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  2. I know you are probably very busy but still. Any update on this maybe? Thank you R
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  4. Hi @FrancisChung, yes i am on the latest version (2017.3.2). Maybe let's read some PHPStorm documentations to make it run.
  5. Hello @abdus, congrats on your really great venture. Much appreciated. Is there any news about your newsletter module?
  6. Setup > Templates > my-template > Advanced > Label for Children Tab
  7. Thanks for sharing your implementation!
  8. There is a way for change the label "Children" (see attachment) only for a template? In the hook i have not found a hook for made this.... The idea is $pages->addHook??????('?????', function($event) { $page = $event->arguments[0]; if($page->template->name == 'my-template') { //rename the label children Thank you
  9. If i were faced with your issue, i would change the structure of the pages and all of that, it doesn't make sense to me; i guess it must make complete sense to someone else, whoever set it up that way, but obviously the module author(s) never accounted for this sort of setup; You can also just roll your own RSS feed, then you don't need to be straddled with module interactions; it's not that hard to just make your own RSS class that takes into account any arbitrary structure and outputs it how you want; you could also just extend the module itself and modify the Module Class to a new one, and work from there until it works...
  10. I can confirm the problem. When the inputfield is inside a repeater item the module tries to open the link modal for the repeater page, but non-superusers do not have direct access to repeater pages. The core link modal (opened from CKEditor) does not have this problem because in the case of being inside a repeater item it opens the link modal for the container page instead. You can apply the same logic to this module by editing InputfieldAssistedURL.module, changing line 62... $btn->attr('data-page-id', $this->page->id); (edit: there could be multiple nested repeaters, so best to borrow the code from ProcessPageEditLink)... $page = $this->page; $n = 0; while(wireInstanceOf($page, 'RepeaterPage') && ++$n < 10) { $page = $page->getForPage(); } $btn->attr('data-page-id', $page->id);
  11. Right - I guess I was just worried what would happen if someone applied that setting to an existing template on their site accidentally. Maybe unlikely and not a big deal, but is there any reason not to change to my version?
  12. Great, now I got it. Thanks!
  13. That was my initial thought too, but then I realised that this module by definition applies to situations where there is only zero or one child of that template under a parent. So that selector is at most going to return one page.
  14. This is a setting for Page Reference fields. It appears when you select "Custom format (multiple fields)" in the "Label field" dropdown. You would use something like {default_instrument.title} as part of the custom format, so you can see what the default instrument is for each player within the Page Reference inputfield and therefore if you need to override it. But bear in mind that if you do not manually select an instrument for each player and a player later changes their default instrument then all the concerts they have performed in will show the new default instrument, which wouldn't be good.
  15. Hi @BitPoet - love the response time on this Just a oversight I know, but can I make a suggestion that you please change: $parent->children("template={$template}")->count() > 0; to: $parent->count("template={$template}") > 0; The execution time on a parent with a lot of children is going to be a problem otherwise.
  16. So I stumbled over the request to allow limiting templates to be used only once under every parent page in this thread and found that this would actually come in handy (also in a site I've built). The code can be found on github and soon in the module repo. After installation, you'll find a new checkbox "Only once per parent" in the family tab when editing a template.
  17. So based on your suggestions the change in any case needs a conversion from Markdown to HTML by copying the content to another field and then using the new fields. Thanks for this.
  18. Thanks, I will give this a try. Just asking what do you mean with "Custom page label format"? The players default instrument in the user template could be considered as fixed, I think. But there are always exceptions...
  19. DAMN! I'm gonna mention this to a client someday.
  20. Sorry guys, haven't used (or developed) Fredi in years. I have no idea what it takes to fully support it in latest PW versions. First thing to try is to add <?php namespace ProcessWire; as a first line to each php file in the module to prevent PW from compiling the files. Probably the issue @lpa is describing is something to do with new PW features and requires proper debugging though.
  21. Really good. It works fine now ;-) Thanks a lot
  22. Wow! That was quick Will try it out tomorrow!
  23. You are right, this is a better name!
  24. If anybody wants to steal some code (or use that little module as is, of course), feel free...
  25. @nabo For multilingual url fields maybe you could try this module with Sorry @anyway, I'm not sure. Maybe you can list the permission of the user's roles? Does the user's role have the page-edit permission? Did you enable access control for the field? Edit the field and click on the "Access" tab to check.
  26. Hi @sebr You have to install the Process module called ProcessDuplicator. You can find it in the menu Modules > Install > ProcessDuplicator then once installed, you will find the module under Setup > Duplicator or click the link <eye-icon> Package Manager in Duplicator.
  27. Hi I just installed this module but I cannot use it. I don-t have any "Backup now" button. Is someone can help me ? Thanks in advance
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