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  2. Hi all, I thought that you'd be interested to know we've now launched our third ProcessWire site, called Home of the Blizzard - The Australasian Antarctic Expedition. It's about Douglas Mawson's famous expedition of 1911-1914. As a part of the move to ProcessWire from our previous CMS it has undergone a redesign as well. It has been done completely in-house. https://mawsonshuts.antarctica.gov.au/ It uses Fancybox for the image galleries and modal menu, Plyr for video, and Modernizr (primarily to check for CSS Grid compatibility). It was actually the first PW site we started working on, but then the SCAR COMNAP and Antarctic Jobs sites became priorities so it got pushed back. It's great to have it live at last. The next PW site we launch should be our main site (http://www.antarctica.gov.au)! That's still a work in progress.
  3. I think there is a feature request for this at the moment. https://github.com/uikit/uikit/issues/3812
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  5. I set up some local development processwire sites some time ago, moved on to some other stuff. Now many months later I'm revisiting some of those old sites but I don't remember how I installed them. Does the processwire installer save somewhere the site profile used during installation (and the date, and the pw version)? I looked over the log files from some of those sites and didn't see any such information.
  6. In theory yes, but in practice you will hit PHP memory and timeout limits at some point. Just try it and see how you get on.
  7. Not stated on each product page but this seems to apply to each product of Ryan: "7 days of purchase and we will refund your money in full." see: https://processwire.com/store/pro-drafts/#warranty-support-refunds I'd recommend purchasing it on Thursday, and spending the weekend on evaluating it. Also note that usually Ryan has time to promptly reply to support questions around weekends (form Friday to Sunday), which is worth taking into account if you also want to ask questions while evaluating.
  8. On mobile right now, sorry. Take a look at this section of the docs. It looks like a possibile solution.
  9. Hi, Dragan, I tried the CSS but didn't work. My template code 3 fingers is below. I have an example at https://mfconservatorycleaning.co.uk/ (What people say about us) where the height is fixed. Thanks for your help. <?php $feed= $pages->get("template=feedback"); $feedback .= '<div class=" uk-box-shadow-bottom uk-width-1-1@l uk-margin-medium-top uk-margin-medium-bottom">'; $feedback .= '<div class="uk-background-default uk-padding-large">'; $feedback .= '<h1 class="main-heading-size"><span class="car-door"></span>What People Say About Us</h1>'; $feedback .= "<div class='uk-slider-container uk-visible-toggle' tabindex='-1' uk-slider>"; $feedback .= "<ul class='uk-slider-items'>"; foreach($feed->feedback_repeat as $feedentry ) { $feedback .= "<li class='uk-width-1-1 inner_feed'><a href=''></a>"; $feedback .= "<div class='uk-panel'>"; $feedback .= "<h2>{$feedentry->title}</h2>"; $feedback .= "<p>{$feedentry->feedback_body}</p>"; $feedback .= "</div>"; $feedback .= "</li>"; } $feedback .= "</ul>"; // arrows $feedback .= "<a class='uk-position-center-left uk-position-small' href='#' uk-icon='icon: chevron-left; ratio: 3' uk-slider-item='previous'></a>"; $feedback .= "<a class='uk-position-center-right uk-position-small ' href='#' uk-icon='icon: chevron-right; ratio: 3' uk-slider-item='next'></a>"; // dot nav $feedback .= "<ul class='uk-slider-nav uk-dotnav uk-flex-center uk-margin'></ul>"; $feedback .= "</div>"; $feedback .= "</div>"; $feedback .= "</div>";
  10. Is this code applicable no matter how many images you have?
  11. Sorry, I don't get what you are saying BTW: Of course you can just show a simple grid without modifying it via javascript. That's explained in the quickstart: https://github.com/BernhardBaumrock/FieldtypeRockGrid/wiki/Quickstart (actually there is nothing to explain if you don't use any javascript modifications). But as soon as you want to style or tweak your grid (eg custom Headernames) you need javascript. Would be happy to see some screenshots so maybe others do also get inspired by your work
  12. Thanks for fast reply! Well in this case i would want the export to csv which would be convenient since the project uses RockGrid for many of the listings. I could save the form to a own template which would only be updated on submit, then i would get the export feature too
  13. @flydev Thank a lot. You brought me to mind that I have been testing the performance of some queries and declared in the config. $config->dbCache = false;
  14. Hi @gottberg glad to hear that. Sometimes I feel that the potential of this or similar modules is underestimated. If you only need a HTML grid (table) then you might be better off using MarkupAdminDataTable. RockGrid is by design a grid with user input like filtering and sorting and custom colorizations based on cell values. If you don't need all that just create a plain html table. Does that help?
  15. Another (rather lo-fi) setup could be: Use dev template files, as alternative templates. For testing out new content, you can leave pages unpublished and still preview them when logged in. If your client (role) has permissions to switch templates with Tracy Debugger, there the template switcher panel you could use. https://processwire.com/blog/posts/introducing-tracy-debugger/#template-path-panel https://processwire-recipes.com/recipes/use-different-sets-of-template-files/
  16. Hi @cjx2240 I am pretty sure that your $user->get() call return an NullPage, and that is what confuse you. Try this : if($users->get("$newuser->userid")->id) { // user exist } else { // user DO NOT exist }
  17. @bernhard Thanks for the great module! Just started to use in in a project and it has helped me save a ton of time! Is it possible to create a grid just by PHP? Saw that there was a Javascript possibility but i would need to create grid from a form submit.
