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    ProcessWire 3.0.144 and 3.0.145 add improved field template context override settings and include a new Inputfields API, along with numerous other issue fixes, optimizations and improvements to the core. This blog post is a continuation (and more in-depth version) of last week's post on 3.0.144 that was in the forum— https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.145/
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    Hello. I'd somewhat rewritten WireMailMailgun a while back, to implement some more features and implement PW coding guidelines etc. My version has been somewhat in limbo, although there's been various discussions in the thread linked above. I've decided to release my version as a separate module called WireMailgun, as it has breaking changes and a slightly different implementation. I've also got it using the email validation v4 endpoint. For simple usage, either module will do what you need it to do. If you need to do some more advanced things e.g inline images or adding data, this module will help you with that. Here's the readme... WireMail Mailgun Extends WireMail to use the Mailgun API for sending emails. Installation Download the zip file at Github or clone the repo into your site/modules directory. If you downloaded the zip file, extract it in your sites/modules directory. In your admin, go to Modules > Refresh, then Modules > New, then click on the Install button for this module. API Prior to using this module, you must set up a domain in your Mailgun account to create an API key. Add the API key and domain to the module's settings. Usage Usage is similar to the basic WireMail implementation, although a few extra options are available. Please refer to the WireMail documentation for full instructions on using WireMail, and to the examples below. Extra Methods The following are extra methods implemented by this module: Chainable The following methods can be used in a chained statement: cc(string|array|null $email) - Set a "cc" email address. Only used when $batchMode is set to false. Please refer to WireMail::to() for more information on how to use this method. bcc(string|array|null $email) - Set a "bcc" email address. Only used when $batchMode is set to false. Please refer to WireMail::to() for more information on how to use this method. addData(string $key, string $value) - Add custom data to the email. See https://documentation.mailgun.com/en/latest/user_manual.html#attaching-data-to-messages for more information. addInlineImage(string $file, string $filename) - Add an inline image for referencing in HTML. Reference using "cid:" e.g. <img src='cid:filename.ext'> Requires curl_file_create() (PHP >= 5.5.0) See https://documentation.mailgun.com/en/latest/user_manual.html#sending-inline-images for more information. addRecipientVariables(array $recipients) - Add recipient variables. $recipients should be an array of data, keyed by the recipient email address See https://documentation.mailgun.com/en/latest/user_manual.html#batch-sending for more information. addTag(string $tag) - Add a tag to the email. Only ASCII allowed Maximum length of 128 characters There is a maximum number of 3 tags allowed per email. addTags(array $tags) - Add tags in a batch. setApiKey(string $apiKey) - Override the Mailgun API Key module setting. setBatchMode(bool $batchMode) - Enables or disables batch mode. This is off by default, meaning that a single email is sent with each recipient seeing the other recipients If this is on, any email addresses set by cc() and bcc() will be ignored Mailgun has a maximum hard limit of recipients allowed per batch of 1,000. Read more about batch sending. setDeliveryTime(int $time) - The (unix)time the email should be scheduled for. setDomainName(string $domain) - Override the "Domain Name" module setting. setRegion(string $region) - Override the "Region" module setting. Valid regions are "us" and "eu" Fails silently if an invalid region is passed setSender(string $domain, string $key) - Set a different API sender than the default. The third argument is $region which is optional A shortcut for calling setDomainName(), setApiKey() and setRegion() setTestMode(bool $testMode) - Override the "Test Mode" module setting. setTrackOpens(bool $trackOpens) - Override "Track Message Opens" module setting on a per-email basis. Open tracking only works for emails with bodyHTML() set setTrackClicks(bool $trackClicks) - Override "Track Message Clicks" module setting on a per-email basis. Click tracking only works for emails with bodyHTML() set Other send() - Send the email. Returns a positive number (indicating number of emails sent) or 0 on failure. validateEmail(string $email) - Validates a single address using Mailgun's address validation service. Returns an associative array. To return the response as an object, set the second argument to false For more information on what this method returns, see Mailgun's documentation. getHttpCode() - Get the API HTTP response code. A response code of 200 indicates a successful response Examples Basic Example Send an email: $mg = $mail->new(); $sent = $mg->to("user@domain.com") ->from("you@company.com") ->subject("Message Subject") ->body("Message Body") ->send(); Advanced Example Send an email using all supported WireMail methods and extra methods implemented by WireMailgun: $mg = $mail->new(); // WireMail