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  2. Since it's presumably a one time thing, I would at least consider going with Apache rewrites for the old URLs. This should have better performance, and it should also be quite easy to handle. You might be able to do this with some simple rules assuming that the old slugs are directly converted to ProcessWire page names, and if not, you could set up a RewriteMap file instead (https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/rewrite/rewritemap.html).
  3. I found out that this warning pops up if you edit a field admin_theme (and I have admin_theme field on that template).
  4. Thank you for your help!!! This get me started to work out my gallery block!!!
  5. Would you mind sharing your code? I'm thinking that maybe a textformatter on RTE field would be better fit in some cases as generally images in header/footer are most likely already optimized? I would also be interested in how it goes in long term, what are the savings with webp comparing to optimized images. I wasn't testing with <picture> but I used this approach: $config->hasWebpSupport = (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'], 'image/webp') !== false); //this is in /site/config.php $url = $config->hasWebpSupport ? "webpUrl" : "url"; foreach($page->images as $img) { echo "<img src='{$img->$url}'> "; } But I think Horst commented that this would kill caching (don't remember exactly...). Also, some browsers don't support webp, but I wouldn't bother too much.
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  7. Try $this->wire("page")->feel(). It's not FEEL but your $page is not available (null).
  8. teppo

    ProcessWire on the web

    Well, that was... interesting 🙂 I can only guess that someone somewhere used ProcessWire to build a really, really complex website (it's very much doable, and I've come across a few of those as well), and that's what this person is actually writing a review for. When you're not particularly familiar with ProcessWire or its inner workings, it's easy to take a look at a specific implementation and assume that it represents the entire platform (both in good and bad). As always it'd be interesting to hear a bit more about the specifics that led to such outburst, but as it stands, this review provides little value for anyone.
  9. i bypassed it with a static helper-array and it works. would be nice to know how to do this without a helper array $mNames = array("zero", "Januar", "Februar", "März", "April", "Mai", "Juni", "Juli", "August", "September", "Oktober", "November", "Dezember"); $ms = wireArray(); $m1 = date('n', 1579643232); // 1 $m2 = date('n', 1583107200); // 3 $ms->prepend($m1); $ms->prepend($m2); foreach($ms as $name) { echo "$mNames[name] "; } // result: Januar März
  10. Sounds reasonable. They kind of jumped the gun for marketing reasons there; not a fan of how it was rolled out. How does a production shop even work without analytics and inventory management? You don't happen to be in contact with them regarding ETAs on those features? I found it hard to get reliable answers even though wish I could switch my sites to their Vue cart layouts and ditch jQuery once and for all 🤡
  11. Well, maybe "breakpoint" is not the right word, i.e. the code won't stop to process like in JS dev tools. But you can dump all kinds of stuff with d($doc) inside the template. Then you'll quickly see e.g. if a var doesn't contain what you thought it should etc. (null, 0 results, nullpage etc.). I'm sure you used it a million ways... What's perhaps a bit misleading in Tracy, is that addBreakpoint() is meant to only be used with the performance panel. So yeah, not exactly the same as adding JS breakpoints in frontend-land 🙂
  12. on a side note, I was able to create dependent selects using 2 selectize fields, where the options available in the 2nd select dynamically changed based on the selection in the first field. Maybe this topic is relevant...
  13. Are you hitting maxAllowedContentLength? I think it's 30000000 bytes by default ...
  14. Damn it! It was just a problem with the email account! I only got access to the mail account with a webmailer and the mail was just flagged as "deleted" but really removed from the server. Now roundcube deleted it ... and everything is working!
  15. Just a thought that would be useful in certain scenarios. Is there a hook or anything that could be used to stop the cookie management banner displaying on a given template?
  16. Because I want to display connected pages on my site by the order of that list … and make it easier for my client to re-order. new = on top = common sense. Thanks for the hint. I was thinking the same this morning. I'll check.
  17. @Robin S This is terrible. I don’t know how I overlooked it, сause I've looked at this part so many times Thanks!
  18. Does anyone know what is involved for connecting products to / selling through instagram? Done a quick search but not really clear, just thought I'd check if anyone had more experience. In the context of Padloper v3 I'd assume this might end up being handled by an external module as I haven't seen mention of it in this thread.
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  20. e0f

    Menu Builder

    Thanks for answer kongondo. I need to have a little description appear under my mega menu. In frontend menu I'll have something like "Home" and under it a little description of the menu entry (ex: my beautiful home page). So each menu voices will have a custom description on desktop version. I hope is all clear now. Let me know if you need more infos! Have a nice day,
  21. An elegant way to do this is how the Intuit company does it in the footer of the sites, see: https://www.intuit.com/ they have a link to a page for the explanation (intuit-cookies-policy) and other link to configure cookie management. Will be interesting if we have a module that do both: create the page for the blah blah.. and show the modal to admin the behavior.. then output the markup for this links (About cookies | Manage cookies) 😉
  22. Hey Robin, great stuff! Works as a great addition to the server side validation by BitPoet! Thank you very much! 🙂
  23. thx it's weird, maybe i try mailgun and see what happens there
  24. Why is the corresponding table not automatically deleted by ProcessWire after a field is deleted in the admin panel? Now I have numerous "dead" tables of no longer existing fields in the database of my ProcessWire installation. Or is there a configuration that I have missed? Thanks for your support.
  25. @Typografics - would you mind doing a little debugging and see if the problem occurs with all the custom panels disabled? Also does uninstalling and reinstalling Tracy help?
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