  18. This must be really simple, I don't know what I'm doing wrong I'm trying to create a simple import for users, but it's not working. I want to check if they exist already, because I'll update their details if they do, and create them if they don't. Can someone tell me why this is returning true for $users->get("username") when the user definitely doesn't exist? I have tried various combos, with or without quotes, using "name=", but that shouldn't matter because it should be returning false either way.... Truthfully I think you're going to point out something really stupid/basic logic I'm missing which I'm blaming on sleep deprivation $users = wire('users'); foreach($newusers as $newuser) { if($users->get("$newuser->userid")) { echo $newuser->userid." already exists<br>"; } else { // create the user } } Edit: Why is it I frequently work these things out minutes after asking on here... The answer is that $users->get(name) returns a PageArray object regardless of whether it matches a user. You have to check if that user has an ID or such instead.
  19. I found the issue! I'll file a report on github and link it here when I'm done.
  20. public function executeDemo() { $form = $this->modules->get('InputfieldForm'); /** @var InputfieldForm $form */ $tmpDir = $this->files->tempDir('upload_csv'); $f = $this->modules->get('InputfieldFile'); $f->attr('id+name', 'upload_csv'); $f->extensions = 'csv'; $f->maxFiles = 1; $f->descriptionRows = 0; $f->overwrite = true; $f->label = 'Upload CSV yyy'; $f->icon = 'download'; $f->destinationPath = $tmpDir; $f->collapsed = Inputfield::collapsedYesAjax; $form->add($f); return $form->render(); } Simple process module to replicate this issue. Comment the $f->collapsed line and it will work, leave it there and it will upload the file instantly (which is not wanted)
  21. The endpoint for the AJAX request is .../crm/transactions/?InputfieldFileAjax=1 and if I try to open this site in a new tab I get a prompt "does not respond, do you want to wait...?" after some time. But that would be ok for me. Once more: I want the ajax loaded field to behave just like it does when it is non-ajax loaded. The Inputfield changes to "Demo.csv" but the file is NOT uploaded. That's how the field should work on ProcessModules. But it does not work like this when the field is AJAX loaded. Then the field behaves like it was on a regular ProcessPageEdit screen. And I don't know why this is the case. I can't find any differences in the markup or in the code. Edit: Another difference is that the AJAX field shows the drag&drop span while the non-ajax field does NOT show it: I've no idea why that is the case..
  22. Hmm, that's a good point. There certainly are some risks that come with having the same database that I haven't considered. Thanks for pointing them out! First solution doesn't work in this case, because client wants to test how things work with adding real content, so they probably wouldn't like the idea of things being wiped with every update. The second option with migrations sounds cool though - might be just what I need!
  23. I thought the same about FormBuilder, after reading the newest features at the blog :-))
  24. What do you mean by "otherwise independent"? It is easy to have two pw instances connecting to one DB (just put the same in config.php), but that makes no sense in a production/dev environment. Adding a field to one site means you'll also have it in your other site. If your code does not reflect that (in BOTH instances), you'll get into trouble (php errors). And you don't want to have those DB changes on the live system instantly of course! Imagine you want to try adding a new "lorem ipsum" news entry... you'll instantly have it on your live system! You have two options: 1) Duplicate your live website to the dev environment, make changes, test everything, push the changes back to live --> this works only if you don't have any changes to the DB on your live system while you are developing/testing on your dev system 2) Migrations https://processwire.com/blog/posts/introduction-migrations-module/ https://weekly.pw/issue/261/#new-module-rockmigrations (thx @teppo for listing it)
  25. maybe requested URL is wrong or does not handle the AJAX query in that case? ...only guessing, lack of knowledge about the inner workings...
  26. Hi, I'm a web developer only in my free time and don't have a huge budget. Is there any solution to evaluate the ProFields first, before I have to buy them? Like an evaluation license for 30 days or something. Thanks, rjgamer
  27. Thank you all for you quick answers! Seems that I was unclear about the problem. The main problem is that the Inputfield behaves different wether it is loaded instantly or via AJAX. When loaded directly, the field does NOT upload the file instantly. When loaded via AJAX, the file IS uploaded instantly and throws an error. I'm not trying to find a quick solution, I'm trying to find a universal solution that works in both scenarios (because I'm developing a module that can be used anywhere and anyhow (as AJAX or non-AJAX). So the main problem is that I don't know WHY the field behaves different and so I don't know HOW I can modify this behaviour! I'm a bit confused about this error. The network entry shows an empty 200 return, but when I set a breakpoint the responseText is some RockGrid markup: So this error might have something to do with RockGrid. But I'm not worried about this error because the upload has to fail since there is no page to upload the file to. What I want to achieve is that the field does NOT upload the file instantly and only submits the file on form submit. Just like the PW module installer does. In general yes, but there is a way to upload files via InputfieldFile (see the module installer for example). You just need to set a destinationPath property and you can then process this file. This works just fine when the field is loaded non-ajax. I hope I could explain it a little better now Thx for your help!
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