methods $mg->to([ "user@domain.com" => "A User", "user2@domain.com" => "Another User", ]) ->from("you@company.com", "Company Name") ->replyTo("reply@company.com", "Company Name") ->subject("Message Subject") ->bodyHTML("<p>Message Body</p>") // A text version will be automatically created ->header("key1", "value1") ->headers(["key2" => "value2"]) ->attachment("/path/to/file.ext", "filename.ext"); // WireMailgun methods $mg->cc("cc@domain.com") ->bcc(["bcc@domain.com", "bcc2@domain.com"]) ->addData("key", "value") // Custom X-Mailgun-Variables data ->addInlineImage("/path/to/file-inline.jpg", "filename-inline.jpg") // Add inline image ->addTag("tag1") // Add a single tag ->addTags(["tag2", "tag3"]) // Add tags in a batch ->setBatchMode(false) // A single email will be sent, both "to" recipients shown ->setDeliveryTime(time() + 3600) // The email will be delivered in an hour ->setSender($domain, $key, "eu") // Use a different domain to send, this one in the EU region ->setTestMode(true) // Mailgun won't actually send the email ->setTrackOpens(false) // Disable tracking opens ->setTrackClicks(false); // Disable tracking clicks // Batch mode is set to false, so 1 returned if successful $numSent = $mg->send(); echo "The email was " . ($numSent ? "" : "not ") . "sent."; Validate an Email Address $mg = $mail->new(); $response = $mg->validateEmail("user@domain.com", false); if($mg->getHttpCode() == 200) { echo $response->result == "deliverable" ? "Valid" : "Not valid"; } else { echo "Could not validate"; } I hope it is useful! Cheers, Chris
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    LOVE the new module! I'm adding this to every site for sure. 🙂 In terms of alternatives, besides the SystemNotifications module mentioned in the post there is also Page Edit Soft Lock, but UserActivity is more powerful. A question: is it possible to use this module via the API to find all users currently logged in by role? Something like (pseudo-code): $logged_in_editors = $userActivity->findLoggedIn("role=editor"); I think that could be useful. Thanks @ryan!
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    The Inputfields JS API is really cool, thanks @ryan! What do you think about adding a feature so that some (all??) of these JS functions could be triggered via URL query string parameters? As per my request here it would be neat to be able to create links (e.g. modal) to a form that automatically show/hide/highlight/etc particular fields.
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    It would be, but as we all know, life is not as straightforward like that 😉 There are issues Ryan solves pretty fast after being reported, there are others that take more time and there are some which seem to take forever... and the worst category is in which he is only marginally interested. Also, what we might provide as a "fix" via a PR can easily turn out to be just a workaround and there is no point in submitting such a PR. For example, in all of my use-cases PageTable without an "add new" bottom at the TOP of the table is a UX nightmare, so I have a JS hack to clone the button from the bottom to the top. In my point of view I "fixed" this is issue, but in reality it is just a hack which would be a good fit for this module, I think. Maybe we should call this module PwQuickFixes which might better reflect its intended purpose: temporary workarounds until they get properly fixed. We just need stats to see how many of us is using a particular quick fix, and another way to make our voice heard is to add a kind nudge by asking the user to go to the related Github issue in order to make her/his voice heard too.
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    Hey, @Macaco! This very question has been asked a trillion of times on the forums. And here is the way to find the answers already given: go here and search. The forum search does not work well. The closest to what you desire is probably the Duplicator module, but I never used it in production. I suggest you make yourself comfortable with moving you site here and there "with bare hands" anyway. It is not that hard. You just need to: Copy files. Backup database and restore it where you want the site to be moved to (probably some local dev env like xampp or laragon). Adjust site/config.php (or better use config-dev.php - look here at the very botoom). There is a lot to it only the 1st time)
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    It's not related to ProcessWire. That's the good news. The bad news are: I don't know the answer. 😉 Some say it's related to your hosting provider, some say it's related to a CDN. I found two similar issues out there in the wild: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/unusual-stuff-in-the-url/ https://community.cloudflare.com/t/website-css-not-loading-loads-with-development-mode-on/128163 So... if there is no CDN involved, try to look into your hosting and maybe even ask their support team. Last but not least: Welcome to the forums. 🙂
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    Ok, my bad. Still, reporting post serves a completely different purpose. Hopefully this will be picked up by someone that can address the issue, but the best is to post the issue on github. You would have to create an account there, and of course that's up to you, but you don't need to use git to do it, only fill a form on the site.
