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    Hey all, just wanted to share with you the new Milktop website http://www.milktop.co.uk/ (powered by PW of course). This comes to life as the result of merging Milktop with ED DESIGN ( the design company of Diogo, who you all know and love and his partner Erika, a fantastic graphic designer). It's been great to work with this new team, and we hope that you guys will like the website as much as we have enjoyed creating it A few notes on how we accomplished some things: For the grid we used Bourbon Neat. We wanted to try out this framework since it doesn't make impact at all on the markup. We're pretty happy with the result, but in the end we feel like we didn't save that much time by using it than if we would have used simple SASS variables or created our own mixins. For the icons we used Fontello. This is great because it allows you to create a new font with your own set of icons from several sources, and even add some custom built icons by importing a SVG drawing. One advantage is that the final font only has the icons that you put there, which makes it a very small download. We decided to use large images to display our work in the best way possible, but we're serving smaller images for smaller screens. We do this by serving the smaller size by default and swapping the image for a larger version by measuring the container element : <img data-large="<?php echo $img->url; ?>" src="<?php echo $img->width(400)->url; ?>"> For speed we are using the excellent ProCache module by Ryan For publishing automatically to Twitter and Facebook we plan to (not done yet) publish a RSS feed with Ryan's RSS module and use IFFFT to pull it into both social networks. If you don't know IFFFT, you should definitely check it out. A final detail, our logo is designed in HTML and CSS Hope you guys like it and thanks again to the great ProcessWire community without whom this collaboration would never have happened. Have a great evening.
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    You use http://php.net/json_decode or a specific library to turn the json into a PHP array, and then use the PW API to create the pages. Here is a good example of how to do it: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/352-creating-pages-via-api You might also want to have a look at the code of this module to take some ideas, since it does exactly that: https://github.com/adrianbj/ProcessPageTreeMigrator
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    First of all, robots.txt needs to be in your site root (not /site/, but before that) to work properly. It's also possible to place it somewhere else, but then you'll have to find a way to make your web server serve it from site root, which can get tricky, depending on your web host and it's capabilities. I'd go with root to keep things simple. Favicon can be placed somewhere else than root, but root seems to work best as some browsers look from there automatically. I'm not sure how many browsers do this on their own, but the link tag is definitely recommended. Probably the only way to make sure that your favicon is found is a) placing it in the root directory and b) adding link tag pointing to it. Edit: Wikipedia provides some details about how different favicon settings are interpreted. This seems to support what I said above, i.e. placing favicon in site root and adding link tag, though that link tag is at least partially optional (I'd still leave it to make sure, though.)
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    For those of you interested in strategic marketing I recommend this link http://www.quietroom.co.uk/santa_brandbook/one
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    I'm really wondering why this hasn't come up yet. I think it's not a very urgent problem, and for us advanced user anyway not. But for clients there's a chance that they get caught by it, so I think it should be prevented. What I'm talking about is, if you create a new page, enter title and hit enter two times fast, or double click save button. It will save page and try to create a second one, and fail saying there's already existing one with same name.
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    That's a strange one. But There's anyway a couple strange things when using PW search with selectors sometimes. On my new blog http://soma.urlich.ch this doesn't happen and I have the same code. When I search for & it get's transformed to "&" and it finds results that contain no visible "&". On all other PW sites there's an error. On processwire.com if you enter "test&" you get some results and the first search entry " iPhone test is strange as it is a page that isn't viewable! Anyway, searching with like "some & string" isn't a problem, and maybe just a min char count test on the search form could easily prevent error for things like "&".
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    @Joe: I'm not entirely sure if there's something helpful there, but Aloha editor and integrating it into PW was discussed in the Adminbar thread some time ago and Ryan even provided some sample code that might be helpful. You might want to check that discussion out.
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    I solved the probem by deleting ModuleManager.cache. After that ModulesManager started just fine and was rebuilding its cache file.
