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  • Casa Douro Guesthouses

    Casa Douro Guesthouses

    SuperTINY agency

    Casa Douro provides cozy guesthouses situated in the historic districts of Porto and the picturesque Douro region.

  • People & Planet

    People & Planet

    Rich Lott / Artful Robot

    Site of a grassroots UK student network campaigning against oppression and injustice.

  • Xiaomin Deng

    Xiaomin Deng

    Xiaoyuan Gao and Marie Madonna

    Portfolio Website we made for Xiaomin Deng. Xiaomin Deng (1990) is a Amsterdam-based designer and writer.

  • DENKIDO - Passion for Innovation

    DENKIDO - Passion for Innovation

    GPS GmbH

    In the middle of the 19th century bicycles evolved to bicycles with auxiliary combustion engines, then to motor bicycles (Mofas) and to motor pedaler (Mopeds). Mofas and Mopeds were no longer built on the bicycle diamond frame. Their frames have…

  • Tanja Boukal by

    Tanja Boukal by

    Multilingual website for Austrian artist Tanja Boukal. Further information about this project can be found in the forums showcase section (see link).

  • De la Cave au Cellier

    De la Cave au Cellier

    Mahal Kita

    A simple one page for a wine and fine alcohol reseller in Barneville-Carteret, France.

  • Overline Systems

    Overline Systems

    Mahal Kita

    Founded in 1981, Overline Sytems designs, builds and rent audio communication equipments for televisions, theaters, events and amusement parks.

  • e.Volution GmbH - Superior sustainable vehicles

    e.Volution GmbH - Superior sustainable vehicles

    GPS GmbH

    Our vehicles MAX and GIGA are absolute pioneers in the field of fully electric light commercial vehicles and are characterized by a particularly robust vehicle core and a high degree of variability. In addition, e.Volution is developing the SPACE…

  • Architektur3


    designconcepts GmbH

    Architektur3 is a planning and architectural office in Gutach im Elztal (Germany), experts in commercial and industrial construction for modern architecture and sustainable building.

  • KONKAT Studio

    KONKAT Studio

    KONKAT Studio

    Founded in Hamburg, KONKAT Studio is the collaborative partnership between designer Jan Ploch and developer Diogo Oliveira. This is our own website.

  • Project Solanum

    Project Solanum


    Blog for a Swiss movie in pre-production phase. It documents the project but also invite users to submit contributions around its various aspects.

  • Matthäus Wende

    Matthäus Wende

    Matthäus Wende

    A redesign of my personal portfolio website. More of a fun project as i am not really looking for new clients (does not make sense i guess :D)... I have used Twig as template engine, Bootstrap 5.3 and Parcel.

  • Rotes Kreuz Telfs

    Rotes Kreuz Telfs

    Werbeagentur Buerostark

    Website relaunch … Our goal was not only to give the Red Cross Telfs a modern appearance, but also to create an outstanding digital experience through first-class custom webdevelopment.

  • The Mart Group

    The Mart Group


    The Mart Group, a grower-owned potato processor and distributor, needed a modernized web presence to lend credibility to its operations with important business contacts. ProcessWire was selected as the CMS for its simplicity, performance, and…

  • LatticeWork



    LatticeWork, a consumer electronics manufacturer and enterprise AI innovator, needed a fast, multilingual site to replace its WordPress site. Freehive chose ProcessWire to best meet these requirements and leveraged other open-source tools such as…

  • Lori H. Cole

    Lori H. Cole


    Lori H. Cole is a freelance editor who needed a microsite could easily be edited to showcase here work and describe the services she provides. ProcessWire provided a simple, performant, low-overhead solution to provide that functionality.

  • Bohemian Highway

    Bohemian Highway

    Ryan Cramer

    A travel company that crafts experiences that invite guests to take a peek behind the curtain of wine country. ProcessWire modules used include ProCache, User Activity, Page Autosave + Live Preview, WireSitemapXML and Less. Uses Uikit 3. Uses…

  • Lifestyle Group

    Lifestyle Group

    typneun Designagentur

    In addition to its own brands such as Monomania or LS Watches, the LIFESTYLE GROUP also develops and produces small and large series for numerous international customers. Founded in Munich in 1988, the LIFESTYLE GROUP is now one of the leading…

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