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  2. @teppo seemed to be working on it recently too, but I'm not aware of him making his changes public. See: "This week we don't have a poll section. This is mainly due to some additional tweaks to the Pollino module that we're making in preparation for next week's poll..."
  3. Hi Macrura, You are exactly right. I don't remember placing this line in the module backend data field "Default Link to XSL Stylesheet" "/site/templates/styles/rss_feed.xsl" but it was there. So, I removed it, and then uncommented the line in the module, and all was well. I suppose I could have placed that value in the data field: I just don't remember doing so, and never had that file on my system. Oh well... mystery solved, and the module has no error. It was human error! Oy. Ugh. Thank you VERY much for clarifying this. Peter
  4. @Peter Falkenberg Brown are you sure you don't have it improperly configured? The only way to get the module to output the XSL stylesheet would be if you set that in the module config. You shouldn't have to comment out any code. this is the config setting: this line means it would only output XSL if you entered the path to that stylesheet in your settings:
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  6. Too bad it cannot be released as a one/multiple website(s) commercial and/or opensource/community and/or free profile. It hasn't been used very long.
  7. Haha, me either but it does
  8. I now have 100% for PWA in lighthouse on all pages. I forgot the url to the pwabuilder-sw.js in _main.php. Still not sure how it all works but the tips above do help. thanks.
  9. Hello @psy, I got it working for the home page, but not for the pages down the tree. I tried putting the full url everywhere I think it should be... Is it possible to show full examples of the files?
  10. Interesting topic. From my experience using the Gantry framework with the Grav flat-file CMS, the extra level of "ease"/abstraction visual builder tools offer can be a hassle when things don't work 100% as expected (which is at least 50% of the time). It gets complicated if the builder magically (meaning in ways not well-documented) overrides standard settings that are documented in the CMS itself but are suddenly not working. That said, building your own within PW to speed workflow with clients a la @grimezy / @maxF5 makes a lot of sense.
  11. I've got too many sites now that I need to be able to manage them all (my wife's included) from a single dashboard (since most are WP) and I've also got a number of WP clients I look after so I went 100% WP across the board. Nothing to do with PW, which served me wonderfully for a long long time.
  12. Just visited again after a while (I'm subscribed to their newsletter). Apparently, they switched again to Wordpress (everything points to that, when opening browser inspector and seeing their HTML, the usual wp-xxx folders and file naming). Does anybody know the reason why? @ryan Were they unhappy with PW in some sort? oops, I kinda double-posted - didn't see a similar post from just 15 minutes ago...
  13. Looks like the new CMS Critic website is back on WordPress again. I am curious to why WP (again) and what prompted the switch away from PW? Perhaps @cmscritic can comment on this? Thx Rudy
  14. Update: I have been playing around some more. There's now another branche dev-bitpoet-cke that includes a Textformatter which replaces ##POLL:name-of-poll-page## with the poll output and a CKEditor plugin for easy insertion.
  15. Thanks so much for your help! Ill give that a try, but i dont know if we are running into performance issues as the datasets can get really big..
  16. Hi Dragan, Yep, that worked. This is the line that I had to comment out: /* if($this->xsl) $out .= "<?xml-stylesheet type='text/xsl' href='{$this->xsl}' ?>\n"; */ This would be a good thing to fix in the module, I do believe. This is one of Ryan's core modules, I think. Thanks! Peter
  17. Hey, so basically its our inhouse system for Travel Bookings, it provides an API for all tours added into that system. With All Kinds of data, and its pretty nested as well.. Yes i have to fetch it ervery 3 hours or so to keep them up to date. No i dont create the json myself! The Bigpicture : So if i have imported the json data somehow in a Page or something...(with Dates, Rates .. ) then i would add some rich content.. Pictures, Descriptions to that tour .. After that, the tours need to be searchable from the search.php?dateFrom=01.01.2018&dateTo=05.10.2018
  18. no dice. Same headers, same server, same version of PW (latest stable), same permissions as far as i can see and same roles but one site wont let that the members user access a template :/ grr
  19. If you don't need to search by specific field names nested in the matrix, you could add a concatenated (hidden) textarea field, hook into saveReady and render the matrix contents into that field. Then include that field for your search. Or, if you want to be able to search by property names (at any depth) have at least MySQL 5.7.8, you could try out the attached module It's a field type derived from Textarea that uses native JSON storage. Supposed you made a page field named "myfield" and entered a JSON of: { "testdata":[ { "segment":1, "title":"Hello World", "average":20, "max":"30", "min":5 }, { "segment":2, "title":"This is Funny", "average":40, "max":"30", "min":5, "details":{ "name":"nobody", "email":"secret" } } ] } You could e.g. search for <?php $pages->find("myfield=30"); $pages->find("myfield.max=30"); $pages->find(""); Note however that this kind of search on many large datasets can be an absolute performance killer. Numeric comparisons are not supported.
  20. Hi @Soma! First of all, thanks for another really useful module. Since I'm planning to add polls to my blog site profiles, I've dabbled with it abit. To make things work nicely with the existing templates, I had to tweak a bit of the generated HTML and, in the course of that, changed your module a bit: It now uses templates for every bit of HTML produced Added config settings for all these HTML template snippets There's a template for the main wrap, so wrapping the renderPoll() return manually is no longer necessary Added a config option and poll template field for a poll closing date (+time) pollino-ajax-script.js now wraps a div around the result before inserting it. That prevents a jQuery error if the result contains more than one HTML element. I'm storing any array $config data passed to renderPoll() in the user session and retrieve it in the AJAX action Added collapsed fieldsets for different template areas (generic, form, result) in the module config Last but not least, added "PHP" hints to the code blocks in I have made a fork and added a branch with all these changes here. Perhaps you could give it a look (test drive?) and tell me if I should prepare a pull.
  21. Found the solution myself:
  22. I have only one page using " contact -form " template & I want all information there only from both contact forms.
  23. Hey @flydev - I was debugging some Notices in my code and had Tracy in strict mode (via the Panel Selector) and came across this. Let me know if you need any help reproducing.
  24. Hello all, I'm experiencing serious issues when using PW built in template cache together wit AIOM. When a page is loaded from cache and you then change any of your CSS or JS assets, the rebuilding of the combined/minified versions is not being triggered at all. This explains @anttila's problem mentioned above. Also when you use the button in the module config screen to clear the asset cache, the template caches are not being cleared. So next time a page is loaded from cache, it will point to old asset files that do not exist anymore. I also did extensive testing with @matjazp's fork. But same problem there. After looking at the module code, I think that the problem lies in the module hooking into Page::render. But this never gets called once pages are cached. Please correct me if I'm wrong here. One possible solution would be to hook into PageRender::renderPage instead. This always gets called for every page request and returns a cached version if available or a fresh Page::render. I forked @matjazp's version as it seems to be the most up to date and will try to fix these issues...
  25. What's the big picture? Where are these JSON files coming from? Do you just build a frontend with externally fetched JSON data? Do you have to fetch / update JSON data on a regular basis? Or do you create this JSON yourself?
  26. Chrome inspector gives me a 404 error for the xsl: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Page Not Found) perhaps comment out that line in the .module file and see if it fixes the issue. I downloaded your xml file, removed and loaded it in Chrome - everything is viewable normally.
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