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  2. Nothing in that regard yet. Let's just try to meet over a drink and learn from that point on whether to set up any form of "infrastructure" at all 🙂
  3. You can take a look at this module: Or you can build your own image uploader with something like Dropzone.js and some guide from this topic: I think the main backend code to upload and save image to disk and add to page field is within this post: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/67-front-end-image-uploader-like-admin/?do=findComment&comment=3790 $size=filesize($_FILES['imageUpload']['tmp_name']); if ($size > MAX_SIZE*1024){ print 'File troppo grosso'; exit; } //copy the image in secure folder $image_name=time().'.'.$extension; $newname="../site/tmpfiles/profiles/".$image_name; $copied = copy($_FILES['imageUpload']['tmp_name'], $newname); if ($copied) { $userid = $sanitizer->text($input->post->userid); $u = $users->get($userid); $u->setOutputFormatting(false); $u->profilephoto->add("http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']."/site/tmpfiles/profiles/".$image_name); $u->save(); //delete copied image $tmpfile = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/site/tmpfiles/profiles/".$image_name; if (file_exists($tmpfile)) { unlink ($tmpfile); } }else{ print "Errore nel salvataggio del file."; exit; }
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  5. Oon some browser+OS combos that button does not work, unfortunately. I actually have debug on, since we haven't launched yet, but I'm also starting to lean into problem being in server side configurations. I managed to accomplish this in CKEditor's config.js by adding config.disallowedContent = '*{*}'; which does it automatically when pasting. It was also enough to keep server happy aswell!
  6. Hello, i have installed Frontend Edit. After this i got errors on the web page. Before the install i could call the title field like "$pageobject->title". After the install the title was rendered in an additioanl ARRAY. Now i need to call the title field like this "$pageobject->data[title]". But even with unstalling the Frontend Edit Module this error was is not corrected. I can go on and change all code but wanted to ask if somebody knows the reason for this and also a easy solution. (Sorry for my bad English)
  7. ok, thanks elabx for the hint to look at this.. I compared the html output against a working datetime inputfield... the solution is, I have to set the class by hand... I tought it works automatically by setting $field>datepicker... but thats not true $field->attr("class", "FieldtypeDatetime InputfieldDatetimeDatepicker InputfieldDatetimeDatepicker1"); // I have to set the datepicker class by hand (1, 2 or 3) $field->datepicker = InputfieldDatetime::datepickerClick; // this is not needed, because it´s not working so... I have a working date/time picker now, by setting the right class like this
  8. You're correct that AdminBar only applies to users who are logged in. There's no "guest user" when it comes to AdminBar – only superusers and users with the "adminbar" permission will see anything out of the ordinary. Regardless, since AdminBar outputs features visible on the front-end, it's very much connected with everything else happening there. What you're missing here is that being logged in won't disable those browser extensions or nullify the effects of third party libraries – so it's not true that those features would only apply to users who aren't logged in. As such, it's very important that admin bar is as "tolerant" as possible, so that it won't break or cause new problems if you decide to implement a new JavaScript library on your site (or enable a browser feature/plugin).
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  10. Affinity used it in a clever way. I like(d) their software.
  11. Jamie... put it on the screen!
  12. Using CTRL + SHIFT + V instead of just CTRL + V (on Windows), you can still paste the content and CKEditor will recognize basic stylings such as line-breaks and bold/italic, lists etc. without all the extra MS-Word proprietary stuff that @bernhard mentioned. That is intentional, since MS-Office documents and your website don't use the same styling, and you really don't want to end up with strange-looking parts in your website because of such author actions.
  13. Thank you! The module is this one by @David Karich https://modules.processwire.com/modules/page-hit-counter/
  14. ok... I am answering my own (stupid) question in case it's of any help to somebody. To add a class in the ul of each submenu. Use the 'submenu_css_class' in the $option array.
  15. Thanks. Yes, I have also purchased ProFields. This is great.
  16. Hey folks – a quick update: Wireframe 0.5.0 was released couple of days ago. Compared to 0.4.x this version mainly fixes bugs and improves performance – nothing particularly major, but if you're using Wireframe, it's a recommended update. On a loosely related note, Tracy Debugger has been really helpful in figuring things out, identifying bottlenecks, etc. Brilliant module 🙂
  17. Hey @chrizz. I'm moving this thread to the "Module/Plugin Development" area of the forum. Please post all module development related questions there – the main "Modules" area is only intended for support threads of existing modules. Thanks!
  18. Hey @kaz. Just a heads-up: I'm moving this thread to the "Getting Started" area of the forum. The "Modules" section is only intended for support threads of existing modules.
  19. Hey @opalepatrick – just a heads-up that I'm moving this thread to the Module/Plugin Development area. The main "Modules" area is only intended for support threads of existing modules.
  20. Anyone new to this module, please be aware of this unfixed issue: https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ServiceCurrencyConversion/issues/1
  21. ProcessWire added WebP image support this year and many have been adopting it enthusiastically in existing projects. In this post we’ll look at a process used for migrating an existing website to use WebP images. We’ll cover everything from preliminary considerations to implementation and testing, with lots of tips and tricks along the way— https://processwire.com/blog/posts/webp-images-on-an-existing-site/
  22. antpre


    Thanks a lot Wanze, I actually thaught I was running this site on php 7 but it was not !!! Thanks again have a great day
  23. I have the same problem. Tried to make strings translatable in module.info.php, but I get an error "__" is not a function. Do you mean "___" ...
  24. Well that's propably why, since I have 3.0.123! Thanks @dragan, sometimes the simplest things to check just don't come to mind 😄
  25. @J_Szwarga Thanks for the post. If you only need to output in 12 hour format, you can probably do it like this within your template files (untested)... # Pull the values from our page's time field... $timeparts = FieldtypeTime::getTimeParts($page->timefield); # Adjust name of field as needed. # Adjust the sign $sign = (empty($timeparts['sign']) ? '+' : '-'; # Create a time, based on the start of today, with the offset hours, mins and seconds from the timeparts. # See: https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.strtotime.php $time = strtotime("today $sign {$timeparts['hours']} hours {$timeparts['mins']} mins {$timeparts['secs']} secs"); # Format it for output as needed, in this case as 12hours with lowercase am/pm marker. # See: https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.date.php echo date("ga", $time);
  26. @toni Great to hear you solved it! 👍 I set the thread title to "[SOLVED] ... ". The forums software allows editing of the thread title when opening the initial post.
  27. From the docs https://code.google.com/archive/p/jquery-asmselect/ addItemTarget: Where to place new selected items that are added to the list. Allowed values: 'top' or 'bottom' Default: 'bottom'
  28. I just checked my values in a Ubuntu 18 distro and sure enough I get 0, 1000, 1440 for those 3 settings. Thank you much for this. I will be testing and applying your findings for sure.
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