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    In you home template, you could do something like: <?php $newsArticles = $pages->find('template=your_news_templates'); foreach ($newsArticles as $newsArticle) { echo "<a href=\"" . $newsArticle->url . "\">" . $newsArticle->title . "</a>"; } ?> This would output each article's title (as well as a url to the article). Obviously you can change the markup to whatever you would need.
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    Ah ha moment - I think I got it! Setting the root url in the template seems to have solved the issue. Although I think as per your post @wbmnfktr there's possibly a less destructive/repetitive way to this in future if can get my head round it! <?php $config->urls->root = '/pw/';?>
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    They do it all the time. No matter how many accounts exists... most of the time all people use just one. I always try to convince clients not to share accounts, but in some cases they flatly express that they will indeed use "shared accounts" no matter what. Their excuse usually boils down to laziness: they do not want to deal with managing users at all. In such a case I ask them at least to call such a user as "shared editor" or similar so that at least we know how to treat that account in question. So for the reasons outlined above, some support for this would be welcome, maybe with some additional logging options so that we can track down such activities even days after...
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    Hi @adrian, Got a chance to look at this today. Batch requests (batch mode on, to emails > 1000) now get split up into separate API requests with 1000 emails per request. The only way I could test this was to reduce the limit to 2 and then try sending a batch request to more than two email addresses. Seems to work fine, however I'd recommend enabling test mode and testing with this to confirm that it works correctly for emails being sent to 1000+ users prior to sending for real. I've also moved the batchMode setting into the module config, so it can be set to ON by default. Cheers, Chris
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    Mine looks worse. After a week of use 😉
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    I have a spare computer laying around so I did a fresh install of Windows and installed Laragon. I must say, it is very slick, feature rich and I can understand the appeal... it just works and has a lot of useful magic (such as auto virtual hosts and easy SSL setup).
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    Hi @Peejay, did you run the Additional steps / Install Snipcart products package in SnipWire module settings? This step installs product templates, files, fields and some demo pages required to build a Snipcart product catalogue. This additional step is needed to prevent unintended deletion of your Snipcart products catalogue when main module is uninstalled. In the current alpha version this isn't yet checked by SnipWire. If you did already run the additional step with an earlier SnipWire version there will be fields missing which were added in a later version. So you will need to re-run this step. The missing resources(fields, templates, pages, ...) will then be installed. Existing ones won't be touched! To re-run this step, you will need to edit/remove a key in database directly: DB table: "modules" -> find entry with class "SnipWire" -> edit the "data" field and remove the Json key: "product_package":true (be sure to leave a valid Json string - you will need to also remove the corresponding comma : {"api_key":"YOUR_LIVE_API_KEY","api_key_test":"ODQzZTc1MjktZGQxNy00YmUzLWFkMWYtZDE3MDQ2YTk1ODNjNjM2ODE3NTg5NzUyNDQxOTc0","api_key_secret":"YOUR_LIVE_API_KEY_SECRET","api_key_secret_test":"","snipcart_environment":"0","single_page_shop":"","single_page_shop_page":1,"credit_cards":["visa","mastercard","amex"],"currencies":["eur","usd"],"show_cart_automatically":1,"shipping_same_as_billing":1,"show_continue_shopping":1,"split_firstname_and_lastname":1,"snipcart_debug":1,"snipcart_css_path":"https:\/\/cdn.snipcart.com\/themes\/2.0\/base\/snipcart.min.css","snipcart_css_integrity":"","snipcart_js_path":"https:\/\/cdn.snipcart.com\/scripts\/2.0\/snipcart.js","snipcart_js_integrity":"","include_jquery":"","jquery_js_path":"https:\/\/code.jquery.com\/jquery-3.3.1.min.js","jquery_js_integrity":"sha256-FgpCb\/KJQlLNfOu91ta32o\/NMZxltwRo8QtmkMRdAu8=","excluded_templates":["promailer-email","promailer-subscribe"],"cart_image_width":65,"cart_image_height":65,"cart_image_quality":70,"cart_image_hidpi":1,"cart_image_hidpiQuality":50,"cart_image_cropping":1,"data_item_name_field":"title","uninstall":"","submit_save_module":"Submit","taxes_included":1,"webhooks_endpoint":"\/webhooks\/snipcart","include_snipcart_css":1,"taxes":"[{\"name\":\"20% VAT\",\"numberForInvoice\":\"\",\"rate\":\"0.20\",\"appliesOnShipping\":[]},{\"name\":\"10% VAT\",\"numberForInvoice\":\"\",\"rate\":\"0.10\",\"appliesOnShipping\":[]},{\"name\":\"10% VAT (Shipping)\",\"numberForInvoice\":\"\",\"rate\":\"0.10\",\"appliesOnShipping\":[\"1\"]}]","snipwire_debug":1,"data_item_categories_field":"snipcart_item_categories","product_package":true} After the key is removed, visit the SnipCart module settings again and re-run the product package installer! In the release version of SnipCart, this will be handled automatically. On each update it will check if there are new fields or other resources to be installed. Hope this helps! p.s. You could also completely uninstall the SnipCart module and then reinstall - this should also activate the product package installer link! -- Martin
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    ProcessWire / Fullcalendar solution including comfortable planning app in the backend: https://vdt-icsa.de/program/ https://2018.tonmeistertagung.com/en/program/
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    Sadly, the rider of this new horse is dumber than a truck-load of doorstops. So I found another way to accomplish what I was looking for. In my opinion, it's hacky, as I still don't know the answers to my op questions, but it will work for now. The $_FILES['input_file_fieldname']['tmp_name'] works as the parameter to New WireUpload(). The result is a randomly created name saved in both the PageImages and file system. Using Soma's rename procedure to provide the original uploaded file's name corrects that anomaly. The result is an uploaded image with the correct (human readable) name. Anyone want to buy a horse? Only ridden once. Includes a new stick. Cheap.
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    I think it should be: $page->fixtures->find("team_a=$teamA,team_b=$teamB");
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    The simple solution is to create a new text field "full_name" and add it to your template. Set the visibility to "Hidden (not shown in the editor)". In /site/ready.php: $pages->addHookAfter('saveReady', function(HookEvent $event) { $page = $event->arguments(0); if($page->template == 'your_template') { $page->full_name = $page->first_name . ' ' . $page->last_name; } }); You'll need to save all the pages once to populate the full_name field - if there are a lot then use the API to loop over the pages and save them. Now you can search the full_name field.
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    They do it all the time. No matter how many accounts exists... most of the time all people use just one. Some just don't want to be responsible for changes so they take the credentials from another user or "admin" account they somehow can get.
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    Thanks for reporting back! I just published a new version on GitHub which has some great performance improvements and a lot of other new features! The orders list is now loaded in 1 - 1.5 seconds (instead of 4 seconds). The dashboard is also affected by these changes and should load much faster now!
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    Yeah, well in that case it really seems impossible. Can't you narrow it down with some other condition? has_parent, template, or similar? I know you said you want something future-proof, but certainly you are not adding new templates every day? Field dependencies let you write your own logic in plain PHP (one of many options), I guess Ryan has a reason he didn't allow such freedom when it comes to Lister (Pro or not) - probably security concerns. You might want to take a look at @bernhard's RockGrid module instead. A bit more work initially than just creating a new Lister Pro instance, but you're totally free to list / select / query whatever you like.
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    Have you looked at the $session documentation? If so is there a specific problem you're having?
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    I need to take a look at that, but unfortunately, I'm not hopeful that I'll find enough time this week. Next week should be a bit less crazy though. I haven't found the time to update to the latest FB release, but it looks like soon will be a good time to do so 🙂 Stay tuned.
