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  2. Hi @szabesz, Good idea... I deleted the 1st version of the script and put the second one in a spoiler. I couldn't figure out how to delete an empty spoiler or code block. Do you know how? Edit: I figured it out: just go below the empty box and hit the backspace key until it's gone. πŸ™‚ Thanks again, Peter
  3. It's fun and wildly different to what I'm used to. It's tight integration with VS Code makes learning much easier. Definitely worth a look
  4. To give another perspective on this topic... This is something that is much easier fixed by changing host than changing the website itself. A statement like that is a clear message that it's time to find a different host. I think it's outrageous for a host to change the PHP version on a live site without warning and then tell their customers that it's their problem to solve. If a host did that to me I would drop them just on principle. Almost all shared cPanel hosting lets you pick the PHP version. So my suggestion would be to open a new account at a shared cPanel host of your choosing. This kind of hosting is as cheap as chips. Hopefully you made a backup of the site files and database before you started changing things. Set the PHP version to 5.4, create/import the database and upload the files and chances are everything will work as it did before. The host might even do the migration for you as a sweetener for new customers. You can use a subdomain (test.vivesport.co.uk) for testing the new hosting and later change the primary domain if everything is working.
  5. Kongondo is right, of course. Sounds like there is some sort of "custom code" implemented for your site which cannot run in the new server environment, or even worse, your host might have screwed up something which they just never confess. For example, once I had a clear clue in the logs that the hosting company ran their custom script to scan(?) the site for some sort of WordPress thingy and the script modified things it should not have. The support denied the fact that the scrip had been run, but the error message in the logs told me a different story...
  6. Hello @Peter Falkenberg Brown, Thanks for sharing your script, I appreciate that. Still, they are kinda long so could you please "hide" them in a spoiler (by using the eye icon in the toolbar). That would make this thread readable and the browser responsive.
  7. Yeah, I just saw your post - that's too bad - hopefully there is a solution!
  8. Done πŸ™‚ Just realized that this update actually breaks a lot of the functionality provided by RockFinder3 - so it's critical to get an update for this! 😐
  9. Hi I use UIKIT3 Sortable at the frontend to make the blocks M1, M2, ... Each block is a page. I can move (sort) the blocks at the frontend, but how can I save the sort-order so the pages at the backend have the same sort-order as at the frontend?
  10. Yeah, please do - I think it's going to prove quite painful if we can't generate queries that work independently. I make use of the "Selector Queries" feature on the RequestInfo panel in Tracy a LOT and it's no longer as useful. Sounds like Ryan is keen to come up with a fix, but an extra voice might help motivate him πŸ™‚
  11. Hey @adrian would it be possible to make the panels open in fullscreen on shift-click? I think that could be a great benefit not only for the console but also other panels with lots of content!
  12. Remember you have some wording in the docs that needs changing, eg "The ProcessModule of RockFinder3 does use Tracy for dumping the results, so TracyDebugger is required for the ProcessModule to run."
  13. Paying a percentage of the turnover is never an option for me.
  14. Assume you have read these: https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/issues/710 https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/issues/1757 He says that "whitespace is preferred in many cases", but I just don't get it - not sure how trailing whitespace has any advantage, but maybe I am missing something πŸ™‚
  15. I really don't care a lot about those things (neither the plus icon nore the favicon), but couldn't you also set the page title to something like: #DEV# xxx on the dev site and leave the favicon untouched? πŸ™‚
  16. That just happened with the latest commit πŸ™‚ Thanks! Didn't think of that and that would have really made the development difficult! I'll post a comment in the issue πŸ™‚ Thx for clarifying. I also don't like them, but it seems that Ryan likes them, because we have this setting in /wire/.editorconfig trim_trailing_whitespace = false Thx, just enabled the setting in VSCode as well πŸ™‚
  17. Sorry you find it ugly - I know it doesn't look nice, but it's one of my favorite things in Tracy - so nice to know which browser tab has the dev version vs live version of a site.
  18. Just have VSCode set up to automatically remove trailing spaces at the end of lines. It's a pet peeve of mine and something I wish Ryan would do with the PW core. Nothing new - it's just a shame that we can no longer see the values in query - makes it impossible to easily copy / paste a query into Adminer etc to test directly. Are you going to completely remove the Process module now? Does it serve some other purpose?
  19. Thx @adrian works a treat 😎 I have slightly modified it so that it checks if Tabulator exists before loading it. Seems you have some code prettifier active: https://github.com/baumrock/RockFinder3/commit/2863b76e9109673d7095e08d5d0d9b6ad5193f3c What are you using? I've followed this issue and was a little afraid something would break anything in rockfinder, but I did the upgrade just before posting this topic and everything seemed to work. If you are referring to the screenshots containing "old" values instead of bind variables that's just because I made them before upgrading the core. Or is there anything I missed out or need to check again?
  20. I just saw it and I like it :-). TBH, what I find 'ugly' is the favicon badge :-). The first thing I do when I install Tracy is to disable it :-). Don't mind me though...
  21. I decided to go with Snipcart for the time being, the new SnipWire module came just at the right time. Processwire is in such a great need of a good ecommerce module. I hope I can update those stores to Padloper once it's out.
  22. With Covid19 there are many shop requests. I did not wanted to lose them and so i startet to code on my own. After Padloper will be released than i will see if i switch to it for future projects...
  23. @bernhard - test out the attached version which avoids the need for the Process module by loading the tabulator files on demand. RockFinder3.module.php
  24. Hi @kongondo , I hope you are right and didn’t infected by the virus. I’m also interested in, because 2 projects are waiting for me in the next 2 months. For me for example would be good also if I could test beta, as my sites will be also under development. Now we don’t know at this point what re we waiting for. :( For me only a 2 sencence answer would be enough, regarding should I wait for Padloper 2 or not if I’d like to start 2 basic webshop projects? Thank you and keep up the good work!
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