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    OK BIG thanks to soma, who helped me get this, here is the final one: <?php $limit = 5; // the "limit"-setting used on this page $children = $page->children("limit=" . $limit); $totalpages = ceil($children->getTotal() / $limit); // PAGINATOR: set SEO tags for Google if ($input->pageNum) { if ($input->pageNum < $totalpages) { echo "<a rel='next' href='" . $page->url . $config->pageNumUrlPrefix . ($input->pageNum + 1) . "'>Next "; } else { echo "Thanks for browsing, you have reached the bottom of this page!"; } } ?> Once again, thanks to all for thinking along, now the next hurdle, to get infinitescroll to do the rest!
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    It is a bit of an odd one this, but I can see where Martijn is coming from. You see this in surveys where your answers may be Choose "1" or "2" or "none of the above apply" Actually, the third option is a defined answer equal in weight to the other two, but to the user it is like saying "ignore this" or "deselect my first thought and move on" The use of radio buttons, as opposed to a dropdown select, is always interesting. I tend to use it where I want the user the opportunity to gaze over all the options in one go before having to make a decision. But they do lose a bit of the usability of a dropdown where you can have a default or selectable "no value" blank, if you wish. My rule of thumb is if it is complicated (like a survey) then use radios. If it is simple (Yes/no perhaps or a simple list) then a drop down is fine
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    I quickly created a grey color scheme for the new theme for all the color haters out there https://github.com/ocorreiododiogo/pw_grey_colors
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    This thread is for the new PW admin theme being developed for 2.4. Zahari and WillyC, I'm sure you guys both have good intentions, but this is not the right thread to promote other admin themes and such. We're now focused on wrapping up and fixing bugs in the new theme, not redesigning it. This is in preparation for the very soon upcoming 2.4 release. Zahari–please do keep up the good work on your theme, post to the directory, and start a thread for it, as I'm sure many of us will enjoy using it too. WillyC–please don't let that one go beyond the sketch stage. I hope you can appreciate that there's no way one could ever get everyone to have the same viewpoint on subjective things, so that is kind of pointless. The goals here have always been more about the system. Then taking that system and reducing it to the most minimal, easy-to-use implementation. All while still incrementally improving on the old theme. The consensus has been that's what we've done, even if we're still working out some bugs. We'll let others take it and run with it in creating stuff more tailored towards their own preferences and other scenarios. The biggest complaints with the old admin theme were: 1) the colors don't have broad appeal; 2) the header area used entirely too much space; 3) the fields layout was too boxes-in-boxes with excessive linework, emphasizing the containers over the inputs; 4) the type was too small. The consensus and the math has been that the new admin theme solves these issues, while appealing to a broader audience than the old theme. Keep in mind there's no way to make everyone happy, so it's entirely expected to have a hater or two (I'd be more concerned if there weren't). Also keep in mind the old admin theme has a consensus of haters, among those that don't use it every day. So it's a bottleneck when it comes to new users. Is the new theme meant to be some kind of design masterpiece? Absolutely not–it is intentionally trying to avoid making design statements, and focused on reduction to essentials (though not to the point of looking like Craigslist). When it comes to the bigger design project (PW 3.0), we'll hand this off to Felix and Phillip (and perhaps others), who have already nailed the concept. That's my opinion, but we'll seek the input of the community to decide. My experience has been that small team design=good results, community/committee design=bad results. But that's another conversation. We'll move onto talking more about that once we've got 2.4 final. Regarding the Inputfield containers: yes there are still situations where the boxes-in-boxes (emphasizing the containers over the inputs) might suit an individual installation or preference better. But there are more where it doesn't. As a result, it's not as well suited as a default (and we've already been through this to excess), but it is something we always want to offer as an option. The new admin theme system allows for configurable spacing between the Inputfield containers via a setting provided to the InputfieldWrapper. We may even make it configurable within the default admin theme at some point, but I'd rather see other themes focus on things like that. As for the typeface: Arimo vs. Arial. I agree with most with the points about Arial, and I think the arguments presented here against using any webfont make sense. As much as I like Arimo and as good as it looks on my own computer, I think we've got to revert to Arial–it makes more sense with this theme's goals and in the big picture.
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