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    NOTE: This thread originally started in the Pub section of the forum. Since we moved it into the Plugin/Modules section I edited this post to meet the guidelines but also left the original content so that the replies can make sense. ProcessGraphQL ProcessGraphQL seamlessly integrates to your ProcessWire web app and allows you to serve the GraphQL api of your existing content. You don't need to apply changes to your content or it's structure. Just choose what you want to serve via GraphQL and your API is ready. Warning: The module supports PHP version >= 5.5 and ProcessWire version >= 3. Links: Zip Download Github Repo ScreenCast PW modules Page Please refer to the Readme to learn more about how to use the module. Original post starts here... Hi Everyone! I became very interested in this GraphQL thing lately and decided to learn a bit about it. And what is the better way of learning a new thing than making a ProcessWire module out of it! For those who are wondering what GraphQL is, in short, it is an alternative to REST. I couldn't find the thread but I remember that Ryan was not very happy with the REST and did not see much value in it. He offered his own AJAX API instead, but it doesn't seem to be supported much by him, and was never published to official modules directory. While ProcessWire's API is already amazing and allows you to quickly serve your content in any format with less than ten lines of code, I think it might be convenient to install a module and have JSON access to all of your content instantly. Especially this could be useful for developers that use ProcessWire as a framework instead of CMS. GraphQL is much more flexible than REST. In fact you can build queries in GraphQL with the same patterns you do with ProcessWire API. Ok, Ok. Enough talk. Here is what the module does after just installing it into skyscrapers profile. It supports filtering via ProcessWire selectors and complex fields like FieldtypeImage or FieldtypePage. See more demo here The module is ready to be used, but there are lots of things could be added to it. Like supporting any type of fields via third party modules, authentication, permissions on field level, optimization and so on. I would love to continue to develop it further if I would only know that there is an interest in it. It would be great to hear some feedback from you. I did not open a thread in modules section of the forum because I wanted to be sure there is interest in it first. You can install and learn about it more from it's repository. It should work with PHP >=5.5 and ProcessWire 3.x.x. The support for 2.x.x version is not planned yet. Please open an issue if you find bugs or you want some features added in issue tracker. Or you can share your experience with the module here in this thread.
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    Nowhere. This is embarrassing. I forgot about language field when I rewrote the module for alternative graphql library. My bad, sorry. New Version 1.1.0 I updated the module to support languages now. Please upgrade and it should work fine. Sorry for inconvenience and thanks a lot for the feedback.
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    Ok I found this codepen: multiple sortBy and through rearranging and cleaning up my code a bit, as well as making the sort order static and not changeable via a page field this sortBy: ['featured', 'date'], actually works, where the items get first sorted by the value of featured and if that is the same they get sorted by date.
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    Hi, thanks @Robin S for your hook example, but also (in my case) I had a problem to save values inside repeaters. I use 3 fields per/row and out of repeaters everything works fine (PW 3.0.146.). The images below shows my page tree and two different situations (after save). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is another hook example ("cascade" case like on images) but before test, please read setup notes: 1) For the first column field (continents / categories) set parent page inside field setup. 2) For subfields (country and city) set template (eg. "blank") inside field setup. 3) Write selector strings for subfields inside hook configuration (ready.php). PHP (ready.php) <?php namespace ProcessWire; /** * Configuration: * Field names and selectors * * For subfields and after save problem * need to write string selectors here, and leave empty * that part inside field setup. */ $config->names = array( 'continent' => '', 'country' => 'parent=page.continent', 'city' => 'parent=page.country', ); $wire->addHookAfter('InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages', function ($event) { $inputfield = $event->object; $field = $inputfield->hasField; $names = $this->config->names; if (isset($names["$field->name"])) { $selector = $names["$field->name"]; if (trim($selector) !== "") { if (strpos($inputfield->name, '_repeater') !== false) { $id = str_replace($field->name . "_repeater", "", $inputfield->name); foreach ($names as $n => $s) { if (strpos($selector, $n) !== false) { $repeater_name = $n . '_repeater' . $id; $selector = str_replace($n, $repeater_name, $selector); } } } $inputfield->findPagesSelector($selector); } } } ); Here is screen record: Regards.
