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  • Cheltenham Rocks

    Cheltenham Rocks

    Unbroken Ltd

    Cheltenham Rocks is an online guide to things to do for families in your local area such as events, attractions, groups & classes, and parks and walks. It also features party suppliers, local shops, places to eat, and places to stay. It is regularly…

  • Andrew Fairlie

    Andrew Fairlie


    Discover Restaurant Andrew Fairlie, nestled discreetly within the renowned Gleneagles hotel. This exclusive, two-Michelin-starred restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience, where impeccable service and creative cuisine take center stage.

  • Elcum GmbH

    Elcum GmbH

    Intermundia GmbH

    Website of B2B service orientated company

  • Brainboxx


    Kris Lüdemann web & interaction design

    The website BRAINBOXX offers various training programs and seminars, such as Mimikresonanz® and emTrace®, aimed at enhancing emotional intelligence, interpersonal relationships, and mental well-being. It was relaunched to feature a new booking…

  • Intermundia


    Intermundia GmbH

    Digital agency for website developement, website maintenance, migration, data and content maintenance and support

  • MS Joos

    MS Joos

    Intermundia GmbH

    Company website of Hyla salesrep and home facility service

  • Michahelles Coaching

    Michahelles Coaching

    Intermundia GmbH

    Beratung, Unterstützung und Begleitung für Erwachsene und für Kinder




    This site was originally made in Drupal. I migrated it to PW some time ago. *I'm not asking to showcase it*, because it is very simplistic, no bells and whistles, by no means useful to showcase the PW abilities. I'm just reporting its existence to…

  • repertório dos paradigmas de som

    repertório dos paradigmas de som

    Rui Viana Pereira

    This is a work in progress (and on-line) investigation about sound paradigms. It is also an attempt to create a «contact language» to talk and to think about sound in a multidisciplinary team (like cinema, theatre, marketing, etc.). For now it is…

  • Verband Deutscher Puppenspieler e.V. (VDP)

    Verband Deutscher Puppenspieler e.V. (VDP)

    Olaf Gleba

    Organisation Website. The Verband Deutscher Puppentheater e.V. (VDP) is the cultural policy respresentation for professional puppet stages. The VDP gives advice, shares knowledge and represents currently 140 member stages.

  • Rechtsanwalt Mag. Christian Lackner

    Rechtsanwalt Mag. Christian Lackner

    Octopus Ink Network GmbH

    Unveil the comprehensive portfolio of Mag. Christian Lackner, an attorney based in Vienna, through our showcased website. Explore his informative blog, where he delves into fundamental legal texts and discusses current cases. This website is powered…

  • Suspire Media

    Suspire Media

    Suspire Media

    Suspire Media was established in 2001 with its primary aim of providing affordable, high quality, bespoke web design services to London based non-profit organisations, charities and small business. We are now based near Salisbury, Wiltshire, United…

  • Shift-up Consulting

    Shift-up Consulting

    SuperTINY agency

    Shift-Up is a consultancy company from Portugal that specializes in government incentives and financing.

  • Aicher Airport Services

    Aicher Airport Services

    Kasper Communications GmbH

    We are Aicher Airport Services, a division of the Aicher Group. Our support services are aimed at all those who encounter barriers while traveling. We are on hand with numerous aids to overcome these barriers. We treat our guests with respect…

  • Autotechnik Hahn

    Autotechnik Hahn

    Markus Thomas

    Campaign landing page for a car dealership with vehicle evaluation form. The aim is to increase the stock of used cars.

  • Woodbridge Town Council

    Woodbridge Town Council

    David Freeland Design + Paul Strandoo Design

    The official website of Woodbridge Town Council in Suffolk, England. A resource for Woodbridge residents and a showcase for town-owned and operated venues available for use and hire by local residents.

  • Spirit Bomb

    Spirit Bomb

    Gavin Gamboa

    Spirit Bomb is a media label born from the combined contributions of Virtual Beings and Humans. It serves as a vehicle for creative collaboration between the IRL and Metaverse worlds as they begin to collide.

  • Bromacker


    Timo Hausmann

    The heart of this project is an interactive 3D scan of a dinosaur excavation site, where many bones and entire skeletons have been found. It was created in cooperation with the Natural History Museum of Berlin, features many short videos to give…

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