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  2. Hi! Small request here, just added Input Mask to integer fields tweaking a little bit of lines in the module, maybe this should be enabled by default? Anyone see any possible issues, maybe on number type inputs? I think it's the type of field where it is particularly useful so you can filter nicely with selectors. (think of a price field)
  3. Thanks @flydev, but that solution feels less than ideal - I think there is a better way. If you want to implement the AdminThemeUikit breadcrumbs in your custom theme (which you would have to in order for the Breadcrumb Dropdowns module to work) then you can just call AdminThemeUikit::renderBreadcrumbs() because it is a public method. So in your custom theme template files where you want to output the breadcrumbs you can do something like this: echo $modules->get('AdminThemeUikit')->renderBreadcrumbs();
  4. Nice to hear that. Processing input field there is not special check for input field. https://github.com/trk/Mystique/blob/master/InputfieldMystique.module.php#L135 Little bit worked on a base field type (basically this field type will get entered field type's database schemas and will create 1 database table for all entered fields), if i success about this field type, i will try to use input field based checks. For the moment getting and setting directly posted data.
  5. Creating a module to add records to an external database. All the "text" form fields work perfectly. Now I am at the point of trying to do file uploads for the listing. I want to upload and save the images into a directory inside the Files directory. In part I have: //Add pictures $f = $this->modules->get("InputfieldFile"); $f->label = 'Property Picture #1 Import'; $f->attr('name','prop_pix_1'); $f->extensions = 'jpg jpeg png gif'; $f->maxFiles = 1; $f->descriptionRows = 0; $f->columnWidth = 25; $f->overwrite = true; $f->required = false; $f->destinationPath = $dPath; $form->add($f); And then in the processor section: print_r($image); and am only getting: Array ( [0] => IMG_2752.JPG ) Shouldn't I get a lot more data? Obviously with only that little bit of info I can't save the file: move_uploaded_file($_FILES["prop_pix_1"]["tmp_name"], $dPath.'test.jpg');
  6. https://github.com/processwire/processwire/tree/master/site-blank/templates https://github.com/processwire/processwire/tree/master/site-beginner/templates https://github.com/processwire/processwire/tree/master/site-classic/templates https://github.com/processwire/processwire/tree/master/site-default/templates https://github.com/processwire/processwire/tree/master/site-languages/templates https://github.com/processwire/processwire/tree/master/site-regular/templates Just compare your folder/file structure with the original one, especially /site/templates/readme.txt
  7. Hi @LostKobrakai I don't know https://mathjs.org/ Could you explain a little more verbose please why you think that parsefloat is a problem? For all my use-cases I can think of, this is exactly the output I want to get...
  8. Ok thx, now I get it I've planned that feature, but can't remember that I've ever used it, so I don't know if that still works (see option 2, InputfieldRockGrid.module.php): If you are talking about excel export: yes. I don't have any sample code, see /plugins/buttons/excel.js
  9. @BitPoet Many thanks for this nice helper! Whats about a little enhancement like this? protected function getStyle() { $bgcolor = $this->bgColor; if($this->config->devModeBgColor) $bgcolor = $this->config->devModeBgColor; if(! $bgcolor) $bgcolor = 'rgb(153, 12, 94)'; $fgcolor = $this->fgColor; if($this->config->devModeFgColor) $fgcolor = $this->config->devModeFgColor; if(! $fgcolor) $fgcolor = 'rgb(255, 255, 255)'; $devstring = $this->devString; if($this->config->devModeDevString) $devstring = $this->config->devModeDevString; if(! $devstring) $devstring = 'DEV'; ...
  10. Sorry, im bad at explaining. It's a backend module and i use RockGrid to display lots o different data. The data is loaded from PW. The question i had from the beginning was if i could create a RockGrid with plain PHP. The module has a form that gets submited with data, and i wanted to create a RockGrid just with the POST data, that originally was not getting saved. Now the data gets saved to a page and i can easily use RockGrid with that data. Small offtopic question: Can i change the separator to comma somehow? Thanks!
  11. Thanks, I'll check for the timestamp in config.php. I'm still wondering what site profile I used to install a couple of these old testing sites though.
  12. Thanks, this got it working! I tried this earlier but i must have had a spelling error.
  13. It's probabably more like: $pages->get("template=your-template, n1<=$myNumber, n2>=$myNumber")
  14. Hi @teppo, I recently thought about writing a small module to record the last login of a user, in order to show the user when he logged in the last time before the current login. The data, which is necessary for this feature, is already built in your module. What do you think, would that be a good addition to your module? So maybe a public function which just returns the second recent login. Just thought it may be useful for someone else, too.
  15. I've two points. Does the math lib calculate using decimal math? If not is probably should, if not you should at least remove the parseFloat in your javascript. parseFloat("0.100000000000000005") // 0.1
  16. Thanks for the fast reply! I still get zero results, so i seems like its not working.
  17. Still don't get it. We have forms all over PW (and the web), so it's hard to guess which one you are talking about... and I have also no idea what you mean by using RockGrid "as usual" - but I'm curious: Are you using it on the Frontend?
  18. I believe it is as simple as doing: <?php $p = $pages->get('template=your-template, n1|n2=10'); echo $p->id; ?>
  19. Thanks a lot for this hint! I mirrored the complete website(10 GB sigh...) to local. This way I can test without breaking the live site. I will check with a fresh mind tomorrow. Everything to could expect today would be mistakes.
  20. Hi, The template has 2 fields with numbers, lets call them n1 and n2. I want to find the page which fits my current number. For example my number = 10 Pages: PageID 1: n1 1 - n2 10 PageID 2: n1 11 - n2 20 PageID 3: n1 21 - n2 30 So i want this to return the pageID 1. With mySQL it would be something like this: SELECT * FROM numberTable WHERE 1265 BETWEEN `FROM` AND `TO`; I have tried multiple selectors but can't get it to work. Any suggestions?
  21. I meant that i would create a template to which the form would be submited so that i could use RockGrid as usual. I did that and i works great for this use! I would love to share but since its for the customers internal use im not allowed to share anything.. Once again thank you!
  22. hi, i have a strange problem with the search since we had to move to a windows server. what worked fine before, now throws out the following error message: Error: Exception: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 3696 The regular expression contains an unclosed bracket expression. the whole thing runs under Windows Server 2016 (x64) EN MySQL 8.0.15 PHP 7.2 it is the normal search.php of PW 3.0.213. i googled a bit but couldn't find anything to help me. has anyone experienced anything like this? greetings
  23. Repeater pages themselves are not deletable because they are system status; if you activate advanced mode and look at the settings for any of those pages, you will see that they have that checked. In order to remove them you have to first remove that flag.
  24. Nevermind solved it by deleting the Row inside the table "Fields" and also deleted the Table "field_event_dates". Kind Regards Orkun
  25. Upon further inspection, setting the 'type' to 'InputfieldAsmSelect' does work and does save properly. Awesome.
  26. Hello @ukyo. This module is fantastic, on the level of a Pro Field. Nicely done! From what I can tell, it does not support multi-select options (multi-select, ASM Select, Checkboxes). Is this a planned feature?
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