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    @Robin S I agree and this is already in progress. It's not in the first version but is in the next one—here's the relevant section from the draft documentation:
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    This week we’ll take a look at LoginRegisterPro — a new module that provides an all-in-one, self contained module for providing new user registration, secure logins, profile editing, and more. It does this all in a manner that is reliable, efficient, comprehensive and secure. As we continue preparing the ProcessWire core dev branch to become our new master, I've been trying to stay hands-off on new feature additions there as much as possible (till the new master is out), and instead focusing on finishing up modules I've had in development. Last time I told you about the UserActivity module, and this time we’ll look at LoginRegisterPro, which is another module dealing with users; though significantly larger in scale/scope. LoginRegisterPro is a module I've been working on for more than a year, and finally this month have it ready to share. While I don't have it available for download today I do expect to have a beta release as soon as early next week. Read this week’s post for more details— https://processwire.com/blog/posts/login-register-pro/
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    @ryan, thanks for this new module - really looking forward to getting my hands on it! One important thing that I think is missing though is support for Image fields (the screenshots say no File fields and I figure this means no Image fields either). It's a really common need to allow avatar/profile images for members. A simple file input would suffice, but of course it would great to have things like preview before upload, front-end image resizing, and progress bar for upload (especially if front-end resizing isn't possible).
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