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  3. Hi @Peejay, did you run the Additional steps / Install Snipcart products package in SnipWire module settings? This step installs product templates, files, fields and some demo pages required to build a Snipcart product catalogue. This additional step is needed to prevent unintended deletion of your Snipcart products catalogue when main module is uninstalled. In the current alpha version this isn't yet checked by SnipWire. If you did already run the additional step with an earlier SnipWire version there will be fields missing which were added in a later version. So you will need to re-run this step. The missing resources(fields, templates, pages, ...) will then be installed. Existing ones won't be touched! To re-run this step, you will need to edit/remove a key in database directly: DB table: "modules" -> find entry with class "SnipWire" -> edit the "data" field and remove the Json key: "product_package":true (be sure to leave a valid Json string - you will need to also remove the corresponding comma : {"api_key":"YOUR_LIVE_API_KEY","api_key_test":"ODQzZTc1MjktZGQxNy00YmUzLWFkMWYtZDE3MDQ2YTk1ODNjNjM2ODE3NTg5NzUyNDQxOTc0","api_key_secret":"YOUR_LIVE_API_KEY_SECRET","api_key_secret_test":"","snipcart_environment":"0","single_page_shop":"","single_page_shop_page":1,"credit_cards":["visa","mastercard","amex"],"currencies":["eur","usd"],"show_cart_automatically":1,"shipping_same_as_billing":1,"show_continue_shopping":1,"split_firstname_and_lastname":1,"snipcart_debug":1,"snipcart_css_path":"https:\/\/cdn.snipcart.com\/themes\/2.0\/base\/snipcart.min.css","snipcart_css_integrity":"","snipcart_js_path":"https:\/\/cdn.snipcart.com\/scripts\/2.0\/snipcart.js","snipcart_js_integrity":"","include_jquery":"","jquery_js_path":"https:\/\/code.jquery.com\/jquery-3.3.1.min.js","jquery_js_integrity":"sha256-FgpCb\/KJQlLNfOu91ta32o\/NMZxltwRo8QtmkMRdAu8=","excluded_templates":["promailer-email","promailer-subscribe"],"cart_image_width":65,"cart_image_height":65,"cart_image_quality":70,"cart_image_hidpi":1,"cart_image_hidpiQuality":50,"cart_image_cropping":1,"data_item_name_field":"title","uninstall":"","submit_save_module":"Submit","taxes_included":1,"webhooks_endpoint":"\/webhooks\/snipcart","include_snipcart_css":1,"taxes":"[{\"name\":\"20% VAT\",\"numberForInvoice\":\"\",\"rate\":\"0.20\",\"appliesOnShipping\":[]},{\"name\":\"10% VAT\",\"numberForInvoice\":\"\",\"rate\":\"0.10\",\"appliesOnShipping\":[]},{\"name\":\"10% VAT (Shipping)\",\"numberForInvoice\":\"\",\"rate\":\"0.10\",\"appliesOnShipping\":[\"1\"]}]","snipwire_debug":1,"data_item_categories_field":"snipcart_item_categories","product_package":true} After the key is removed, visit the SnipCart module settings again and re-run the product package installer! In the release version of SnipCart, this will be handled automatically. On each update it will check if there are new fields or other resources to be installed. Hope this helps! p.s. You could also completely uninstall the SnipCart module and then reinstall - this should also activate the product package installer link! -- Martin
  4. It looks that pages that have subpages can't be cloned?!?! Is there anyway that I can circumvent this? I would like to clone a page without the subpages.
  5. After some years with a website working perfectly, Page Clone started to display some strange behaviour: 1. When cloning some pages, it takes forever. The waiting icon is displayed but the page never appears. Only after I refresh the tree page, the new page appears: 2. The other thing is that some pages can't be copied. The pages have the same templates but the users are able to copy some and other don't. It gives this error: (the URL is .../page/clone/?id=76376&login=1) Does someone have a clue why this is happening. I can't find any real difference between the pages that I'm trying to copy. One more thing: If the user is a super user, he's able to copy every page without problems. I think both errors might be related. Thanks!
  6. adrian


    @Wanze - I am curious if you would be willing to adjust the inheritance model a little. I am looking to be able to have site editors set the OG image on the homepage and have it inherited by all other pages unless they specifically upload an image to another page. Currently the only way I can see to do this is to set the field's main default image to the URL of an image that is uploaded to the homepage, which means the editors need to explicitly name the image so the URL is always the same. I think it would be great if pages inherited values from their parent pages, rather than just directly to the field's default values. Does that make sense and sound useful? Thanks!
  7. Hi @Gadgetto, Thank you for this great module, currently I'am using it for a test-case. When I updated with your recent version I get the following error when I want to navigate to the dashboard / products page: Fatal error: Uncaught ProcessWire\PageFinderSyntaxException: Field does not exist: snipcart_item_id in /Users/macbookweb014/Documents/BB/localhost/wetthrasport/wire/core/PageFinder.php:1272 Stack trace: #0 Can you help me fixing it? Do I need to create a snipcart_item_id field? Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Peejay
  8. Mikie

