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  2. …meanwhie I installed the site on loacalhost (MAMP) and I have the same problem… further more I realised that the "original" installation (on the "crappy" server) has now the same problem. I do not when this happened. Last week the CKEditor was working well. Long story… This all happened in CHROME. Just of curiosity I opened the backend in Firefox: CKEditor is there!!! So far I can work with the page but I don't know what causes this behaviour…
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  4. Hi All I'm very, very new to PW. Any help you can provide on the issue below that I'm scratching my head on would be greatly appreciated. I created a separate .php file called test-template in the CPanel. I successfully then in PW added the template. I set the URLs to either http: or https: - answered no to whether / required or not. Allowed the template to be used on all pages; For files I selected auto compile; selected text/html for content type. Disabled the cache. Added tags, such as amazons3, vimeo, youutbe (without the commas). Saved everything etc. Then I created the page and added a YouTube URL to test the settings and now I'm really scratching my head as the video is not showing. Should there be some type of code added into the CPanel file re fetching URLs etc. please. (Sorry not a coder). If so, does anyone have a sample code that would achieve this please. Because I cannot see a video template in the basic set up for PW. Many thanks in advance See here: https://mymembershipsite.pro/training
  5. Thank you @jonatan, I will check those links.
  6. My module is going through quite a bit of evolution, almost on a daily basis, as I build more sites with it. It will probably be ready sometime this summer, including documentation and a website. It's quite complex, but very thorough. I've built about 10 sites with it so far, with each site providing various insights and feature ideas that make it into the module.
  7. Amazing @Jonathan Lahijani? Releasing it? 😄
  8. Also exciting stuff here: Seems @Jonathan Lahijani might be brewing something really big!
  9. @Jonathan Lahijani Extremely extremely exciting stuff! Any news? So many I think want this! Fx newest All the best, Jonatan
  10. Thanks! Got it! Put it here if someone needed. const ADDED_BOARD = ''; //put here the id as previously described by MoritzLost $this->pages->addHookAfter('publishReady', function(HookEvent $event) { $processor = $event->object; $page = $event->arguments('page'); if($page->template != 'content') return; $TrelloWire = wire('modules')->get('TrelloWire'); $TrelloWireApi = $TrelloWire->api(); $card = $TrelloWire->buildCardData($page); if ($card->id) { $TrelloWireApi->moveCard($card->id, ADDED_BOARD); $page->message($this->_('Moved Trello card to "Added" Board')); } }); Mel
  11. @KrlosHere's a great blog post about it by @Michael van Laar https://digitalardor.com/articles/basic-setup-for-content-blocks-in-processwire/ I just very recently, during this week, upon processwireficying my, previously static but now dynamic, Bootstrap based basic personal portfolio site, implemented a homecoocked DIY "page builder" into it: jonatanronsholdt.dk. It equeally to what you want features different customized flexible layouts per portfolio item / post. 🙂 As it's only made for my own use it's not made super "user friendly" (cause too lazy to do so when it's only myself who'll see it ofc) but hey, it's working! I think in general the whole idea of more support for flexible layouts is super interesting in terms of PW! Aka pagebuilders. Maybe a future amazing core module hmm?.. PWs own Gutenberg(WP) ? Or maybe it doesn't fit with the PW filosophy of not dictating any part of the frontend markup.... Well I'm just a noob so.. Haha. Would love to see a new philosophical discussion on this "generating dynamic / flexible modular blocks page content using non fixed templates /page builders with column features etc" subject hough maybe featuring some of the PW forum stars such as above @bernhard and all the other amazing PW gurus alike. (CSS tricks different CMSs content blocks article) But mine is built using the PageTable field type. Basically it'd just be more intuitive and prettier, read better ui friendliness for editor, using the payed Pro fields Repeater Matrix 😊 But same basic concept: Pagesfield: (Image, paragraph , Image, columns, image, image, columns end, paragraph) And each "block type" is actually just a page (the PW everything as a page philosophy) with a template which only simply generates the html for the block = <img ... /> <p>... </p> <img ... /> <row> <col><img ... /> <img ... /> </col></row> <p>... </p> I'd be more than happy to share my sloppy homebrew with you if it could be of any help. (or you know.. Use Michael's recipe). Though if you're any sort of experienced as a php développer you'll probably come up with something far more pretty than my noob code haha. All the best, Jonatan Ps if you go with pagefieldtype (though the profiled repeater matrix is probably way better for editor userfriendliness) I found this useful
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  13. Thanks for the links. I haven't looked into sockets in quite some time, but I do have an upcoming project to use this with. Thank you!
  14. Well... Homework => https://github.com/search?l=PHP&q=websocket&type=Repositories
  15. Old Post but.. Any news since 2018 on this? I have an upcoming client which say that they need to run WP because of Hubspot CRM integration... I haven't been given any further clues though about exactly why though yet.. Anyone using it or similar? 😊
  16. Except it requires composer to install. 😱
  17. Thank you @bernhard I will try RepeaterMatrix, I had the impression that it would be somewhat easier. I haven't used Wordpress in several years (I'm so happy!), so I don't know what state is the page builder compared to Processwire.
  18. Thanks for this. I want to show this error for better search results: WireDateTime: The parsed time was invalid
  19. There's no simple solution to this problem yet: https://www.google.com/search?q=site:processwire.com+page+builder You have several (not great) options: Hanna Code, CKEditor classes (for simple things), PageTableExtended. The easiest might be to use RepeaterMatrix.
  20. Hi friends, I'm working on a blog site that needs diferents layouts in the same page, how do you deal with body text layouts like these? Using a single CKeditor field? Ckeditor classes?, my editor is not tech oriented.
  21. ,@neophron, I think this module and the service behind it has nothing to do with what was called "quality loss" in the above posts. It is a good method to compress your (final) png image variations to get smaller filesizes. But maybe nowadays you can use WebP format directly in PWs core, instead to stick with png output, and than having to invoke a remote service?
  22. Recently I discovered this plugin: https://github.com/BlowbackDesign/TinyPNG I found it on this website: https://tinypng.com I don't know, what and how they are doing, but the size reductions is sometimes more then 50%.
  23. @GhostRider, FieldsetPage support is now included with module version 0.20.0. I didn't have much to test with, but it did seem to work as expected on my limited use case — let me know if you run into any issues and I'll be happy to take a closer look 🙂
  24. I've only ever used Hotjar. Their personal plan is free for sites with relatively small traffic (you can collect data from max 2k pageviews per day).
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