazySizes, Vegas and the new Photoswipe 4. Thats all. http://nogajski.de/ Here are some screens with minimal viewport (300x260): and here are two medium screens:
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    Just like MySQL is the database of choice apache is still the widest spread http server. Nginx is quite rapidly rising in popularity, but in my impression it's mostly used by node environments or for complex server / routing setups. While there are already topics here about nginx settings to run processwire, the people running such complex setups should be able to make nginx do the same things like the apache .htaccess rules or even just place the apache behind nginx. If I get the facts right here then only ProCache is deeply dependent on an apache setup. While these should be the reasons why there aren't other options by now, a nginx configuration would be a nice addition to the core. Supporting another http server should be an easier thing than supporting other db's which are also on the wishlist.
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    One tiny weakness: The subtitle Produkte . People . Prozesse gives the misleading impression to be a menu of three items - resulting in an irritating navigation experience...
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    In a similar situation I grabbed page IDs first and then the pages, like this: // get all children pages ID $works = $page->children('artist!=null')->artist('|'); // get all artists with ID $t->allArtists = wire('pages')->find("id=$works, sort=date_birth"); It needs PW 2.6 or newer to work (because of "artist('|')"). I'm also interested in a more elegant way if there's any.
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    @geeber I'm not sure how the duplicate modules got into your filesystem but I've updated the module information to show compatibility with 2.6.
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    thank you raymond, so it looks like there is no javascript/ajax magic built in like it is for example in the comments fieldtype. that would be awesome - although i have no need for either your current version or with ajax voting
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    Just tested and with the latest change you made it works perfectly - thanks!
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    Just niced you don't have "Nogajski" in the window title, only for the main page. Is it by design? (just showing your site as a speed reference btw )
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    Thank guys for this module - it was great to quickly set up a ratings system. A couple of thoughts though. I am not sure why it needs to be an autoload module - I'd rather you simply load it manually in a template file when you want to use it. I am not sure why it isn't simply a custom fieldtype that can be added to templates as needed - the way you have done it seems to work just fine, but the one issue I am having is that it can't be used as easily in all situations - for example, you can't select "rating" as an option when configuring a custom view with ListerPro. I am sure there are also other situations where it would be preferable to be a fieldtype, but maybe there are advantages to the approach you have taken that I am not thinking about. Of course if #2 is implemented, then #1 is no longer an issue Any chance you'd consider a bit of a rewrite to make it a fieldtype? if not, please let me know and I'll put something together myself - just trying to avoid duplicate modules that do the same thing Thanks for considering.
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    I have made a module for you (all). I have had allready a routine that iterates through all pages and clears all imagevariations. But this only can be safely used if you have not used images in RTE's from the same page. If you have done so, those cannot be identified and gets deleted too. So please double check that you do not use Pageimages in your RTE fields before running this module. To run it you have to install it, go to its configscreen and check the box to run it. Also there is a second box, always checked by default, that let the script run in testmode. In testmode it doesn't delete the variations but list all found pages and the images count. So, if you really want to delte all ImageVariations sitewide, tipp the box to run the script, untipp the box to run it in testmode and press the submit button. PageimageRemoveVariations.zip EDIT: better use this enhanced module version from @tpr, with configuration for excluding imagefields: enhanced version!
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    I don't have a simple solution to this one, but will do more thinking about how I could have ProcessWire provide a hook like Pages::statusChanged or something like that. But until we have something like that, here are a couple ways you could do it: Option 1 Add a hook to Pages::saveReady and have your hook function do something like this: Pages::saveReady hook $page = $event->arguments[0]; if($page->id && $page->isChanged('status') && !$page->is(Page::statusUnpublished)) { $result = $this->db->query("SELECT status FROM pages WHERE id={$page->id}"); list($status) = $result->fetch_row(); if($status & Page::statusUnpublished) { // page is about to be published // send your email } } Option 2 The other option would be to change your workflow such that user submitted pages went into a different parent than the live ones. For instance, user-submissions might go into parent /pending/ and published submissions would live in /live/. Then you could have your hook monitor for when a page is moving from /pending/ to /live/. If you wanted to, you could also have it take care of the publishing automatically: Pages::saveReady hook $page = $event->arguments[0]; if(!$page->parentPrevious) return; // if page is not being moved then stop now if($page->parent->name == 'live' && $page->parentPrevious->name == 'pending') { $page->removeStatus(Page::statusUnpublished); // send your email }
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    Adam, ProcessWire doesn't actually resize your original image, so they should still be in tact. All you have to do is change the resize dimensions and it should be creating the new sizes from the original. But if you want to go in and delete all the extra files for sizes you aren't using anymore, give me a couple days. I'm working on an addition to the FieldtypeImage module for that (an image cache clearing module).
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