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    Thank you! Dude, you really have patience 😁 The source of the problem was the Media Widget plugin , which wraps another figure element on the image element, although now there is an outer figure has the correct class 🤷‍♂️. I could swear it wasn't there before... Oh well... Didn't need the plugin, so I uninstalled it. To summarize, to have it noted down and to pick the brains of the experts, this is what I did to get the styles working: 1. created /site/assets/css/ckeditor_contents.css (my choice of path) containing some of the framework's styles, like .has-text-danger { color: hsl(348, 100%, 61%); } .is-pulled-left { float: left; } 2. created /site/assets/css/admin.css containing my custom admin styles like /* custom CKEditor styles to have in PW admin interface */ @import url("../../assets/css/ckeditor_contents.css"); /* force a min width for CKEditor combo, so I can read the text */ .cke_combopanel { min-width: 25rem; } 3. imported the same /site/assets/css/ckeditor_contents.css on top of /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/contents.css /* custom CKEditor styles to have in PW admin interface */ @import url("../../assets/css/ckeditor_contents.css"); 4. linked /site/assets/css/admin.css on top of /site/templates/admin.php, right at the beginning of the file, before the line requiring the controller $config->styles->add($config->urls->assets.'css/admin.css'); 5. changed classes in the Page Edit Image module settings (the link is /ADMIN_FOLDER/module/edit?name=ProcessPageEditImageSelect) aaaand... I got this (with Bulma classes) 😁 As you see, I have even the kitchen sink in there, it's because of my condition called what-if-I-ever-need-it-osis 😂 Thank you!
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    Hi @elebx Yeah, I'm okay with the first line, erm, I think. It was how to then get the actual specific code [[subscribebuttons]] and render it within the function, outputting it as part of my $out chain, if you know what I mean.
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    Note to self: When creating tags, be sure to actually click on "Create Tag" 🤣 Please try again 🙂
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    Here I made a little example with a simple CSS transition: https://jsfiddle.net/x8gwrbys/ I have Autoprefixer in CodeKit for all those prefixes, so I don't have to write any prefix again. I can really recommend it. But for example transform is now a few years old and well supported, so you don't have to write prefixes for transform anymore. JavaScript for animating is not bad. But CSS animations have in general a better performance. For small animations there is not much of a difference, but on heavy animations you can really slow down a computer with JavaScript animations in my experience. 😉
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    See the module config for Page Edit Image (which is the Process module used by the PWImage plugin):
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    I am currently working on 2 large modules (SnipWire and GroupMailer). The further the development progresses the more complex it is to fully support the 3 main themes (UIKit, Reno and Default). What do you think: is it worth the effort or will the older themes soon disappear? Should I concentrate on UIKit only? How do you handle this with your modules?
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    Well, there's no selector "if template / page has field_x", so a workaround could be two custom selectors: custom (field=value) 1 = meta%= custom (field=value) 2 = meta!= Make sure to check the checkbox on the right (make it OR rather than AND)
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    @charger I don't think that hashing graphql queries would cause performance problems. They are not that big. You should be fine.
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    lol, i see amigo, I just didn't want to have to go re-invent the wheel, ya know? I'm liking this little gem https://fullcalendar.io/ Just gotta figure out the best way to implement it 😉
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    You have to enable it in the module (Forgot Password) itself.
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    Do not use FieldtypeInteger for Phonenumbers, because the Mysql Datatype is INT and therefore the value is limited to 4 bytes strings (32bit). You can use FieldtypeInteger only for numbers within the range from -2147483647 to 2147483647. Use builtin FieldtypeText or FieldtypePhone (3d Party Module) for Phonenumbers. The value of FieldtypePhone must be an instance of Phone (WireData derived object) otherwise it will be set to blank value. From the code: /** * If value not of instance Phone return empty instance */
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    Hi! It was a cache problem. I leave this topic for any similar issues.
