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    Can the title of the ProcessWire Forum latest posts feed be renamed? Currently the title of the RSS feed is "Latest Posts," which isn't very descriptive when viewed with dozens of other RSS feeds in my feed reader. feed://processwire.com/talk/rss/forums/1-latest-posts/
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    Hi, I just uploaded the first version of the SchedulePages module to Github: https://github.com/f...r/SchedulePages This plugin module allows you to schedule (un)publication of pages. I hope you guys will like it. //Jasper Usage: ====== Place the SchedulePages.module file into the site/modules folder and install the plugin from the admin area. Install/activate the LazyCron module (if you haven't already). This module is part of the Processwire core, but it isn't activated by default. Add the following date fields to your template: publish_from publish_until Note: the fields are already created during the installation of the module That't all. LazyCron will run take care of (un)publishing your pages that have a the publish dates set. It will run on every hour. Please note: LazyCron hooks are only executed during pageviews that are delivered by ProcessWire. They are not executed when using ProcessWire's API from other scripts. Edit: Changed the name of the module and function as Ryan suggested below. Edit 2: Updated instructions. Required fields are now automatically created and from now it runs every hour. Edit 3: Added module dependency. The updated module is on Github
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    I've been quite busy last few months (and still am), but I managed to squeeze new admin theme called Futura Remixed (successor to my Futura theme). So let's get started: complete rewrite of the theme complete new graphics, includin PageList tree icons etc. full multi-language support (except "You are logged in as", "Latest updates" and "Newest added" title (could be done by implementing those in language packs I suppose) complete new TinyMCE theme with Fugue icons (that was pain in the ass) integrated CodeMagic TinyMCE plugin that uses CodeMirror to highlight the code and HTML beautifier to beautify the code (unlike plain TinyMCE HTML editor) AdminBar theme How to install: Unpack FuturaRemixed.zip to your /site/ directory Replace /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldTinyMCE directory with InputfieldTinyMCE directory contained in the attached InputfieldTinyMCE.zip file Extract AdminBar.zip to your /site/modules/AdminBar directory (if you use it) I've tested the theme thourougly but errors may still show up. So if you find them, please let me know, so I can fix them. When I get time, I'll update this theme with colors from original Futura theme so you could choose between them. Let's look at the screenshots: Enjoy the theme as much I've enjoyed making it. AdminBar.zip FuturaRemixed.zip InputfieldTinyMCE.zip
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    I did end up having a lot of code that I needed to run to check various things on a site I'm currently building so I just went with the include file in head.inc like you say. Keeps things very neat and tidy in the template and is the easiest way of doing it.
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    I like the way jQuery handles single vs multiple items too, but just not always when translated to PHP and the needs of ProcessWire. There are some language differences between Javascript and PHP, storage differences (in memory vs database), and most importantly big differences between the needs of a CMS vs DOM. Ultimately having PW treat single/multiple the same as jQuery in all areas would make PW more confusing in places where it makes jQuery more simple. But there are times when it makes a lot of sense, like the one you identified here. And there may be others too, so keep an eye out and let me know.
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    No thank you for doing so much for Content Management Systems Anyway, I think this is a matter of preference - you obviously like to know what is code doing by looking at what function you're using. I, on the other hand, prefer the 'here is add method, it will deal with whatever you choose to pass as parameter'. I think it's very nice that you, as a lead developer discuss stuff with community-healthy discussion beat anything else, when it comes to collaboration.
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    Ryan, You might want to think about adding the target doctype to the constructor call now that textile can target HTML5. Not sure how you'd want to have the user indicate their preferred output type though. Presumably, if a site is targeting HTML5 then some kind of site-wide setting, or config option would do it. $textile = new Textile('html5'); Currently this causes textile to output <abbr> instead of <acronym> and drops the invalid align attribute on images, instead inserting classes to allow CSS to do the alignment.
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    I have the approach I was trying for (using a Repeater) working beautifully simply courtesy Ryan's code plus an adjustment for using the select, thanks again everyone for all comments! foreach($page->segments as $segment) { $width = $segment->segment_width->segment_data; echo "<div class='grid_$width'>"; echo $segment->segment; echo "</div>"; } I'm going to write up how I did this (the select with the etc), as much for me as an aide memoir as anything, and when I have I'll link it here in case it helps anyone else.
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