    HTTP/2 Push

    @dragan cool thanks. Adrian is wondering if pw core should be doing any of this. Any thoughts on what could specifically be optimised in the admin?
  9. Yesterday
  10. That’s really generous! I would be more than happy to take a look and use it for my next project. How can I get the files?
  11. LazyCron operates on an elapsed time interval, but you may want it to operate at specified times. Assuming your website is going to be visited sufficiently frequently (either by real users or by a Cron job), you can do this by editing the file /assets/cache/LazyCron.cache. This file contains 21 timestamps – one for each of the LazyCron specified intervals (e.g. “everyMinute”). The timestamp denotes when that interval was last triggered. To make the trigger happen at the required time, change the timestamp in the matching row to be when the previous trigger should have occurred. To make this easier, I have done an Excel spreadsheet (“Lazycron_fill.xlsx”) to simplify the process – just enter the required benchmark timings and copy the result into the LazyCron.cache file. Lazycron_fill.xlsx
  12. not sure if this was reported already, but i'm unable to upgrade past 1.5.54, upgrading from 1.5.54 => 1.5.57 creates a "Failed to init module" error, SQLSTATE[42S21]: Column already exists: 1060 Duplicate column name 'last_hit'. Hope this helps, not sure what the issue is.
  13. First of all, many thanks to @thomasaull for this awesome module. I'm starting to develop an server-side-rendered Webapp with Sapper at the frontend and ProcessWire as the backend. For learning the behavior of pages and fields accessed via the REST API, I started a tiny example repo here. It allows to loop through all pages and if questioned for one specific page it outputs all (no validation, if a field should be readable to the frontend users) fields of the page (with some opinionated default values). Right now it only covers "basic" text-based fields, images and Repeaters. I was wondering if there is an easy way to check for field settings like access control, conditional visibility etc. I'm thinking about a most practical solution, which is also abstractable for further projects with totally different fields. Maybe extending the Fieldtype Classes could be a solution?
  14. dab

    ecommerce website

    Snipcart looks nice (though I've not tried it). I looked at it & the 2% of transactions fees on top of payment gateway fees put me off, plus only a few payment gateways are supported. I've used Foxy.io (Foxy Cart) with ProcessWire on a site & it works really well*. Fees are low (approx £16/month) & loads of payment gateways are supported. I'm happy so post/share code if anyone needs it. *Big thanks go to both @netcarver an @Macrura for helping me with some of the datafeed integrations back to ProcessWire.
  15. Now it works, the page was unpublished. 🤭 Thanks.
  16. yes. action="<?=$pages->get('/b/')->url;?>"
  17. You might even use http://processwire-master.localhost, which is better, because I had sometimes problems when using a subfolder instead of a subdomain. Sorry, @dragan said that also in his previous post. Did not read it completely.
  18. @franciccio-ITALIANO Start the server and then open http://localhost/processwire-master/ in your browser. (or, if you have enabled it in Laragon, http://processwire-master.test)
  19. Hi, I'm not sure how to install Processwire on Laragon. In which folder should I move exactly the decompressed folder of processwire? I put it on C://laragon/www/processwire-master and then I clicked on C://laragon/www/processwire-master/install.php but the installation does not start. Only, Clicking on it only shows me the list of contents of the file install.php. Can someone please help me?
  20. dragan

    HTTP/2 Push

    If you're serious about performance and don't have http2 available, you can optimize a lot with resource hints and service workers + cache API.
  21. Made some changes to the navigation, and the weird issue @bernhard picked up, thanks so far everyone. @JeevanisM I am currently working on that now, will share something soon.
  22. Have you looked at the $session documentation? If so is there a specific problem you're having?
  23. It's unlikely the browsers themselves are making the difference here. Probably you are logged into the PW admin in Chrome but not in the other browsers. So your problem is due to some access restriction on page/template "b".
  24. @Cupacabra, It looks as though your form action (referenced in your ajax url) is not pointing to your b.php template so it is not being called.
  25. Last week
  26. tpr


    Nothing in sight, how could that work? Only setting webp urls, or somehow combined with fallback to non-webp format?
  27. Zeka


    @tpr Do you plan to implement support of webp?
  28. @Cupacabra Is there template file for the 'b' template?
  29. Here what i mean: // page "/a" template a.php... <form method="POST" action="<?=$pages->get('/submitmail/')->url;?>" id="contactMessage"> <h4>Form....</h4> <input name="name" placeholder="Name" type="text" required> <textarea name="comments" placeholder="Comment" rows="5" required></textarea><br> <button type="submit" id="btnSend">Send</button> </form> <script> $(document).on('submit', '#contactMessage', function(ev) { ev.preventDefault(); let form = $(this); let formData = form.serializeArray(); $('#btnSend').prop('disabled', true); $('#btnSend').html('<i class="fa fa-spinner fa-spin"></i>please wait...wathever..'); $.ajax({ method: form.attr('method'), url: form.attr('action'), data: formData }).done(function( msg ) { alert("it works..."); document.querySelector('#contactMessage').reset(); }).fail(function() { alert("Error!"); }).always(function() { $('#btnSend').prop('disabled', false); $('#btnSend').html('Send'); }); }); </script> // page "/b" template b.php... <?php if ($config->ajax) { $name = $_POST['name']; $comments = $_POST['comments']; // do anything with received data.... }
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