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    This is on the top of my to-do list now 🙂
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    You can even skip the first few steps when you add PW as a "one click app". Either with or without Composer. https://processwire.com/talk/topic/21796-one-click-processwire-in-laragon/?tab=comments#comment-187287
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    I use an IDE and found it stressful to have to work-around deploying config.php This is how I found your thread. Thank you! I integrated your solution into my own workflow and came up with this to share back here: /site/config.php (like @bernhard except last line) // include config file from outside of the repo $client = 'config-' . end(explode('/',__FILE__, -2)); include("../$client.php"); The PHP end() function and the minus 2 in the explode(), always gets the URI domain base. (As long as PW keeps it there.) Since my usual deployment flow is from ABC.dev -> test.mybox.com/ABC -> ABC.com ...in my root folder, safely out of reach (like @bernhard's concept), I then create 3 files each containing config deployment differences. ../config-ABC.dev.php and ../config-ABC.php and ../config-ABC.com.php For those also using PHPStorm, since these files are located out of project, I would add them in Favorites. (And add it's root folders in Deployment Mappings). I can then easily make use of IDE features like "Compare Two Files", "Sync with Deployed to", etc. Removing doubts about what config property I may have missed across the board. No more stress.
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    An update to the hook in the first post for PW v3.0.117 or greater. // Add a new 'chunk' method to WireArray, the equivalent of PHP's array_chunk $wire->addHookMethod('WireArray::chunk', function(HookEvent $event) { /* @var WireArray $wire_array */ $wire_array = $event->object; $size = $event->arguments(0); if( !((int) $size > 0) ) throw new WireException('WireArray::chunk requires an integer $size argument greater than zero'); $chunks = new WireArray(); for($n = 0; $n < count($wire_array); $n += $size) { $chunks->add($wire_array->slice($n, $size)); } $event->return = $chunks; }); This returns the chunks as a WireArray so you have the option of using WireArray methods. So if needed you could do something like: $items = $pages->find("template=foo"); $chunks = $items->chunk(5); $three_random_chunks = $chunks->find("limit=3, sort=random");
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    Unfortunately I haven't had much time in optimization for this module. I'm very busy so can't promise any timelines when this will happen. The only thing you can do now is to keep your graphql schema as small as possible by unchecking all the unwanted fields and templates in the module config page. There is supposed to be a way to cache the schema (https://github.com/youshido-php/GraphQL/pull/37) I was planning to look into it. But never had a time for it and thus is not implemented in this module yet.
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    I had a look at this, and it seems it isn't possible to directly set the optionAttributes property of inputfields that extend InputfieldSelect. That is probably why @kixe made this module. But what you can do is use a hook to remove the existing options, and then add them back with some attributes... $wire->addHookBefore('InputfieldCheckboxes::render', function(HookEvent $event) { $inputfield = $event->object; // Only for a specific field if($inputfield->hasField != 'your_field_name') return; $options = $inputfield->options; // Get the existing options $inputfield->options = []; // Remove all the existing options // Add the options back with attributes foreach($options as $value => $label) { // Set whatever attributes you want as $key => $value in the last argument of addOption() $inputfield->addOption($value, $label, ['disabled' => 'disabled', 'data-foo' => 'bar', 'class' => $this->sanitizer->pageName($label, true)]); } $event->return = $inputfield; });
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    Quickly toggle your checkboxes with extra action buttons via AJAX. The module adds functionality to InputfieldCheckbox so you can toggle the checkbox fields in the extra action buttons intruduced in ProcessWire 2.6.5 via AJAX. Github Page Download Link Requirements This module works only for ProcessWire versions later than 2.6.5. How to Install 1. Copy the files to /site/modules/ProcessQuickToggle/ 2. In your admin, go to Modules > Refresh for new modules. 3. Click the "Install" button next to "Process Quick Toggle". Usage Go to any checkbox field you want to enable quick toggle feature for. Setup > Fields > my_checkbox_field. There in the Input tab you should see an Enable Quick Toggle field. After you check it you will see some fields that you can fill based on your needs. Then save the field. Now there should be an extra button for every page that has this field in the Pages tree. Features Supports template contexts. Supports core FontAwesome icons. Any kind of feedback is appreciated.
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    Categories are really a perfect use case for pages rather than options. But to answer your question, this should do it: $options = $fieldtypes->get('FieldtypeOptions')->getOptions('categories'); foreach($options as $option) { echo $option->title; } This also works: $field = $fields->get('categories'); $options = $field->type->getOptions($field); If you are going to be using the selections for anything, use the $option->id property, rather than the title, just in case you later go back and change the title or something.
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    There are a few videos by Soma dedicated to plugins. But I also try to notice a bit of a master's backend organisation while he is clicking through the admin. Here is the link.
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