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  4. kongondo

    Update: Menu Builder Version 0.2.5. Just a quick maintenance update. Changelog Fixed a minor bug where we had to check if a variable was an array first before "counting" it. Removed a leftover debugging statement from the code (an echo of all things! Not even a bd()!!) .
  5. Hi, I am writing a custom module that requires storing array of settings in the module config/settings. Is there a built-in fieldtype that allows me to store settings in an array (sort of like Repeater)? I tried using InputfieldAceExtended and InputfieldTextarea to store JSON array. Both times, my data was stored in the module settings (in the database) but upon reload, that information was not retrieved. Thanks Rudy
  6. @Gadgetto I have a module but didn't add it to module directory Module using : Module only works with checkbox, will add support for radio, checkbox group and radio group. You can try it or you can continue with your solution.
  7. thanks, ok yes that was it, i force reloaded the page (not in modal) and was able to uncache the js.
  8. This version fits more into UIkit admin theme: (I could think of a simple theme detection and use colors based on selected theme)
  9. @Macrura As you can see, it works here: Does your version look like mine above? It needs JavaScript to work. I have a feeling your browser is serving the cached JavaScript files rather than the updated ones. Please clear your browser cache and/or test in incognito. Thanks.
  10. Just a idea: build a textformatter module, attach it to all desired fields, plaintext and ckeditor fields. In the textformatter method, check what type the calling field is of, (HTML or plaintext). If plaintext, use the php function strip_tags() on your replacement content, otherwise leave as is.
  11. That's very strange. It works here. PW version, PHP version?
  12. rick

    Fixed it for you
  13. Can't trash items in version 6 – click trash on the item, save and it stays put.
  14. szabesz

    I can tell you how to transfer me the $9995 you could not get rid of, just PM me
  15. kongondo

    We're still working on it :-). I'll write a progress report (post) next week.
  16. I like the grey background, but I'd prefer a dark grey border instead of the green one. In your case when the checkbox is checked it looks as if the button gets smaller because you use the background color as border color. That's also a little worse for accessibility than a dark grey I think.
  17. Ivan Gretsky

    That was it! Thanks, @kongondo!
  18. No, I've accidently overwritten this version. But the second version is not accessible via keyboard anyhow. Damn... and I did it again! Now the pen has no shadow any more. It's the same as the second version but with grey border on focus to see it both on checked and unchecked state. Does codepen not save different versions like jsfiddle does when saving??
  19. Nice addition with the :focus! I personally do like the 2nd one most! Its clean and flat and snappy! Your 2nd CodePen link doesn't show the same version as in the ani.gif: (it has a shadow) Do you have a working version of the second one?
  20. kongondo

    If the pages are not viewable they won't appear in the menu/won't be returned as menu items. Make sure the templates they use have a template file and there aren't any other restrictions.
  21. I was talking about :focus, sorry Edit: First I liked the styling of your toggle a lot, but looking at it closer, the drop-shadow is out of the surrounding container which does not look great. I changed my pen and removed the box-shadow and increased the border width to 2px. Not saying that this version is better - was just playing around with it... What do you think about this one with box-shadow but no vertical offset? Ok, making the border green on focus is pretty, but does not work, because you'll not see the focus-state on checked checkboxes! I changed it to make the background dark grey (green would be prettier but misleading): Not so bad IMHO. This version also has horizontal shadow and it has 2px border instead of 1px. Ok, another one
  22. Hmm.. any hint? The toggle misses an outline that's true...
  23. Ivan Gretsky

    Good day everybody! When I think about TracyDebugger, I always think about the invaluable functionality of this must-have module. But yesterday I had a new impression about TracyDebugger - its super appealing design (in places). I was installing Tracy on a new site and was astonished by the new look of a "Donate" button in the module config. It is super simple and probably even a standard PayPal button, but it's placement and a color contrast just struck me. I could not resist, clicked the button and made a $10000 donation. This is by far less than the value this module gives me, so wanted to give something back (and the magic button did its job, of course). But must be something with PayPal in Russia that it only let $5 of my donation pass though . So I suggest everybody go look at this button in the TracyConfig to learn some useful marketing tricks. And if you happen to be somewhere outside Russia please click on it and try to make a more than $5 donation to check, if the same limits apply in your country. So we can report to PayPal or something)))
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