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  2. chrizz

    @kixe Awesome! I guess that explained in pretty much in detail! And guess what: after ignoring this problem for 24h now it solved itself... like always Thank you very much for this detailed explanation!
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  4. clsource

    It surely can be done. Although it would take some time. You can see a REST Api Module here Another option is to create a "Fake Woocommerce" site and use PW inside their handlers in order to save the data into PW.
  5. louisstephens

    Well look at that. It was simpler than I thought. Thanks adrian. I'll keep that one in my snippets.
  6. Yeah, go with: $p2->parent = $p so that you are referencing the page. Otherwise you are trying to find a page by name which actually doesn't work like that.
  7. louisstephens

    Thanks everyone for the quick responses. Unfortunately when I do: $p2->parent = wire('pages')->get($parentPageName); I get the following: Exception: Unknown Selector operator: '' -- was your selector value properly escaped? (in MAMP/htdocs/development/pw/wire/core/Selectors.php line 378) Im a little baffled as I thought it would work without the quotes as I dont see any glaring errors in Visual Studio Code.
  8. Hahahahaha, early morning support, sorry guys
  9. Or no quotes at all
  10. Or remove them. You don't need them in this case
  11. Use double quotes!
  12. I am wondering, how do you pass a variable into wire('page')->get() inside a function? I have been looking through the forums, but unfortunately I have not found the answer yet. My current set up is: function generateNewPages($parentPageName) { $p = new Page(); $p->template = "parent"; $p->parent = wire('pages')->get('/home/'); $p->name = $parentPageName; $p->title = $parentPageName; $p->of(false); $p->save(); $p2 = new Page(); $p2->template = "child"; $p2->parent = wire('pages')->get('$parentPageName'); $p2->name = "child"; $p2->title = "Child Page"; $p2->of(false); $p2->save(); } When I try to run it by passing in a title like generateNewPages('Demo');, "Demo" is created, but when it gets to the child page I get: Unknown Selector operator: '$' -- was your selector value properly escaped? Is there a way to pass the $parentPageName to "wire('pages')->get('$parentPageName')" ?
  13. Also I want to know how did you handle translations? For example translating the pager? There are instructions how to at but my general problem is understanding how to modify the gridOptions object.
  14. Hi @bernhard. I would like to change the styling/rendering of one or more header columns. For example I want to change the background color. How would I do that? I found this instruction from the aggrid site but how would I integrate this into RockGrid? Or is there an easy way to add a class to a specific header column? How do I disable a plugin/button? For example the Excel export button? Somewhere in your code I found document.addEventListener('RockGridButtons.beforeRender', function (e) { // Buttons entfernen if ( != 'RockGridItem_stats') return var grid = RockGrid.getGrid( var plugin = grid.plugins.buttons // remove a btton plugin.buttons.remove('refresh') }) which does not work. The the listener event is never fired. Also I found document.addEventListener('RockGridItemBeforeInit', function (e) { if ( != 'RockGridItem_stats') return var grid = RockGrid.getGrid( grid.disablePlugin('excel'); }) which also doesn't work.
  15. MarcoPLY

    hi @Sevarf2, I know maybe it's not exactly what you were looking for, but could put you in a good direction. I didn't test yet but look so nice. I have find here wire()->addHookAfter('LoginRegister::buildProfileForm', function($event) { $form = $event->return; foreach ($form->children as $field) { if ($field instanceof InputfieldEmail || $field instanceof InputfieldPassword) { $form->remove($field); } } }); Maybe it's enough make a different hook in instead of $form->remove($field) If you want to use just for a specific form you can make the hook in that page, instead of in the ready.php
  16. horst

    Hey @teppo, the user 8-bit-guy is one of my sons favourites. My 12 years old son loves to work and hack retro hardware, like commodore 64 and a whole bunch of gaming handhelds or consoles, (besides others). Every third or second time, when he get something to work, and I ask him how he got it to work, he answers: "I found some useful information from the 8-bit-guy."
  17. teppo

    Great read! A bit off topic (hey, this is the pub) but this is part of the reason why I love reading about old-school software development, and game development in particular. You know, when folks had to figure out how to run complex software while dealing with various limitations – such as being limited to something between 32 and 64 KB of memory in total. Good times. For the record, there are some awesome videos about old school development and hardware at YouTube by user The 8-Bit Guy. Not only does he clearly know his "old-school" computers inside out, he has also released amazingly polished new games for old hardware
  18. IvanSCM

    I do not mean just another tool. I mean the convenience of teamwork on the translation. This will allow to have always the actual translation into the desired language, by the community. And, accordingly, will help popularize your favorite system.
  19. netcarver

    I would guess this is down to row level locking in InnoDB over full-table lock in MyISAM. @Sevarf2 There is another option for handling a large number of simultaneous sessions: Redis. Your server sounds like it would be well specified to run redis too, though if it's now working well in production with InnoDB tables, I'd be tempted not to change it.
  20. horst

    Cool specs!
  21. pwired

    I see the same going on with imaging tools for backing up a whole partition on your computer. I tried Norton, Acronis, Paragon, etc. They are nothing but Corporate Bloat. And then there is this german programmer who made drive snapshot. I won't put any link here. I am not affiliated you can look it up your self with google. It's only 409 kbyte. Yes, thats right only 409 kbyte. You can install it, or use it portable or start it from a bootable iso. It blows away all the Corporate Bloat. So in addition to mr-fan's post, what I mean is it can be done, but somehow they won't.
  22. louisstephens

    Hey josua118, and welcome to the forums! Quick question for you, how are you rendering the field on the frontend?
  23. kongondo

    Haven't looked at the inner workings of this yet, but is this something (caching) that Wire Cache could do?
  24. patricktsg

    Sorted! thanks, I had not enabled the options page doh!
  25. dadish

    @patricktsg Make sure the template of the colour pages are enabled in the ProcessGraphQL module's config page and make sure user has explicit access to them in template permissions page. More on that here
  26. patricktsg

    Thanks for getting back to me - tried that code but I just get an empty array for the list { "data": { "product_single": { "list": [ { "title": "Widget", "product_code": "12345", "colour": { "getTotal": 1, "getLimit": 0, "getStart": 0, "list": [] } } ] } } }
  27. Sevarf2

    I really don't know, but my site now is handling millions of requests per day without any problem since the something is there but I'm no DB expert...and I have a very powerful machine, 32core 256GB RAM, ssd apache or cpanel or other slow stuff...
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