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Trinnov deign and build cinema sound and room correction processors and are highly regarded as among the most advanced in their field. Their products are used in recording & mastering as well as commercial and private cinemas the world. They approach us in late 2019 as they knew we specialised in web development for the the audio industry. While frontend design was, of course, important it was the backend administration that needed the most though in order that the site can grow as needed and be easy to administer for staff who had multiple job roles. The site features multi-language (English and French at launch), a reseller finder that is linked to the companies CRM (so no duplicate data needed) and a fully featured blog with historical timeline for the company. There is a central download library that can be linked to uploaded files or files services such as Google Drive & dropbox, a contact form that redirects emails on enquiry type and product application and a specification builder using a repeater matrix that removes the need for heavy styling input at admin time. The site lunched in Jan 2021.

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